MANT Boss Fight

The Mant Boss fight is a major battle that is mandatory to complete to proceed in the main story questline. The Creature is found in the Undershed Lab, blocking the path to Dr. Wendell Tully. It can only be defeated once, similar to the Assistant Manager.

Let yourself in.

Once you’ve entered the arena, you cannot leave until either you, or Mant is dead. As soon as you enter he will become aggressive and the fight will begin! This boss can be defeated fairly easily in a group or solo.

Suggested Gear

For this particular boss fight we recommend a personal favourite set-up to enter this battle with. Mant is weak to Slashing so as a result we like to use the full Ladybug Armor set upgraded with Sleek and for the weapon we like to use the Tick Macuahuitl! This weapon might fly under the radar for some but combined with the armour set of choice it packs a mighty punch! With the bonus healing from the Sleek Ladybug Armor and +Life Steal that the Tick Macuahuitl provides, you become a solo tank with decent damage and sustain, a force to be reckoned with! For this set-up we also recommend a shield such as the Ladybird Shield.

MANT is an absolute unit.

Phase 1

This phase of the Mant boss fight has three attacks: a normal punch which is quite easy to block. A 3 hit combo which will move him forward quickly and a violent slam that reduces your movement speed. You should be able to navigate this phase quite easily.

Take it down.

Phase 2

At 75% health he will slam his chest and shout! Summoning a Fire Ant Worker, remember if you have a ranged weapon, they have weak eyes. He now gains access to two new attacks: a ranged spore bomb, its kind of gross but he will pick it from the fungal growth on his back and throw it at you. He will also unleash 3 close-range explosions.


Phase 3

At 50% health he will scream again, this time summoning a Fire Ant Soldier. He will also gain the ability to shoot a ball of web that can reel you in and slow you. The 3 hit combo you would have seen earlier is now a 4 hit combo.

Avoid this if possible.

When you defeat the Mant, you will unlock the Mantsterious Stranger Mutation. This has a chance of summoning the Mant to your aid. You will also gain access to a button which opens the way to the final area of the Undershed Lab.

Dr. Wendell Tully awaits you!

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