The Bound

Taedal’s Tower Floor 7 The Bound – Throne and Liberty

Hey, fearless adventurer! Are you about to step into Throne and Liberty’s Taedal’s Tower Floor 7? On this level you’ll face off against the Bound Shadowmancer and its companion the Despair Dark Enhancer. To assist you in conquering these adversaries and successfully clearing the floor, delve into this comprehensive guide. It provides information about the tower, the enemies’ strategies, attacks, and invaluable tips aimed at enriching your journey!

Additionally, you can watch this video showcasing gameplay in the Taedal’s Tower Floor 7 – The Bound.

Taedal’s Tower

Taedal’s Tower is a secret multi-tower with each floor featuring distinctive challenges or enemies, offering special rewards upon completion. Access to the subsequent floor is granted only after finishing the preceding one.

How to Enter the Taedal’s Tower

Find Ashien’s Strange Portrait within Laslan – Starlight Observatory Ruins. Press the ‘F’ key to enter the Main Menu – Secret Dungeon. Select your preferred floor (in this guide, Floor 7), and press ‘Enter’ at the bottom right of the screen to instantly teleport to the chosen floor in Taedal’s Tower.

Ashien’s Strange Portrait

Floor 7 – The Bound



  • Quality Weapon Growthstone
  • Quality Armor Growthstone
  • Quality Accessory Growthstone
  • Recovery Crystals
  • 9, 475 Coins
The Bound


On this floor you’ll face off against the Bound Shadowmancer and its companion, the Despair Dark Enhancer.

The Bound Shadowmancer

  • The Bound Shadowmancer’s normal attacks involve shooting mystical projectiles from its hands. 
  • The Bound Shadowmancer unleashes a piercing beam emanating from its abdomen.
  • The Bound Shadowmancer wields its enchanted staff and slams it into the ground, summoning a thunderous strike directed at the opponent; three strikes occur if you remain within the targeted area for too long.

The Despair Dark Enhancer

  • The Despair Dark Enhancer’s normal attacks involve wielding its scythe in sweeping motions.
  • The Despair Dark Enhancer tosses its scythe into the air and performs a swift rotational strike once or multiple times.
  • The Despair Dark Enhancer raises its scythe high, channeling electric energy before unleashing linear thunder strikes aimed directly ahead.

Defeating the Bound Shadowmancer and the Despair Dark Enhancer

Please focus on the Mechanics/Attacks of the Bound Shadowmancer and the Despair Dark Enhancer mentioned earlier.

The Bound Shadowmancer and its companion, the Despair Dark Enhancer, are extremely formidable enemies due to their relentless attacks. Managing both of them at once can be overwhelming, as their assault seems unending with back-to-back strikes.

The Bound Shadowmancer tends to maintain a distance, launching potent long-range assaults. However, don’t underestimate its agility; it can swiftly teleport to evade your strikes and close the gap. On the other hand, the Despair Dark Enhancer prefers short-range combat, swiftly advancing towards you and moving with remarkable speed. They also disable your ability to use skills for a short time, as indicated by a red ring around you.

Despite their formidable partnership, the life force that sustains both enemies is intertwined; one cannot live without the other. Eliminating either the Bound Shadowmancer or the Despair Dark Enhancer leads to the automatic defeat of the other, ultimately clearing the floor. Additionally, they alternate between aggression and rest, with one enemy resting while the other launches intermittent attacks.

To optimize your strategy, prioritize targeting one enemy. Utilize the moments when one enemy rests to employ rapid attacks, maximizing damage to your present opponent. When you are unable to use skills, repeatedly attack using your long-ranged or melee weapons. Swift movement is crucial—dodge their attacks while maintaining a relentless focus on one primary target.

The Bound


Before engaging in combat against the Bound Shadowmancer and its companion you have the opportunity to fine-tune and optimize your skills. They will only retaliate if you initiate the attack.

Here are some suggested builds and skills that were used in our battle with the Bound Shadowmancer and its companion: Touch of Despair, Curse Explosion, Corrupted Magic Circle, Ensnaring Arrow, Zephyr’s Nock, Cursed Nightmare, Clay’s Salvation, Swift Healing, Karmic Haze, Deadly Marker, Strafing, Decisive Sniping, and Chaotic Shield.

Equippable Items

Additionally, here are some suggested weapons, armor, and accessories used in our gameplay: Elite Resistance Longbow, Immortal Repulsion Wand, Elite Resistance Visor, Shadow’s Cloak, Elite Resistance Cloth Gloves, Special Resistance Magic Garb, Elite Resistance Chain Gaiters, Elite Resistance Magic Shoes, Crude Revival Bracelet, Holy Warrior’s Choker, Lethal Fortune Ring, Crude Wind Band, and Crude Vitality Belt.

What Happens When You Die?

When you die during the challenge inside the Taedal’s Tower you have two options:

  • Resurrect inside the dungeon
  • Resurrect outside the dungeon

Each time you die and resurrect the content will reset and your HP/MP will be fully restored.

All the essential information about Taedal’s Floor 7 The Bound has been provided equipping you with everything necessary to overcome this level. Also, remember to check out our guide for Taedal’s Floor 6 in case you haven’t finished it yet.

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