Underground Cave of Destruction 6-man Dungeon Guide

Embark on a journey into the terrifying depths of the Underground Cave of Destruction, an ominous dungeon situated in the expansive world of Throne & Liberty. As you advance through your quest, brace yourself for the formidable challenges of this exhilarating dungeon, fraught with unknown adversaries. At its climax, the dreaded Lord of the Bloody Kingdom, Lequirus, awaits your confrontation. Navigate through deceitful caverns, facing diverse trials that will assess your bravery and resilience. Immerse yourself in this enthralling expedition, where the imposing Underground Cave of Destruction stands as a significant test, acquainting you with the intricacies of Paola’s Dimension Circle.

Underground Cave of Destruction 6-man Dungeon Guide

What is the Underground Cave of Destruction?

The Underground Cave of Destruction is a covert dungeon accessible within Throne & Liberty. This mysterious dungeon has transformed into a sanctuary devoted to housing horrifying creatures. Within the ancient caves, numerous mysteries patiently await discovery. To embark on this captivating journey through the Underground Cave of Destruction, however, one must diligently advance to Level 50, ensuring sufficient preparation for the impending battles. Serving as a pivotal stepping stone in your journey, the Underground Cave of Destruction introduces challenges that hone your skills, readying you for the adventures that await beyond its shadowy depths.

Underground Cave of Destruction

Who is Lequirus?

Crafted from Star Fragment and imbued with dark magic, the Queen Ant exhibits an unwavering instinct to defend her kingdom, rendering her merciless against any trespassers. Having voraciously consumed countless invaders within her realm, Lacune has evolved into an elevated magical state, now referred to as Requirus.

Lord of the Bloody Kingdom, Lequirus

Navigating the Underground Cave of Destruction

There is no need to look for portals to enter the Underground Cave of Destruction. Go to the content section, navigate through the game menu, and find the secret dungeon. After revealing the list of Hidden Dungeons by clicking on it, go to Paola’s Dimension Circle and choose Underground Cave of Destruction. You will be taken to the mysterious depths of the Underground Cave of Destruction by doing this straightforward deed, where difficulties await you.

Game Menu - Secret Dungeon

Upon entering the Underground Cave of Destruction, players are tasked with ascending to confront both the fearsome Mutant Worker Ant and the Mutant Acid Ant. Both creatures employ direct attacks but do not cause overly substantial harm. After overcoming these adversaries, a new wave emerges from the ground, introducing the added challenge of the Mutant Explosive Ant. This specific ant can explode, inflicting poisonous damage close to the blast.

First Area of the Underground Cave of Destruction

The difficulties persist in this area as a new group of adversaries quietly materializes. A Mutant Charging Ant surfaces from the ground, executing direct assaults on its foes. This ant is accompanied by a Mutant Worker Ant and a Mutant Explosive Ant capable of inflicting considerable damage upon impact. After vanquishing these opponents, a wall on the room’s side crumbles, enabling your team to advance into the next section of the cave.

Mutant Charging Ant

The next part of the cave might be quite difficult for gamers. Several mutant explosive and acid ant larvae erupt from the floor as soon as they enter the chamber. They won’t hurt you right away, but you have to get rid of them quickly before they turn.

Mutant Acid Ant Larvae and Mutant Explosive Ant Larvae

The Mutant Princess Ant

Following the elimination of these Ant Larvae, a formidable threat emerges. A Mutant Princess Ant rises from the ground, seeking retribution for its fallen Larvae. It employs a frontal attack, releasing a toxic substance from its mouth that inflicts damage over time (DPS) on those affected. We strongly advise employing consistent crowd control (CC) on this semi-boss to mitigate the risk of her dealing substantial damage to your team.

The Mutant Princess Ant

After triumphing over the Princess Ant, a new area will unlock, moving you one step closer to the final boss. As you enter the next area, you’ll observe poison sacs appearing in various locations. While they can be destroyed, exercise caution, as they will explode, releasing poison. Following the elimination of these sacs, a wave of enemies will surface from the ground, including Mutant Explosive Ants, Mutant Acid Ants, Mutant Charging Ants, and Mutant Soldier Ants.

Defeating Variants of Ants

Following the defeat of these adversaries, an egg belonging to the Giant Acid Ant will manifest at the room’s center. Protecting this egg are the Poisonous Worker Ants, dedicated to impeding their master’s spawn. While dealing with these Worker Ants, additional enemies will persistently appear, demanding a prompt response. Once you’ve successfully eliminated these foes, you can proceed to obliterate the egg, leading to the emergence of the Mutant Giant Acid Ant.

The Mutant Giant Acid Ant Egg

The Mutant Giant Acid Ant

Facing the Mutant Giant Acid Ant poses a significant challenge, especially for those unfamiliar with its defeat mechanics. This semi-boss inflicts substantial damage through poisoning its enemies, leading to damage over time (DPS). Similar to the Princess Ant, conquering this Giant Acid Ant requires adept crowd control to mitigate the risk of it causing significant harm, especially to your tanks.

The Mutant Giant Acid Ant

Locating Lequirus

With the enemies defeated and the path opened up to Lequirus, it’s time to move forward to her arena. Upon entering, you will notice an untypical layout of the arena. To summon the boss, you need to gather together in the middle of the arena after destroying the three eggs on each platform.

Lequirus In Game Appearance

Lequirus Abilities

Seeking retribution for the previous dungeon, triumphing over Lequirus demands robust teamwork and a well-devised strategy, given its heightened health and formidable abilities that significantly intensify during the encounter. To assist you in overcoming this formidable adversary, here are its abilities to guide you through the entirety of the battle.

First Ability

Lequirus’ first ability is straightforward; she elevates one of her legs and quickly stomps the person in front of her, causing significant damage upon impact. We recommend that the tank on your team should be the one to stay close to Lequirus to absorb most of her attacks. It’s crucial to recognize that during the execution of her abilities, she summons a Blue Paralyzing Ant to create distractions for her adversaries through crowd control. However, there’s no need to worry about eliminating these Ants as they will automatically despawn. Therefore, we advise focusing predominantly on the main boss.

Lequirus' First Ability

Second Ability

Lequirus’ second ability closely resembles her basic attack. She momentarily charges up her scythe by spinning it and then rapidly smashes it into the enemy positioned in front.

Lequirus' Second Ability

Third Ability

Lequirus’ third ability involves the appearance of a red or blue electric circle in the arena. Following this, the platform elevates. Once the platform ascends, Lequirus emits a powerful scream, briefly ceasing her attacks, and then unleashing a shockwave that inflicts substantial area-of-effect (AOE) damage, especially if you are on the ground.

Lequirus' Fourth Ability

The recommended strategy involves observing the color of the circle when it materializes. Wait for the second round of ants to spawn and eliminate the ant corresponding to the color of the circle. This action provides a buff that prevents you from getting stunned upon entering the ground-level circle. When the boss initiates dialogue, choose to either enter the circle for platform ascension or flee to one of the three platforms. Subsequently, the boss executes an AOE shockwave, destroying the elevated pillar. During this shockwave, an ant emerges from one of the eggs on the platforms. Utilize your skills to vanquish the ant on the platform, facilitating Lequirus return to ground level.

Lequirus Third Ability - Gem Ant

Fourth Ability

Lequirus’ fourth ability triggers each time the platform rises during her third ability or when there is no enemy within her range. Lequirus elevates herself and releases a large poisonous substance, dealing area-of-effect (AOE) damage to players.

Lequirus' Third Ability

Fifth Ability

Lequirus’ fifth and final ability can be challenging to deal with. She releases poisonous worms that coil around your neck, dealing a lot of damage as well as knock up when it explode. You can avoid this ability by running into another player, causing the worms to automatically swap with them. By repeating this process with all players, you can prevent the damage from affecting everyone.

Lequirus' Fifth Ability

Underground Cave of Destruction –  Lord of the Bloody Kingdom Lequirus Rewards

Having successfully overcome the Underground Cave of Destruction and defeated the Lord of the Bloody Kingdom, Lequirus, you will not only receive the rewards outlined at the beginning of your journey but also an additional bonus—Exploration Codex Rewards. Prepare to enjoy the fruits of your triumph as you collect both the expected rewards and the extra spoils earned from conquering this challenging encounter.

Underground Cave of Destruction Rewards

Underground Cave of Destruction 6-man Dungeon Lequirus Boss Fight


Underground Cave of Destruction in Throne & Liberty, featuring the formidable Lord of the Bloody Kingdom, Lequirus, presents a challenging and thrilling adventure. Players must navigate through diverse enemies and strategically defeat bosses to claim rewarding loot and bonus Rewards, showcasing the game’s depth and engaging gameplay. If you found this article helpful, let us know in our community’s discord. Check out more guides for Throne and Liberty on our homepage!


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