Where to find Berries in Grounded

Being a miniaturized human in the perils of the Backyard can prove pretty daunting at times. Something as simple as picking fruits for a standard-sized human is no easy task in our situation. Or at least you would think! However, it is very simple to obtain and extract berries, the main thing to know is – where to find Berries in Grounded!

Where to find berries in Grounded

Once you have completed the previous quest to investigate the Oak Tree explosion you will have found yourself needing to go to the Hedge. Before venturing in to the Hedge Lab you may need to collect some material for yourself such as berries. Fortunately, this is exactly where to find berries in Grounded!

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Wondering Where to Find Berries in Grounded?

Once prepared, start your journey towards the Hedge. The Hedge is located in the Southern part of the Yard. For this guide, we’ve started by the small puddle of water North of the Hedge. As a result, you should be able to get a visual of the Hedge by looking towards the South and looking up.

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To know you’re heading the right way, you’ll come across this giant garden Trowel. Once you see the Trowel head past it and into the Hedge itself. The Hedge is just where to find berries in Grounded, but also home to the Hedge Lab, Trinkets and more! For this guide, however, berries are the priority.

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Once you’re under the Hedge, you might be noticing you haven’t found any berries yet. The trick to this is to look up above you! Just above you in the Hedge, you’ll quickly notice plenty of blue and purple shaded berries hanging on the many branches up there! The next issue you might come across is thinking: “Well, how do I get the berries down?”. Fear not, however! There is a simple way to get quite a few of them down to earth.

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Scattered around throughout the Hedge, is a ton of Pebbles on the ground. In this particular example, we recommend gathering up some Pebbles as we’ll need them for some of these berries. Next, look up and find a berry you want to try and get down onto the ground for yourself. If you bring the Pebble out into your hand, place your cursor just at the top or above the berry, you can then throw the pebble at the berry – knocking it down!

where to find berries in grounded berry kill

Now that the berry has landed, you’ll need a chopping tool to interact further with the berry. It should only take a few swings to break down the berry. It should be noted that this is not the only place where to find berries in Grounded! You can also find berries by heading up the branches and chopping down some of the easier-to-reach berries up above. However, the pebble method totally risks and fall free!

Finally once you have secured berries for yourself you have the option to chop it down into Berry Chunks. After that should you return to your base, you can fire up your workbench and create Berry Leather.

where to find berries in grounded leather

Berry leather can create plenty of awesome recipes so make sure to analyze it for crafting purposes!

It is very easy to miss the berries and that they are actually harvestable in the game when traversing the Hedge. There are many spiders and other bug enemies that tend to make you hurry through to the Lab. With this in mind, stay alert and be careful as you forage the berries. As you never know what may be creeping up on you in Grounded! We hope you enjoyed this article on Where to find berries in Grounded.


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