How To Use Fireworks In Grounded’s Playground Update

Fireworks in Grounded’s new Playground update are one of the many great interactive objects! The interactive objects added to Grounded add depth and fun to the new creative mode. With that being said how do we use it? If that’s what you’re wondering you’ve come to the right place!

fireworks in grounded - launcher

Fireworks In Grounded

What Can They Be Used For?

Fireworks in Grounded can be used for various amount of things. Signaling to your friends, attacking enemies, or just for fun lighting up the night sky. Another use for the Fireworks is linking them with other objects available in the update. To do so, we created an example of a Basketball Court, showing how to link up the Fireworks to activate whenever a player scores!

Object Linking And Interactable

The fireworks can be linked to the Basketball Hoop, so when someone scores, the Fireworks in Grounded activate, indicating a goal! To connect the two objects, head over to the Basketball Hoop. Then, go ahead and Left-Click the Hoop.

interactable items for the launchers

Doing this will create a link in the form of an arrow you can walk with. Finally, walk over to the Fireworks with the arrow link, once you’re in range the arrow should “snap” onto the Fireworks. Press left-click once more to confirm the link, and you’re done!

bball hoop to launcher link

Interested in making your own Basketball Court in Grounded? Here’s our complete guide on how to create the Basketball Court and how to use the Scoreboard! Here you’ll find everything you need to know to make your games on the court fun for you and your mates!

We hope you enjoyed our latest on the Fireworks in the new Playgrounds Update of Grounded! Join our official Discord to be the first to get notified of new releases, game guides, and more on Grounded or other games. Also, check out our official Grounded homepage for more information & guides!


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