Taedals Tower Floor 16 – Precise Moment Guide

Embark on an exciting adventure through the challenging Taedals Tower Floor 16 – Precise Moment in Throne and Liberty with this comprehensive guide. Dive into heart-pounding battles against the horrifying Immortal Guardian, where we provide practical strategies to help you overcome its formidable abilities. Join us on this journey as we unravel the mysteries of this floor, empowering players like you to conquer challenges and reap valuable rewards within Taedals Tower Floor 16.

Locating the Taedals Tower Floor 16

To uncover Taedals Tower Floor 16, first, locate Ashien’s Strange Portrait within Laslan at the Starlight Observatory Ruins. Interact with the frame you find and open the menu for Taedals Tower Floor 16. You can then choose any floor you desire, but be aware that entering these floors requires a significant character level.

Taedals Tower Floor 16 Location

Taedals Tower Floor 16 – Boss

Meet the boss of Taedals Tower Floor 16 – the Immortal Guardian. Picture this formidable foe taking on the intimidating guise of an ancient Roman soldier. Armed with a massive magical hammer, the Immortal Guardian relies heavily on this powerful weapon for his abilities. This menacing boss truly shines in inflicting area-of-effect (AOE) damage on opponents, making it a challenging task to avoid the impact.

Taedals Tower Floor 16 Boss - Immortal Guardian

Fighting The Immortal Guardian

Players must overcome the enormous monster, the Immortal Guardian, who poses a serious threat. Given the boss’s potent damage, it is imperative to stress that a minimum level of 41 is needed to access Taedals Tower Floor 16. This battle requires sophisticated armor, weapons, and abilities to win. The boss appears on the floor and takes a position in the middle of the arena, holding a hammer. He is accompanied by three pillar constructs, which he would use later on for one of his skills.

Immortal Guardian Pillars

First Ability

The Immortal Guardian’s initial power entails charging his hammer, whirling it many times, and then forcefully crashing it to the ground. This attack inflicts a great number of damage, affecting the whole arena through area-of-effect (AOE) damage. It deals the same damage as the AOE when hit by the hammer directly, but it also applies crowd control (CC), temporarily stunning the opponent. Having a shield skill equipped is essential for this fight because the attack deals a lot of damage when it hits, and moving to avoid it is insufficient.

Immortal Guardian's First Ability

Second Ability

The second ability of the Immortal Guardian also revolves around his hammer. He initiates the ability by charging up his hammer, which becomes visibly illuminated. Following the completion of the charge, he swiftly smashes the hammer to the ground, inflicting area-of-effect (AOE) damage across the entire arena, much like his first ability. Fortunately for players, this ability can be parried. You can discern when he is about to use this ability and react promptly to avoid taking damage, given that it inflicts a substantial amount.

Immortal Guardian's Second Ability

Third Ability

Using the pillars inside the arena is the Immortal Guardian’s third power. After taking a lot of damage from opponents, he recharges momentarily. He then leaps to one of these pillars, igniting the arena floor and gradually doing damage (DPS). It is noteworthy that the Immortal Guardian has the ability to leap to an additional pillar. Make sure you get swiftly inside one of these pillars to avoid getting burned by the fire.

Immortal Guardian's Third Ability

Fourth Ability

The fourth ability of the Immortal Guardian is relatively straightforward; he briefly charges up his hammer and promptly uses it to attack in front of him, dealing a substantial amount of damage upon impact. He instantly follows this with an auto attack, swinging his hammer three times. You can easily evade this combination by ensuring you don’t stay directly in front of the Immortal Guardian when engaging him, thereby avoiding the impact of his powerful attacks.

Immortal Guardian's Fourth Ability

Fifth Ability

Now, let’s dive into the Immortal Guardian’s fifth ability—it’s quite straightforward. When he jumps onto another pillar, you’ll catch him casually placing his hammer on the ground, taking a moment to recharge. This move amps up his attacks, and while in this state, opponents’ attacks won’t even scratch the Immortal Guardian.

Immortal Guardian's Fifth Ability

Tips on Defeating The Immortal Guardian

It is best to use ranged attacks to inflict damage from a safer distance to destroy the Immortal Guardian. Make improving your character’s mobility a top priority because you may avoid several of the boss’s high-damage moves by moving quickly and keeping your distance from him. Since most of his strikes cannot be avoided or parried, make sure to have a talent that lets you avoid damage. Finally, make sure you have a lot of healing potions on hand because the Immortal Guardian’s powers can be difficult to avoid because they span a large area. Possessing an adequate amount of health potions guarantees long-term survival and raises your chances of taking down the boss.


As you gear up for every encounter, the battlefield becomes your canvas to customize and refine your preferred skills. Just like any determined player aiming to triumph over the Immortal Guardian, embrace the freedom to lean on your chosen abilities or draw inspiration from our recommended skills that have proven effective against this formidable adversary. The key to victory lies in the fusion of your unique playstyle with battle-tested strategies.

Recommended Skills

Weapons and Armor

Confronting the Immortal Guardian poses a challenge for many players. Upgrading your armor and weapons as much as possible will give you a smoother fight against this boss. Feel free to consider the specific weapons and armor recommendations we provided below for an extra edge in your battle.

Recommended Weapons and Armor


After successfully defeating this boss, players are in for a substantial reward—21,657 gold and 31,782 experience points. On top of that, they’ll also acquire some growth stones and a Quality Recovery Crystal, both of which can prove beneficial in future battles.

Taedals Tower Floor 16 Rewards

Taedals Tower Floor 16 – Precise Moment Guide

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We hope our Taedals Tower Floor 16 tutorial has been helpful to you. The book improves players’ abilities to overcome this terrible task by providing strategic ideas for defeating the Immortal Guardian. The successful collection of significant awards serves as evidence of their aptitude and tenacity in overcoming the challenges of Taedals Tower Floor 16. Please let us know in the discord channel of our community if you found this post useful. Visit our site to view other Throne and Liberty tutorials!


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