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Greetings brave explorer! Welcome to Taedal’s Tower Floor 12 – Answers in the Sand! We will go through how to defeat Scorpos, the Tower Crystal Scorpion. I will show you all there is to know about Floor 12.

Additionally, you can watch this video showcasing gameplay in Taedal’s Tower Floor 12 – Answers in the Sand.

Taedal’s Tower

Taedal’s Tower is a secret multi-tower with each floor featuring unique challenges and enemies, promising exclusive rewards upon triumph. Progression to the next level hinges upon the completion of the preceding one, unveiling a layered journey through its mysteries.

How to Enter the Taedal’s Tower

Seek out Ashien’s Strange Portrait within Laslan – Starlight Observatory Ruins. Press the ‘F’ key to access the Main Menu – Secret Dungeon. There, select your desired floor (in this guide, Floor 12), and finalize your choice by hitting ‘Enter’ at the bottom right of the screen. In an instant, you’ll be whisked away, teleporting directly to the chosen floor within the enigmatic domain of Taedal’s Tower.

Ashien’s Strange Portrait

Floor 12 – Answers in the Sand



  • Rare Weapon Growthstone
  • Rare Armor Growthstone
  • Rare Accessory Growthstone
  • Quality Recovery Crystal
  • 16, 243 Coins
Floor 12 - Answers in the Sand


Prepare to confront the Tower Explosion Scorpions and their leader, Scorpos, the Tower Crystal Scorpion on this Floor 12 – Answers in the Sand. Here’s a breakdown of their skills:

Tower Explosion Scorpion

  • These Scorpions rush towards you swiftly and strike on contact. To defeat them, you’ll need to lure them into the sand traps strategically placed around the area. Be careful, however, as defeating them this way will summon Scorpos into battle.

Scorpos (Tower Crystal Scorpion)

  • Scorpos launches razor-sharp projectiles from its tail, aiming to hit you from a distance. At times, its tail projectiles can stun you briefly if they hit.
  • Scorpos vanishes into the sand and reappears at various points within the battleground. Stay alert, as it might suddenly reappear right in front of you to deal damage.
  • Scorpos rotates and uses its tail to conceal itself with sand making it difficult to spot. 
  • Rising from the ground, Scorpos emits a stunning wave that covers almost the entire area in a circle. Dodging this move will be challenging due to its wide-reaching impact.

Defeating the Scorpions

At the game’s outset, a Tower Explosion Scorpion appears, and your task is to lure it into the Sand Traps. When defeated, this triggers the appearance of Scorpos, the Tower Crystal Scorpion, emerging from the same spot. As the game progresses, more Tower Explosion Scorpions will appear, alternating with Scorpos.

The Tower Explosion Scorpions move very swiftly, making it wise to use quick ranged attacks from a distance to eliminate them before they get close. They pose a threat if allowed to reach you.

Scorpos, on the other hand, primarily attacks by launching sharp projectiles from its tail while swiftly teleporting around the area. Employing ranged weapons is recommended since Scorpos moves rapidly between different points. Constant movement and defense are crucial to evading the tail projectiles.

Stay alert for Scorpos’ sudden reappearance after teleporting. Continuously move or maintain distance to minimize the chances of being caught off guard by its swift movements. Effectively employ your stun attacks to incapacitate Scorpos and take advantage of the opportunity to attack him multiple times.

Tower 12 - Answers in the Sand


Prepare yourself before entering combat on Floor 12 – Answers in the Sand by optimizing your skills. Enemies won’t attack unless you make the first move allowing you to strategize and prepare accordingly.

Here are some suggested builds and skills that were used in our battle against the Scorpions: Touch of Despair, Curse Explosion, Corrupted Magic Circle, Ensnaring Arrow, Zephyr’s Nock, Cursed Nightmare, Clay’s Salvation, Swift Healing, Karmic Haze, Deadly Marker, Strafing, Decisive Sniping, and Chaotic Shield.

Equippable Items

Additionally, here are some suggested weapons, armor, and accessories that we used in our fight: Elite Resistance Longbow, Immortal Repulsion Wand, Elite Resistance Visor, Shadow’s Cloak, Elite Resistance Cloth Gloves, Special Resistance Magic Garb, Elite Resistance Chain Gaiters, Elite Resistance Magic Shoes, Crude Revival Bracelet, Holy Warrior’s Choker, Lethal Fortune Ring, Crude Wind Band, and Crude Vitality Belt.

What Happens When You Die?

When you die during the challenge inside the Taedal’s Tower you have two options:

  • Resurrect inside the dungeon
  • Resurrect outside the dungeon

Each time you die and resurrect the content will reset and your HP/MP will be fully restored.

You now possess vital knowledge to conquer Taedal’s Floor 12 – Answers in the Sand ensuring you’re well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. If you’re yet to complete Taedal’s Floor 11, make sure to explore our comprehensive guide for that level. Best of luck in your adventure!

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