Throne and Liberty Greatsword

The Throne and Liberty Greatsword will turn any build into a monster giving the player up to 320 heavy attack chance using the proper setup and allowing for 4 second long stuns the Greatsword is as close as you can get to a wombo combo weapon in Throne And Liberty. Execute weak backline players or square up against other frontliners a Greatsword can be combo’ed in almost all the ways you can imagine.

Greatsword Showcase Feb 8/02/2024

Throne and Liberty Greatsword

The Throne and Liberty Greatsword offers both defensive and offensive playstyles, designed around the ingame parry mechanic and a fast pace combat style the Greatsword offers great base damage with strong heavy attack passives and actives. The Greatsword also offers some of the longest stuns and some very strong AoE farming skills.


The Greatsword itself has some small flaws including the obvious lack of range, it only has a small gap closer which cant even really be considered an engage tool. it also doesn’t have any major survivability tools making it fairly weak at surviving against ranged or other attacks meaning you would want to pair this with a high survivability weapon like a Dagger or Sword And Shield.

Throne and Liberty Greatsword


The Greatsword can be used to increase your own survivability through its passives while also increasing your usefulness to the team through stuns and AoE abilities its a great addition to both PvP and PvE builds. The Greatsword adds a large amount of heavy attack chance to both your weapons as well making it a great DPS offhand. Assasinate low targets or jump on healers to stun them and execute them using your stunning blow the greatsword is a great dueling tool and should sort of stay within that genre of fighting unless paired properly with a Sword And Shield to make it viable for GvG.

Weapon mastery path

  • Charge: Designed to max out your defense and self sustain.
  • Incapacitate: Created to increase your stun and mana regen to offer greater playability when playing with certain offhands.
  • Face Off: Designed to reach the highest DPS possible using the Greatsword.

We suggest taking the bottom mastery path for increased damage and stun duration to iron out some of the major pain points of the build including its stun duration. For PvE the mastery stays around the same.

Throne and Liberty Greatsword


The Greatsword does decent in PvE due to a few of its AoE skills but it still looses to most ranged weapons when it comes to pure PvE damage, unless paired with a sword and shield the Greatsword should mostly stay a PvP weapon even though it deals alright damage on its own in PvE there is simply better options out there.

Build Guides

The Throne and Liberty Greatsword offers great damage and excels at keeping its targets stunned. No matter the offhand the Greatsword will make it work with its extra heavy attack chance passives and actives baked in the Greatsword will spice up any old build.

You can find more more guides like those on our build guide page where we have separated builds into PvP,PvE and GvG Categories for you to chose from, fitting for each scenario the game could possibly throw your way. Conquer any content with an MMO-Wiki Build.

Throne and Liberty Greatsword

For more Throne And Liberty related news and guides check out our Throne And Liberty Section or if you have any burning questions feel free to join our community discord where our helpful community can lend you a hand.


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