Throne and Liberty Crossbow

The Throne And Liberty Crossbow is a one of a kind weapon in Throne And Liberty, devastating any PvE in its way

Throne and Liberty Longbow

The Throne and Liberty Longbow is 1 of 4 range weapons designed to engage their enemies out of melee range. The Longbow does an exceptional job at keeping enemies at bay using slows and roots

Throne and Liberty Daggers

The Throne And Liberty Daggers are the go to DPS offhand, with passives increasing your base critical hit and survivability actives like the camouflage cloak and the only silencing ability in the game

Throne and Liberty Sword

The Throne and Liberty Sword is a fairly versatile weapon designed with the holy trinity tank in mind

Throne and Liberty Staff

The Throne And Liberty Staff offers great AoE and single target damage while staying our of enemies melee range.

Throne and Liberty Wand

The Throne and Liberty Wand isn’t just your traditional healing weapon, while it does focus a small part of its abilities and passives on healing and the skill heal stat the weapon itself is also one of the major AoE dealing weapons