Top 10 Tips and Tricks in Grounded

We absolutely love Grounded and we have been playing it for some time now. Together we came up with some of our favourite tips and tricks that may help you. This is our Tips and Tricks in Grounded. Whether you are a veteran Grounded player, or just stepped into the Back Yard, we hope there is something here for everyone.

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#1 Get the Red Ant Club

Get the Red Ant Club as soon as possible. Itโ€™s a relatively easy to get Tier 2 weapon which can be upgraded and used to defeat a number of difficult creatures early on. This is one of our Top 10 Tips and Tricks in Grounded.

Red Ant Club

#2 Use Water Containers for Free Water

The Acorn Water Containers are pretty easy to make and can store up to 6 drops of liquid. Place them under the Juice boxes and they will begin to collect Juice for you. Place these around the map and you will never go thirsty again!

Fresh Water in Grounded

#3 Research Station Respawns

Sometimes dying in Grounded can be annoying, especially if you have a long run back from your last respawn point. Unset your spawn point from your lean to / bed and then the next time you die you will respawn at the last research station you visited.

Research Station

#4 Use Pallets, Not Your Arms

You might be going for a small base, you maybe going for a large base! Whatever sort of structure youโ€™re building, use the Pallet instead of your arms is really helpful. Fill up a Pallet full of grass or weed stems, then Relocate that pallet when its full, you can run it back to your base. This is a huge time saver.


#5 Shelves are your friend

Yeah, thatโ€™s right! Building shelves for your storage chest keeps your consumables off the floor which will keep the ants away. It also frees up the floor for you to place more crafting stations.


#6 Hot Deposit

When returning to your base with a full inventory, sorting everything can be tiresome. You can press N on your keyboard to Hot Deposit the items in your inventory into your storage chests. It should be X on Console, but double check this.

Grounded Quick Deposit

#7 Get Yourself A Dandelion Tuft

Exploring in Grounded often takes you to high places which difficult jumps, such as the Hedge Lab and the Haze Canister. Taking a Dandelion Tuft with you ensures you float gently to the ground should you fall off. This is one of our favourite Top 10 Tips and Tricks in Grounded.

Dandelion Tuft

#8 Ranged Weapons are Great

Making sure you have a ranged weapon early on can be the difference between life and death! You will find yourself fighting a lot of creatures and some of these are best fought from range, you can also use ranged weapons to get Water from the grass quicker! We popped this in our Tips and Tricks in Grounded because using ranged weapons weโ€™re our favourite.

Ranged Weapons

#9 Use Jerky Racks

This was something we overlooked at the start, but as we progressed we realised Blueberry and Pupa Leather give a 1:1 ratio on the Jerky Racks while its 3:1 on the workbench!

Tips and Tricks in Grounded Jerky Rack

#10 Sap Catchers are your Friend

You are going to need bandages throughout your Backyard adventure, a resource often overlooked is Sap, get yourself a couple of Sap Catchers and you wonโ€™t find yourself scurrying around last minute looking for sap.

Sap Catchers Tips and Tricks in Grounded

We hope you enjoyed our top 10 Tips and Tricks in Grounded and they were helpful. If you have any other suggestions we would love to hear them!


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