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Taedal’s Tower Floor 6 featuring the Mad Red Pyromancer. Easily get through with our complete and comprehensive guide on how to defeat this boss and all of the ins and outs of the battle.

taedals tower floor 6

Taedals Tower Floor 6 – The Enemy

The Mad Red Pyromance is an enemy that would prefer to be far away from the battle and yet does significant damage using magic attacks and spells.


The Mad Red Pyromance stands in the middle of the ring with little to no movement. It wields a staff and is able to conjure and project fireballs directly towards your character. Close and ranged combat are both effective ways to defeat this enemy, though hitting it with handheld weapons may be a hassle when this enemy starts teleporting to random areas inside the arena.

range attack

The Pyromancer can teleport into other areas of the arena, allowing it to dodge your attacks and make it an invalid target. This ability may also be used by the Pyromancer to close the gap between it and the players for another attack.

tp attack

The enemy can also cast explosive spells that erupt from the floor. You might want to keep moving if you don’t want to get damaged!

aoe attacks

Finally, the enemy can cast a large-scale attack that is timed enough for you to dodge. With this attack, the pillars in the arena rise. These pillars can be used to avoid the damaging arena-wide attack from the Mad Red Pyromancer. This is done by interacting with the blue highlighted rings near the top of each pillar. To interact with the highlighted ring, press “F”. This mechanic requires you to be on top of the pillar to avoid the damage dealt.


Overall, this enemy needs to be fought cautiously as its attacks follow and lock onto the player. Aside from the lock attacks, this enemy focuses on AOE and ranged attacks as well as fast-paced and pressuring spells.

Armor And Weapons

Facing this boss head-on is a challenge for everyone. For this floor, players can use any build they are comfortable with. We have provided weapon and armor suggestions players can use or take reference from if needed.


Best Way To Defeat The Mad Red Pyromancer

The overall best way to defeat the Mad Red Pyromancer is to remain distant and fire steady ranged attacks to make up for the large distance between the player and the boss. The Mad Red Pyromancer mainly focuses on AOE damage as well as ranged magic attacks so what better way to defeat it? Be light on your feet, be agile, and be aggressive with attacking the boss! Close combat against the Mad Red Pyromancer can be difficult especially if the player gets strapped in the Pyromancer’s spells.

defeating the pyromancer


Players can use their preferred builds and skills depending on their likeness and play style or follow the build and skill set shown below in the given image.



Defeating this boss yields 8,121 gold as well as other perks. Other rewards are listed below along with their descriptions.

Quality Weapon GrowthstoneA weapon growth material. It is used for Uncommon weapon enchantment.
Quality Armor GrowthstoneAn armor growth material. It is used for Uncommon armor enchantment.
Quality Accessory GrowthstoneAn accessory growth material. It is used for Uncommon accessory enchantment.
Recovery CrystalA crystal that contains the energy of life. Instantly restores health when used.

We hope you found this article helpful in your battle with the Mad Red Pyromancer. For more guides on the Taedals Tower and all its floors and bosses, be sure to stick around on our official Throne and Liberty Homepage! Join our official Discord Channel and be the first to hear about any new releases, articles, and guides.


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