Massive Reveal for Throne and Liberty on 27th December

NCSOFT have confirmed today by an exciting Director’s Preview Teaser Trailer that we are getting more information about Throne and Liberty on 27th December.

You will be able to watch the Reveal on the NCSOFT official YouTube channel.

Throne and Liberty on 27th December Reveal
First big look at Throne and Liberty landscape

It has been a few months since we’ve heard anything on Throne and Liberty. The last we heard was the rumours of Amazon Game Studios looking to publish the MMO in the west.

During the event, Creative Director Taekjin Kim plans to introduce the game’s development direction, while Development Director Moonyoung Choi, along with Producer Jongok Ahn and Design Director Moonsop Lee, will reveal never-before-seen details.

Throne and Liberty on 27th December Reveal Landscape

The landscapes are looking stunning. In this scene we get to see some rock-type monsters in this derelict landscape.

Throne and Liberty on 27th December Werewolf

An exclusive look at a werewolf mob, potentially a boss or an elite mob. The model looks great and the movement animation looks clean.

Beautiful Points of Interest

Throne and Liberty on 27th December

This arena looks similar to a previous trailer where we had many players battling a large PvE mob, potentially in some PvEvP?

T&L Sunrise

We’re greeted with another beautiful landscape, somewhat similar to the previous one at the start of the teaser. A baron desert-like landscape with some points of interest dotted around.

T&L Cavern

Moving underground we follow a player down some stairs into this huge underground hall. Where we see a couple of players shooting some arrows at some mobs. It follows one character as they drop down a hole and transform into a crow as they fly away.

The Floating Whale

T&L Whale

This is one of my favourite clips in this Directors Teaser Trailer as we are greeted by this beautiful landscape. The camera then pans to reveal the flying whale which we’ve seen teased over the past few months. We think the whale to be a form of travel for the players.

Throne and Liberty on 27th December

The Directors Preview Teaser Trailer ends with a few more incredible landscape shots. We also get to see a group of birds flying together which we assume are players. They do have unique skins so it looks like players will be able to customise their transformation.

We then finish off with an incredible video showing a port town filled with pirate ships, NPCs and incredible detail. Here, take a look of the teaser trailer yourself. Throne and Liberty on 27th December Reveal


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