Infected Broodmother Guide

Infected Broodmother Boss Guide

Infected Broodmother Boss Fight

The patch 1.2.2 update in Grounded introduced a lot of new features, and one of them is a whole new boss fight! The Infected Broodmother in Grounded is an optional one you will encounter during the end game. The Creature is found in a web-infested cave near the Haze Lab. This boss is a repeatable fight in Grounded as long as you have the food or โ€œbaitโ€ to summon the Infected Broodmother. You can either solo the boss or fight it with friends.

Grounded Infected Broodmother Location: Where is the Infected Broodmother in Grounded?

The Broodmother Location in Grounded is in the Haze on the right of the Haze Lab. You can recognize this by all the spiderwebs in the entrance similar to the Broodmother Hedge.

Infected Broodmother Location

Broodmother Grounded Location Map

Infected Broodmother Map Location

Preparing for the Infected Broodmother Boss

For this fight, you need to prepare many things:

  • Healing Items
  • A good armor set
  • Weapons
  • Mutations
  • Bait to summon the boss
  • Have the Haze Area Cleared
  • โ€˜Moldy Hoagieโ€™ summoning item, which you can unlock by finding the Moldy Note in the Mysterious Lab.
Moldy Hoagie

Suggested Equipment for the Broodmother Boss in Grounded

Good preparation always equals good outcomes, being prepared always has its advantages. We suggest using Tier III Armor sets and Weapons. The Roly Poly Armor set is a good choice for this boss fight, partnered with a sword and shield combo. The Toenail Scimitar is the main weapon to use, which must be upgraded with the fresh element.

Having a large amount of healing items and buffs is also good. As for mutations to use, the one mutation we really recommend is the Mantsterious Stranger as summoning the Mant can help you tank and deal damage to the Infected Broodmother.

Recommended Set

What to Expect in the Boss Fight

The Infected Broodmother is by far the most difficult boss to fight in Grounded. As seen from the bait recipe, it uses all the previous bossesโ€™ parts to create it. To make this boss fight easier, we suggest trying to perfectly parry all of its attacks so it can positively affect the fight in your favor.

Inside the cave there is a small space of infested water, try to avoid fighting inside the puddle because it gives the Infected Broodmother some buffs which can definitely make the fight harder.

If you want to familiarize yourself with some of its attack patterns but donโ€™t want to fight it yet, you can practice perfect parries on other spider creatures you can find in the backyard, such as the Wolf Spider, Orb Weavers, or even the Broodmother in the hedge.

Broodmother in Grounded Weakness

Infected Broodmother Weakness

The Broodmother in Grounded is weak to Fresh and is resistant to the Salty and Spicy Elements. Having weapons fully upgraded with the Fresh element is gonna be a big boost to your damage output.

How to Summon the Broodmother in Grounded

To Summon the Broodmother you will need to take the Moldy Hoagie and place it in the basket at the edge of the arena. After a couple of seconds she spawns from the ceiling and crawls down to the floor and then you can start fighting it.

Phase 1

Her attacks at this phase are the same as how the Broodmother works but just quicker. Her attacks consist of a basic bite, a 3-hit combo bite, a venomous bite, and the jumping dodge. This is the most straightforward and easiest part of fighting the Infected Broodmother.

Phase 2

After killing the Infected Broodmother for the first time, it will now go into phase 2. During this phase, she will lose some of her attacks from the first phase and replace them with a jump attack, a side lunge attack, a scream that summons out bombs, a 5-hit combo bite attack, and the ability to lay an egg-like thing that explodes after 8 seconds.

Also, note that she acquires the ability to recover health whenever she gets into the blast radius of her own explosions from the spore bombs.

Phase 3

Phase 3 starts after killing it for the second time. In this phase, she retains all her attacks from the first and second phases and new attacks. She can now use a spore bomb-launching attack similar to the Infected Wolf Spider, the ability to summon Infected Gnats when screaming, and her 5-hit attack can now vary in speed, with the fastest speed near impossible to perfectly parry all of them.

If youโ€™ve survived and defeated the Infected Broodmother for the third time, well, Congratulations! You can now loot her!

What do you get from the Infected Broodmother?

The loot you can get from the Infected Broodmother is:

  • Infected Chunk
  • Infected Fang
  • Infected Venom
  • Infected Broodmother Trinket (Very Low Chance)

Can you Fight the Broodmother Multiple Times in Grounded?

Yes, you can fight the Broodmother multiple times in Grounded. However each time you will need to prepare and bring Moldy Hoagie to Summon the Broodmother.

We hoped you liked our โ€œInfected Broodmother Boss Fight Guideโ€, check out our website for more guides on Grounded. Also, why not check out our Ultimate Guide for Grounded.


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