Taedals Tower Floor 14 – Out of Sight Guide

Embark on an exciting adventure through the challenging Taedals Tower Floor 14 – Out of Sight in Throne and Liberty with this friendly guide. Dive into the heart-pounding battles against the Old Wizard’s Eye, where we share practical strategies to help you overcome its formidable abilities. Join us on this journey as we uncover the mysteries of this floor, empowering players like you to conquer the challenges and reap valuable rewards within Taedals Tower Floor 14.

Locating the Taedals Tower Floor 14

To uncover Taedals Tower Floor 14, first, locate Ashien’s Strange Portrait within Laslan at the Starlight Observatory Ruins. Interact with the frame you find and open the menu for Taedals Tower Floor 14. You can then choose any floor you desire, but be aware that entering these floors requires a significant character level.

Taedals Tower Floor 14 Location

Taedals Tower Floor 14 – Boss

Let me introduce you to The Old Wizard’s Eye, the boss of Taedals Tower Floor 14. This amazing creature has several tiny eyes on its tentacles in addition to its large eye. This monster is extremely difficult to defeat since it is skilled at using ranged attacks. Beware of its potent lightning-like attack, which may cause a lot of damage and heighten the tension of the combat.

Taedals Tower Floor 14 Boss - Old Wizard's  Eye

Fighting The Old Wizard’s Eye

Players must face a great task when they take on the powerful boss, the Old Wizard’s Eye. Reaching at least level 39 becomes essential to reach this floor, because the monster may do a lot of damage. Stepping onto the floor, you will discover the Old Wizard’s Eye in the middle of the arena, waiting patiently for you in a dormant condition, ready to wage combat with all of your might and cunning.

First Ability

The Old Wizard’s Eye showcases its first skill with a basic yet potent move—firing a lightning beam from one of its tentacles straight at its opponent, leaving players in a challenging position as they try to evade the relentless attack.

Old Wizard's Eye First Ability

Second Ability

In its second impressive feat, the Old Wizard’s Eye engages in a brief, dynamic charge-up, spinning as it conjures both a powerful lightning beam and a surrounding field of electrifying energy. This combination inflicts area-of-effect (AOE) damage and imposes a brief period of Crowd Control (CC). The attack is formidable, dealing a substantial amount of damage to its target. Though dodging is not an option, players can strategically deploy a shield skill or execute a well-timed parry to successfully ward off the impending damage.

Old Wizard's Eye Second Ability

Third Ability

For its third captivating ability, the Old Wizard’s Eye initiates a brief charge-up, culminating in the creation of a small area on the ground that inflicts damage over time (DPS) to those within its reach. Luckily, players possess the agility to skillfully dodge this ability. Following this move, the Old Wizard’s Eye enters a dormant state, offering a valuable window for players to heal and replenish their mana, strategically preparing for the challenges ahead.

Old Wizard's Eye Third Ability

Fourth Ability

The fourth ability of the Old Wizard’s Eye follows immediately after it awakens from its sleep. When attacked while in a dormant state, the Old Wizard’s Eye instantly wakes up and charges a powerful attack, smashing its entire body into the ground three times and dealing area-of-effect (AOE) damage. Players cannot dodge this ability but can use a shield skill or parry to avoid its damage.

Old Wizard's Eye Fourth Ability

Fifth Ability

In the grand display of its fifth ability, the Old Wizard’s Eye undergoes a brief charging period before unleashing a formidable lightning beam in front of him, inflicting area-of-effect (AOE) damage. Being struck by this move can deal a large amount of damage to you. Fortunately, players are provided with a visual marker directly in front of the boss, serving as a warning signal for the impending attack. With this cue, players can dodge the attack, adding anticipation and skill to the encounter.

Old Wizard's Eye Fifth Ability

Tips on Defeating The Old Wizard’s Eye

Make sure you have the necessary weapons, armor, and talents to effectively battle the Old Wizard’s Eye. Movement quickly is essential, particularly while using its Fifth ability. If at all feasible, include a ranged attack in your plan so that you can use a shield for defense and do damage continuously. Finally, make sure you have plenty of healing potions on hand because avoiding is challenging due to the Old Wizard’s Eye’s multiple powers that span a large area. Possessing a sufficient quantity of healing potions guarantees extended survival and raises your chances of taking down the boss.


As you gear up for every encounter, the battlefield becomes your canvas to customize and refine your preferred skills. Just like any determined player aiming to triumph over the Old Wizard’s Eye, embrace the freedom to lean on your chosen abilities or draw inspiration from our recommended skills that have proven effective against this formidable adversary. The key to victory lies in the fusion of your unique playstyle with battle-tested strategies.

Recommended Skills

Weapons and Armor

Facing this boss proves challenging for numerous players. Enhancing your armor and weapons will help contribute to a more seamless encounter with the Old Wizard’s Eye. Feel free to consider the specific weapons and armor recommendations we provide below for an extra edge.

Recommended Weapons and Armor


Players receive a substantial reward of 18,950 gold upon successfully defeating this boss, along with some growth stones and Quality Recovery Crystal that can be beneficial in future battles.

Taedals Tower Floor 14 Rewards

Taedals Tower Floor 14 – Out of Sight Guide

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We hope our Taedals Tower Floor 14 guide has been helpful to you. The book improves players’ abilities to overcome this terrible task by providing strategic ideas for defeating the scary Old Wizard’s Eye. Their successful collection of priceless gifts serves as evidence of their aptitude and tenacity in overcoming the challenges of Taedals Tower Floor 14. Please let us know in the discord channel of our community if you found this post useful. Visit our site to view other Throne and Liberty tutorials!


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