Bratburst Crafting Guide

The Bratburst is an explosive bomb in Grounded that can deal large amounts of damage to a range of bugs as well as some structures in the back yard. It can be used for harvesting grass too if you have enough Bratburst. We will show you how to get the Red Ant Eggs too.


This bomb can also destroy Cracked Glass, Cracked Rocks and Damaged Doors which you will need to use while advancing through the Main Story Quest in Grounded.


Bratburst2 Fungal Growth
1 Red Ant Egg
4 Dry Grass Chunk

Where to find Fungal Growth

The Fungal Growth can be collected after killing the infected monsters such as the Infected Weevil and Infected Mite which can be found in the Haze which is near The Haze Lab.

Infected Weevil

Where to find Red Ant Eggs

The Red Ants are a formidable enemy when they feel they are in danger. To get eggs you must head into the Red Ant nest.

The Eggs spawn after you have killed some ants. It seems like you have to kill some of the colony for the eggs to appear and spawn more ants.

You will find the Red Ant nest near the Baseball and the first Research Station you come across when you first start the game.

Once you have collected all the Materials required for the Bratburst, head to a work bench and craft yourself some Bratburst grenades in Grounded!


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