Waft EmitterWaft EmitterPiss off bugs with a variety of pungent bug part concoctions that waft throughout …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 22:39:51
Smithing StationSmithing Station Work station to upgrade weapons using various materials Brittle Quartzite Shardx1 Brittle Marble …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 22:39:42
Pet HousePet House A funky little shack to house pets and track their stats. Mushroom Brickx4 …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 22:39:30
Basketball HoopBasketball Hoop Shoot hoops with friends! Web Fiberx2 Grass Plankx2 Weed Stemx1 How to unlock:Analyze …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 22:39:20
Bounce WebBounce Web A trampoline constructed of springy bug rubber and limber sprigs. Bug Rubberx2 Sprigx4 …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 22:38:52
LadderLadder Save space and navigate vertically with a runged ladder fashioned out of weed stems …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 22:38:23
Zipline Wall AnchorZipline Wall Anchor A wall mounted post that can be used as the endpoint for …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 22:38:14
Zipline AnchorZipline Anchor A post where the start or end of a zipline can be tied …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 22:38:03
Buoyant MarkerBuoyant Marker Transmits a trackable visual signal so you can find your way back to …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 22:37:52
Trail MarkerTrail Marker Transmits a trackable visual signal so you can find your way back to …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 22:37:40
Splinter TrapSplinter Trap A heavy duty spike trap designed to seriously hurt. Ash Cementx1 Wooden Splinterx2 …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 22:37:29
O.R.C Distribution BombO.R.C Distribution Bomb A spit for roasting and illuminating the darkness. You can tell food …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:45:52
Pollen TurretPollen Turret A stationary turret that requires manual operation. Lobs pollen nuggets at flying enemies …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:45:43
Pebblet TurretPebblet Turret A stationary turret that requires manual operation. Rockets high velocity pebblets at enemies. …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:45:34
Explosive Bur TrapExplosive Bur Trap Highly volatile, will explode as soon as something spicy hits it. Deals …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:45:26
Lure TrapLure Trap Lures insects with an enticing aroma. Flower Petalx2 Sprigx2 x How to unlock:Buy: …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:45:14
Spike TrapSpike Trap A spikey board that damages any creature that touches it. Perfect for protecting …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:44:46
Stem PalletStem Pallet A platform on which weed stems can be neatly stacked. Pebbletx2 Sprigx4 Dry …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:44:35
Plank PalletPlank Pallet A platform on which grass planks can be neatly stacked. Crude Ropex4 Pebbletx5 …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:44:23
Fresh StorageFresh Storage A storage device built to suspend food spoilage using Ice Caps mints. Pinecone …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:44:12
Grass Side TableGrass Side Table A nifty little table that comes with drawers to store items in. …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:44:03
Storage ChestStorage Chest A well-made chest. Stores 40 stacks of items. Clover Leafx2 Acorn Shellx4 Sapx4 …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:43:34
Storage BasketStorage Basket A primitive basket that holds up to 20 stacks of items. It comes …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:43:23
Glue MasherGlue Masher A building designed to smash bug pieces into glue perfect for repairing more …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:43:12
CookeryCookery Combine ingredients to cook various meals. Weed Stemx9 Clayx2 Acid Glandx1 How to unlock:Buy …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:43:01
OvenOven Bake various things into better things. Clayx10 EverChar Coal Chunkx4 Boiling Glandx4 How to …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:42:50
GrinderGrinder Break various things down into different things. Flower Petalx3 Red Ant Partx5 Acorn Shellx2 …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:42:38
Sap CatcherSap Catcher Attach this to sap-producing roots and branches for more convenient harvesting. Acorn Topx1 …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:42:26
WorkbenchWorkbench Allows the crafting of armors and weapons with advanced materials. Grass Plankx3 Sprigx4 Sapx2 …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:42:15
Spinning WheelSpinning Wheel Spin various materials into strong and luxurious threads. Acorn Topx2 Clayx4 Red Ant …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:42:03
Simple BedSimple Bed A simple yet comfy bed that offers up a good night’s sleep. Waking …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:41:52
Lean-ToLean-To Sleep to bypass the extra dangerous nighttime or set a respawn point to return …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:41:40
Dew CollectorDew Collector Store and collect dew to use later. Crude Ropex5 Pebbletx8 Weed Stem x6 …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:41:28
Water ContainerWater Container This hollowed-out acorn can store up to six drops of liquid. Acorn Shellx3 …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:41:17
Smoothie StationSmoothie Station Mixes n’ blends things into a drinkable substance that restores health or provides …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:41:05
Jerky RackJerky Rack Hang raw meat on the rack to dry it into jerky. Jerky never …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:40:54
Garden PatchGarden Patch A small patch of dirt that can be used to grow various things. …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:40:42
Roasting SpitRoasting Spit A spit for roasting and illuminating the darkness. You can tell food is …2023/03/30Storage and Utilities2023-03-30 21:40:31