How to Get Pets in Grounded

How to get a pet in Grounded

We got super excited at the prospect of the ability and had to write about how to get pets in Grounded. A couple of us simply like to have pets, as we do at home (although not an Aphid). The pets in Grounded also benefit you and give you special perks which donโ€™t exist elsewhere in the game.

What are the pets in grounded?

There are three main pets in Grounded which you can tame and call you own. They are: Aphid, Weevil and Gnat, and one bonus โ€œpetโ€.

What do I need to do before getting a pet

How to Get Pets in Grounded

How to Get Pets in Grounded

Taming pets in Grounded is much easier than you might expect. But there are a couple of steps you must do first. Ensure that you have a grinder and ensure that you have researched the items with the resource analyzer and have the recipes to make the following slurries:

  • Plant Slurry (Grind Plant Fibers)
  • Mushroom Slurry (Grind Mushrooms, Mushroom Chunks, or Toadstool Chunks)
  • Spoiled Meat Slurry (Grind any spoiled meat)

You will also need to have researched mushroom bricks to be able to build your own little critters house!

Are there any benefits to having pets in grounded?

Pets in Grounded each come with a specific perk making them a hugely valuable asset to gameplay. Pets not only have a perk each, but they also have their own inventory. The inventory comes into its own when going on longer quests, simply have your pet follow you and have a mobile chest of 10 additional inventory slots.



To tame an Aphid as a pet, simply find an Aphid and drop a Plant Slurry in front of them. They will consume this slurry and become your forever friend. Keep feeding them the same Slurry to keep them happy to ensure their perk will always remain full strength.

Perk: Improve how quickly you can sprint


Weevils require the mushroom Slurry to become tamed. Follow the same process as that of the Aphid to tame yours! Keep feeding them the mushroom slurry to keep benefiting from their perk.

Perk: Improve how long you stay hydrated.


Really useful to use as a mobile chest as they are the least likely to get killed by a predator. Tame the Gnat with spoiled meat slurry.

Perk: Improves how fast you can fly with a dandelion glider.

The Bonus โ€œPetโ€

Whilst not officially considered one of the pets in Grounded, the spiderling can perform a little like one. By unlocking the โ€œmom genesโ€ mutation you will be able to summon spiderlings when being attacked!

Protecting your pet

How to get a pet in Grounded

Pet attire is available in your crafting menu when scrolling all the way to the end of the list of Armor. Pets get a 200% health boost when wearing their pet attire, protecting them so they live a full life! If however you are careless, they can die. When they die, they get a headstone, which acts like your backpack, make sure to pick this up to regain the items stored in their inventory.

We hope you have found our guide on how to get pets in Grounded useful!


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