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Toxicology Badge location in Grounded

Dotted all across the Backyard lies many mysteries and hidden spots. Within some of these areas, there is various Trinkets in the form of Charms & Accessories. In this guide, we’ll be heading to the Toxicology Badge Location in Grounded! Trinkets such as the Toxicology Badge provide you usually with one or two positive effects and one negative drawback. Some Trinkets can help you push through entire areas you will have once struggled to pass without other specific items!

What is the Toxicology Badge used for?

In Grounded, the Toxicology Badge is a Trinket that is equipable, providing you with buffs and a debuff. One of the best use cases for the Badge is traversing the Haze Lab area without any issues from the toxic air. As a result, this can provide you with a lot of saved time as you will not need to have a Gas Mask to pass through this area! Another key note to add is that the Toxicology Badge allows you to fight Stink Bugs with ease as their gassy attacks prove useless on you with the Trinket equipped. The downside to keeping note of this is that you will have reduced poison resistance – make sure this is NOT equipped while fighting a Black Widow!

Note: As of Patch 1.0.2 the Toxicology badge now reduces the effects of the haze by 90% rather than full immunity. For full patch notes check here!

Where is the Toxicology Badge Location in Grounded?

Firstly, you will need to travel to the Pond. If you haven’t passed through the Pond Lab or other areas of the Koi Pond yet, it’d be wise to be prepared! For example, we recommend crafting the following items to make adventuring in the Pond less stressful:

  • Bubble Helmet (you’ll need to find a Sunken Bone to analyze to unlock this craft. Sunken Bones can be found right at the bottom of the pond and dug out with an Acorn Shovel!)
  • Gill Tube (the Gill Tube can help you reach the bottom of the pond for longer to find the Sunken Bones for the Bubble Helmet. To unlock the Gill Tube, chop down some of the Eelgrass Strands in the water using a Dagger)
  • Fin Flops (Fin Flops increase your swimming speed, meaning you can worry even less about the breathing time you have left! To unlock the Fin Flops, Eelgrass Strands will unlock the Fin Flops at the same time as the Gill Tube. Otherwise, Lilypad Wax or even Water Boatman Fins can unlock the recipe too!)
Toxicology Badge Location in Grounded gear img

With the Bubble Helmet equipped, you’ll have around 160 seconds of breathing time before you need to either resurface or catch some air bubbles! Now that we’re geared and ready, let’s begin the underwater adventure to find the Toxicology Badge!

Heading to the Pond

In this guide, we’ll be heading off from the Oak Tree Lab entrance as it is fairly close to the Pond! Start heading down to the water’s edge.

Toxicology Badge Location in Grounded water edge

Continue heading out in the direction of the image above, towards the large Pond lamp in the distance. You’ll want to find yourself between the water edge and the Pond lamp.

Toxicology Badge Location in Grounded out in the water

Diving down to the Pond Lab Cable Area

Next, begin your deep dive down to the bottom of the Pond. In this area you’ll quickly be able to see a hole at the bottom of the Pond with a cable running through it. We’ll want to follow this cable through! As a reminder, this is also the same location you’ll need to head to for the Sunken Bones!

Toxicology Badge Location in Grounded cable

Follow the cable through until you pass the dinosaur figure. If you are in need of resetting your breathing timer, air bubbles are generated from the cable!

Toxicology Badge Location in Grounded air bubbles

Passing the dinosaur figure leads you to a slipstream of powered fans that assist you in moving forward. Pass through using the fans and carry on swimming until you reach what appears to be a broken-off part of a Lab. On the far left of the structure, you’ll find the entrance we’re looking for!

Toxicology Badge Location in Grounded lab entrance

Location on the Map

For reference, you’ll find we’re currently situated just southeast of the official Pond Lab icon on the map. As previously mentioned, you can see the dinosaur figure icon (which we passed earlier). If you are lost or perhaps drowned, this is a good way to remember the direction!

Toxicology Badge Location in Grounded map location

Toxicology Badge location found!

Swim through the entrance of the broken Lab structure and continue traversing the twist and turns of the building. You’ll reach a long corridor with one extra room to the right hand side. However, continue up the corridor until you reach a blockage. In the blockage you’ll find a corpse!

Toxicology Badge Location in Grounded badge location corpse

Finally, we have reached our destination! This can be quite easy to miss so make sure you bring an underwater light source. Here you will have found the SCA.B and you can now claim your Trinket! Loot the skeleton! You’ll also find some lore items but also the Grounded Toxicology Badge!

Toxicology Badge Location in Grounded loot section

The Toxicology Badge location in Grounded is without a doubt tricky to get without the correct equipment and some exploration. However, it is now yours to push through the Haze with ease!

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