Paola’s Dimension Circle

Paola’s Dimension Circle is essentially your typical Dungeons in an MMORPG. Throne and Liberty allow up to 6 players to participate in the Dungeons instead of the typical 5 man. You will still want to look at having the Holy Trinity with a Tank, a healer or two and some great DPS players.

Here are the Dungeons you will find in Paola’s Dimension Circle.

Specters Abyss – Paola’s Dimension Circle

This is a level 20 entry-level dungeon to get players warmed up for some of the harder ones which feature more mechanics.

Syleus turned the ancient underground tomb into his own lab, called the Syleus Abyss. As the labyrinth halls teemed with immortals and monsters, Syleus created his follower, Heliber, and made him into a guardian of the lab. Heliber, as a loyal servant of Syleus, faithfully guides his master through the lab, but leads the invaders to their deaths.

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Paola's Dimension Circle

Temple of Roar – Paola’s Dimension Circle

A level 30 dungeon full of nice rare drops for those players who want something a little more challenging than Specter’s Abyss.
According to the ancient texts, Belluatan saw a reflection of himself in a lion that roamed the plains, and inserted Star of Sylaveth into it and turned it into King Chimaerus. The Order’s twisted greed and chaos have warped King Chimaerus’ appearance to its hideous chimeric form that it bears today’s.

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Paola's Dimension Circle

Cave of Desperation – Paola’s Dimension Circle

A level 40 Dungeon full of mean ants! The last dungeon before you reach the level 50 dungeons in Throne and Liberty. A relatively easy run with some nice rare weapons to loot at the end.

Wizard Skultus of Sylavean Order inserted a Star Fragment to bolster the Queen ant. As she gradually became huge and holden, he quietly whispered, “You are destined to become ruler of the underground.” Lacune soon became the lord of the underworld, and created her own hidden space.

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Deaths Abyss – Paola’s Dimension Circle

One of the first Level 50 Dungeons in Throne and Liberty! Good fun, not too crazy mechanics, and is basically the same as Specter’s Abyss but a harder version.

Arkeum Legion sought to use the power of darkness brimming within Syleu’s Abyss and dispatched many parties, but never succeeded. This was due to the countless monsters within and the labyrinthian nature of the Abyss. When they discovered Heliber, they sought to control him, and thereby rule the Abyss, and eventually succeeded in trapping him in a stone casket. But when he broke out of his jail after many years, he had only become stronger. The sole surviving Arkeum Shadowmancer is called the specter Karnix.

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Cursed Wasteland – Paola’s Dimension Circle

Ahzreil and his followers kidnapped a Light Elemental and carried out a dark ritual, and succeeded in corrupting it into a Dark Elemental. The corrupted elemental was bound, but destroyed all that approached it. People eventually began calling the elemental Shaikal, after the legendary Dark Elemental.

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Temple of Slaughter – Paola’s Dimension Circle

Azriel, an Elder of the Sylavean Order, put a stop to the experiments and abandoned the monsters under the temple, sealing it away for good. Trapped with no others to prey upon, the monsters turned on each other, but King Chimaerus made short work of them all. According to one Shadowmancer’s records, if King Chimaerus absorbs greater mana, it could transform into an even deadlier beast called Rex Chimaerus.

The Temple of Slaugher features an higher difficulty version of the temple of roar including new boss and mini boss mechanics.

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Butchers Canyon – Paola’s Dimension Circle

The giant orc King Verte was a powerful being created by dark magic, but proved too uncrontrollable to serve Arkeum as a weapon of war. Instead, Tuaren used King Verte’s experiment as a template, ultimately creating an even more advanced weapon. Although smaller and more tempered, Duke Magna wields highly concentrated dark magic, making him more powerful and even more dangerous.

Butchers canyon features a variant of the boss “King Verte” showing in the first mission in the Main Story Quest. Taking place in Akidu Valley players can recognize certain parts of this dungeon in the open world.

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Cave of Destruction – Paola’s Dimension Circle

A creature of dark magic empowered by a Star Fragment, the Queen Ant instinctually defends her kingdom with ruthless ferocity. With each of the countless invaders she consumed, her magic grew, until at last she took on a newer, deadlier form with a new name–Lequirus.

The Cave Of Destruction features an upgraded version of the boss we already met in the Cave Of Desperation and new mechanics get introduced. Players are dropped into the same cave but this time they fight stronger enemies and the bosses have far more mechanics.

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Tyrants Isle – Paola’s Dimension Circle

A violent chieftain named Toublek of Saurodoma Island possessed the Reptilian gift of infinite regeneration as well as the power to use sorcery, making him impervious to even the most devastating attacks. Once an elf wizard, Toublek’s teptilianism is the result of a magical experiement gone awry. Now, he’s become the terror of Saurodoma Island, kidnapping innocent victims to preform experiments on in hopes of finding a way to reverse his transformation.

The Tyrants Isle also known as Saurodoma Island can also be explored in the open world using the gigantrite to land on the island, you can even find the area the Tyrants Isle boss fight takes place in which even has the flowers you use in the boss fight laid out nicely for players to admire.

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