What is the ASL Terminal?

Straightaway you might recall coming across various Field Stations early on in Grounded. Within these Stations there are inaccessible terminals early on for upgrades, recipes and quests. The terminals in question are โ€œASL Terminalsโ€. What is the ASL Terminal? You may ask. In that case, lets find out!

What Is the ASL Terminal in GIF form!
Modern tech, in miniature form.

Firstly, you will have to reach the Oak Tree Lab, after Investigating the Oak Tree explosion. Once you reach the Lab and talk to BURG.L you will have found a Biometric Scanner next to an ASL Terminal. Interact with the Scanner and you will unlock the terminal!

What is the ASL Terminal?

As you can see, the ASL Terminal stands for โ€œAdvanced System Libraryโ€. In this terminal display you will have access to the following features:

  • Science Shop
  • BURG.L Quests
  • ???

Science Shop

Of course, you would find a Science Shop within a lab! The Science Shop allows you to buy various recipes, mutations, upgrades and base building upgrades. As a result of being a Science Shop, you will have to use Raw Science as a currency to purchase! You can find Raw Science dotted all over the Backyard, but also from defeating Robot enemies within labs.

You will be able to unlock more purchasable options with each BURG.L Chip you obtain during your adventures in the Backyard.

BURG.L Quests

Once you are done browsing the Science Shop, take a look at the BURG.L Quests section! Within the Quests section you will find various forms of Quests:

  • Daily Repeatable Quests
  • Non-Repeatable Quests
  • Hunter Quests
  • Artificer Quests
  • Explorer Quests
  • Chipsleuth Quests

Early on in Grounded, once you have accessed the terminal for the first time, you wonโ€™t be seeing as many options available to you. Much like the Science Shop you can upgrade the terminal to provide more quests down the line.

Quests provide you with rewards in the form of Raw Science, which in turn provides you with more upgrades!

What is the ASL Terminal in GIF form

What is โ€œ???โ€

As you can see above, you may be wondering what the โ€œ???โ€ actually is. Lets discover that now!

โ€œ???โ€ is actually a third unlockable section of the ASL Terminal. This section will unlock the moment you bring a Milk Molar to BURG.L. As you can imagine, this will unlock the โ€œMolar Infusion Upgradesโ€ tab.

In the event that you are feeling maybe a little too squishy, running out of stamina too fast or perhaps feeling famished too often, Molar Infusion Upgrades are here for that! Collecting Milk Molars or Mega Milk Molars will provide you with upgrades in phases:

  • Max Health
  • Max Stamina
  • Thirst Burn Rate
  • Hunger Burn Rate
  • Max Active Mutations
What is the ASL Terminal?

Mega Milk Molar upgrades provides permanent stat boosts that affects all players in the session, as opposed to the standard Milk Molars being self-progression based. The upgrades will provide you with:

  • Max Consumable Stack Size
  • Max Resource Stack Size
  • Max Arrow Stack Size
What is the ASL Terminal?

Finally, making sure you gather as many upgrades as possible will be crucial, as you will have to survive the dangerous adventures into the Hedge Lab and Pond Lab early on in Grounded. We hope you found this โ€œWhat is the ASL Terminal?โ€ Guide helpful.


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