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Toxicology Badge location in Grounded

Dotted all across the Backyard lies many mysteries and hidden spots, such as the Toxicology Badge Location in Grounded. Within some of these areas there is various Trinkets in the forms of Charms & Accessories. Trinkets provide you usually with two positive effects and one negative drawback. Some Trinkets can help you push through entire areas you will have once struggled to pass without other specific items! As a result, lets find the Toxicology Badge location in Grounded!


What is the Toxicology Badge used for?

In Grounded, the Toxicology Badge is a Trinket that is equip-able, providing you with buffs and a debuff. One of the best use cases for the Badge is traversing the Haze Lab area without any issue from the toxic air. As a result this can provide you with a lot of saved time as you will not need to have a Gas Mask to pass through this area! Another key note to add is that the Toxicology Badge allows you to fight Stink Bugs with ease as their gassy attacks prove useless on you with the Trinket equipped. The downside to keep note of is that you will have reduced poison resistance – make sure this is NOT equipped while fighting a Black Widow!

Note: As of Patch 1.0.2 the Toxicology badge now reduces effects of the haze by 90% rather than full immunity. For full patch notes check here!

Where is the Toxicology Badge Location in Grounded?

Firstly, you will need to travel to the Pond. If you haven’t passed through the Pond Lab or other areas of the Koi Pond yet, it’d be wise be prepared! Starting off, you will want to dive down to the same part of the Pond to reach the Lab, via the black cable hole.

Catch the air bubbles for extra seconds underwater!

Once you reach the opening, head all the way through, past the giant dinosaur and continue on to the Pond Lab area. You may come across the Mossy chest that requires the Mossy Key. After reaching that area, you will find one of the entrances to the Pond Lab, but also a broken off part of the Lab (which contains one Switch you need to flip for the Lab quest). Proceed to the broken off part, this part will contain the Toxicology Badge location!

Into the broken Lab structure

Head inside the broken structure in front of you and begin swimming through the tubing. There will be a couple of directions you can take when inside, but you will want to carry on straight until you hit a dead end, rather than traversing to the Switch.

Toxicology Badge location found!

A bit worrying.

Finally, we have reached our destination! This can be quite easy to miss so make sure you bring an underwater light source. Here you will have found the SCA.B, but a fairly ominous skeleton too. As a result of finding the skeleton, you can now claim your Trinket! Loot the skeleton and here you will find some lore items but also the Grounded Toxicology Badge!


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