Underground Cave of Desperation 6-man Dungeon Guide

Welcome to the Underground Cave of Desperation, an unsettling dungeon in the expansive world of Throne & Liberty. As you advance on your journey, brace yourself for this thrilling Underground Cave of Desperation dungeon, teeming with unfamiliar foes. At its conclusion, the dreaded Lord of the Underworld, Lacune, awaits. Navigate through deceptive caves, facing numerous challenges that will assess your bravery and fortitude. Immerse yourself in this gripping adventure where the formidable Underground Cave of Desperation stands as a high-level challenge for players, acquainting you with the complexities of Paola’s Dimension Circle.

Underground Cave of Desperation 6-man Dungeon Guide

What is the Underground Cave of Desperation?

The Underground Cave of Desperation is a covert dungeon accessible within Throne & Liberty. This mysterious dungeon has transformed into a sanctuary devoted to housing horrifying creatures. Within the ancient caves, numerous mysteries patiently await discovery. To embark on this captivating journey through the Underground Cave of Desperation, however, one must diligently advance to Level 40, ensuring sufficient preparation for the impending battles. Serving as a pivotal stepping stone in your journey, the Underground Cave of Desperation introduces challenges that hone your skills, readying you for the adventures that await beyond its shadowy depths.

Secret Dungeon - Underground Cave of Desperation

Who is Lacune?

Wizard Skultus, a member of the Sylavean order, embedded a Star fragment to empower the queen ant. Gradually expanding in size and transforming into a golden form, he softly murmured, “You are meant to govern the underground.” Lacune swiftly rose to become the ruler of the underworld, crafting her own concealed realm with her magical abilities.

Underground Cave of Desperation - Lacune

Navigating the Underground Cave of Desperation

No portals need to be found to enter the Underground Cave of Desperation. Find the hidden dungeon in the content region by navigating the game menu. After clicking on it to display the list of Hidden Dungeons, choose Paola’s Dimension Circle > Underground Cave of Desperation. With only one easy step, you’ll enter the mysterious Underground Cave of Desperation and face obstacles along the way.

Game Menu - Secret Dungeon

Upon venturing into the cave, players must ascend and confront the terrifying Mutant Worker Ant as well as the Mutant Acid Ant. Both creatures engage in direct attacks against their opponents, though the harm they cause is not excessively significant. Once you have defeated these creatures, another set of them will spawn from the ground, accompanied by the additional threat of the Mutant Explosive Ant. This particular ant can explode, dealing poisonous damage when close to the point of explosion.

First Area - Mutant Worker, Acid, and Explosive Ant

The challenges persist in this section of the cave, with another set of enemies discreetly spawning. A Mutant Charging Ant emerges from the ground, delivering a direct attack on its enemies. Joining forces with this ant are a Mutant Worker Ant and a Mutant Explosive Ant, capable of dealing significant damage upon impact. Upon defeating these enemies, a wall on the side of the room collapses, allowing your crew to pass into the next area of the cave.

Mutant Charging Ant

There is a significant obstacle in the following section of the cave for some gamers. Numerous Mutant Explosive Ant Larvae and Mutant Acid Ant Larvae will spawn on the ground as soon as you enter the chamber. Although they do not initially cause any harm, you must get rid of them quickly to prevent them from transforming.

Mutant Acid Ant Larvae and Mutant Explosive Ant Larvae

The Mutant Princess Ant

After dispatching these Ant Larvae, a serious threat emerges. A Mutant Princess Ant will surface from the ground, seeking vengeance for its fallen Larvae. It employs a frontal attack, releasing a poisonous substance from its mouth that inflicts damage over time (DPS) on those struck. We recommend consistently using crowd control (CC) on this semi-boss to prevent her from dealing substantial damage to your team.

The Mutant Princess Ant

After triumphing over the Princess Ant, a new area will unlock, moving you one step closer to the final boss. As you enter the next area, you’ll observe poison sacs appearing in various locations. While they can be destroyed, exercise caution, as they will explode, releasing poison. Following the elimination of these sacs, a wave of enemies will surface from the ground, including Mutant Explosive Ants, Mutant Acid Ants, Mutant Charging Ants, and Mutant Soldier Ants.

Poison Sac

After defeating these enemies, an egg of the Giant Acid Ant will appear at the center of the room. Guarding this egg are the Poisonous Worker Ants, whose sole purpose is to delay the spawn of their master. While eliminating these Worker Ants, more enemies will continue to spawn, so make sure to act swiftly. As soon as you’ve vanquished these foes, you may now proceed to destroy the egg, and the Mutant Giant Acid Ant will emerge.

Egg of the Giant Acid Ant

The Mutant Giant Acid Ant

Confronting the Mutant Giant Acid Ant presents a notable challenge, particularly for those unfamiliar with its defeat mechanics. This semi-boss inflicts considerable damage by poisoning its enemies, resulting in damage over time (DPS). Like the Princess Ant, overcoming this Giant Acid Ant necessitates effective crowd control to minimize the risk of it causing significant harm, especially to your tanks.

The Mutant Giant Acid Ant

Locating Lacune

With the enemies defeated and the path opened up to Lacune, it’s time to move forward to her arena. Upon entering, you will notice an untypical layout of the arena. To summon the boss, you need to destroy the eggs on each platform.

Lacune's Arena

Lacune Abilities

Because Lacune has skills that come into play during the battle, defeating it will need cooperation and a well-thought-out plan. Here are her talents to help you navigate the battle and defeat this powerful enemy.

First Ability

Lacune’s first ability is straightforward; she elevates one of her legs and quickly stomps the person in front of her, causing significant damage upon impact. We recommend that the tank on your team should be the one to stay close to Lacune to absorb most of her attacks.

Lacune's First Ability

Second Ability

Lacune’s second ability closely resembles her basic attack. She momentarily charges up her scythe by spinning it and then rapidly smashes it into the enemy positioned in front.

Lacune's Second Ability

Third Ability

Lacune’s third ability involves the appearance of a red or blue electric circle in the arena. Following this, the platform elevates. Once the platform ascends, Lacune briefly pauses from attacking and then releases a shockwave attack, knocking enemies on it.

Lacune's Fourth Ability

The strategy for this is to check the color of the circle when it appears. Wait for the second round of ants to spawn and eliminate the ant of the same color as the circle. It grants a buff, preventing you from getting stunned when entering the circle on the ground. When the boss starts talking, either enter the circle to ascend with the platform or run to one of the three platforms. She will then perform the AOE shockwave, destroying the risen pillar. During this shockwave, an ant will spawn from one of the eggs on the platforms. Utilize your skills to defeat the ant on the platform and bring Lacune back down again.

Lacune's Third Ability - Gem Ant

Fourth Ability

Lacune’s fourth ability triggers each time the platform rises during her third ability or when there is no enemy within her range. Lacune elevates herself and releases a large poisonous substance, dealing area-of-effect (AOE) damage to players.

Lacune's Third Ability

Fifth Ability

Dealing with Lacune’s fifth and final ability might be difficult. She unleashes deadly worms that wrap around your neck and keep attacking. Even while you can recover from the harm, exchanging all of the worms with other players is an additional tactic. This may be accomplished by bumping into another player, in which case the worms will immediately switch places with them. You may stop the damage from harming any player by going through this procedure again with all of them.

Lacune's Fifth Ability

Underground Cave of Desperation – Lord of the Underworld Lacune Rewards

Having successfully defeated the Lord of the Underworld, Lacune, you will not only receive the rewards outlined at the beginning of your journey but also an additional bonus—Exploration Codex Rewards. Prepare to enjoy the fruits of your triumph as you collect both the expected rewards and the extra spoils earned from conquering this challenging encounter.

Underground Cave of Desperation Rewards

Underground Cave of Desperation 6-man Dungeon Guide

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