Where to find Berries in Grounded

Being a miniaturized human in the perils of the Backyard can prove pretty daunting at times. Something as simple as picking fruits to a standard sized human is no easy task for our situation. Or at least you would think! However, it is very simple to obtain and extract berries, the main thing to know is – where to find Berries in Grounded!

Where to find berries in Grounded

Where to find berries in Grounded

Once you have completed the previous quest to investigate the Oak Tree explosion you will have found yourself needing to go to the Hedge. Before venturing in to the Hedge Lab you may need to collect some material for yourself such as berries. Fortunately, this is exactly where to find berries in Grounded!

Where to find berries in Grounded
Looking up bears fruits.

Retrieving the Berries

Once prepared, you will have found yourself moving into the Hedge, looking up will provide with what you are looking for – berries! Now you may be thinking β€œhow on Earth do I reach those?!”, however there is a couple of ways to achieve reaching such high up berries. One would be to just walk up any available branch and knock the berries down to the ground. Additionally there is the option to perhaps use a bow if you have one or even pebblets!

Aim training.

Finally once you have secured berries for yourself you have the option to chop it down into Berry Chunks. After that should you return to your base, you can fire up your workbench and create Berry Leather.

It is very easy to miss the berries and that they are actually harvestable in the game when traversing the Hedge. There are many spiders and other bug enemies that tend to make you hurry through to the Lab. With this in mind, stay alert and be careful as you forage the berries. As you never know what may be creeping up on you in Grounded! We hope you enjoyed this article on Where to find berries in Grounded.


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