Boss Fights in Grounded

Wasp Queen Boss Guide

Yes! thats right, in Patch 1.2. There is a new boss to fight in Grounded, the Wasp Queen! We have put together a guide on how to get to the boss and be able to defeat the Wasp Queen.

Director Schmector Fight Grounded

During your adventures in the Backyard, you may have noticed a rather ominous and creepy looking orc head. As many things end up being in Grounded, it is explorable and holds a secret! A dark secret. To be more specific, Dr. Wendell Tully’s arch nemesis. As a result, lets push into Castle Moldorc and defeat the Director Schmector fight in Grounded!

Mantis Boss Fight Grounded

The Orchid Mantis boss fight in Grounded is one of the most difficult bosses you will have encountered in the Backyard. As a result, knowing how to effectively battle the Creature and to prepare for it is essential to a successful fight!

Assistant Manager Boss Fight

The Assistant Manager boss fight in Grounded is a mandatory boss fight during the Black Ant Lab quest. The Creature can be found right at the end of the Black Ant Lab. This fight is a once per playthrough battle, but also an incredibly fun one! We thoroughly enjoyed this fight at piratecrew! You can either solo this fight or bring friends.

Broodmother Boss Fight Grounded

The Broodmother boss fight in Grounded is an optional boss fight you will come across during your playthrough. The Creature is found in the Hedge near the Hedge Lab. Specifically by the Frisbee. This boss is a repeatable fight in Grounded so long as you have the food or “bait” to summon the Hedge Broodmother. You can either solo the boss or fight it with friends.

MANT Boss Fight

The Mant Boss fight is a major battle that is mandatory to complete to proceed in the main story questline. The Creature isย found in theย Undershed Lab, blocking the path toย Dr. Wendell Tully. It can only be defeated once, similar to the Assistant Manager.