Should you Turn off the Gas in Grounded?

The Haze is really frustrating in the early phases of grounded. However, later on in the game you’ll be able to find the option to turn the gas off. Doing this, however, comes with a few pros and cons.

The Haze is a biome in the South-Western side of the backyard. You will find a lot of Dry Grass and infected creatures here. The haze is produced by the gas that is emitting from the large weed killer canister you can see.

To venture into the Haze equipping a Mask or carry the Toxicology badge is your best bet for progressing without much issue.

Gas in Grounded

Throughout you will find multiple large trenches which is full of valuable resources. You may find Ice Cap Mints, Crow Feathers and Quartzite. You will come across many infected creatures such as the Infected Larva. These creates are infected versions of pre-existing creatures found within Grounded.

Disabling the Haze

The cause of this biome is one of the more annoying features early on in the game, but it can be stopped. To disable it you need 1 Gum Nugget and then climb to the top of the Canister. To collect the Gum, you are going to need a Tier 2 Shovel.
Start the climb to the top of the canister, by finding the twig leaning up against the porch. Then follow the metal sprayer leaning on the canister to climb to the top. Once at the top you will see a small crack leaking, you can plug the leak by interacting with it which will seal it with the gum.

Should you Turn off the Gas in Grounded?

What happens after you turn off the Gas?

Although you can now see clearly and you won’t need the Mask or the Toxicology Badge, there are some changes that you may start to see across the backyard, such as:

  • Infected Creatures inside the biome will begin to wander outside of the original Biome.
  • Infected Wolf Spiders will begin to spawn at Oak Hill and under the Shed, near where you enter the Shed Lab.
  • Smaller infected areas will begin to appear across the backyard, bringing infested creatures as well as Fungus! You will see them:
    • Inside side the Red Anthill
    • Inside the Oak Tree
    • Under the deck of the Shed
    • North of the Picnic Table
    • On the side of a wall in the Northern Grasslands
    • Inside the Salt Burrow
    • Near the Field Station at Spade Gulch
  • The stinkbugs surrounding the field station will stop spawning.


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