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Get ready to confront the Chaos Archwizard in Taedal’s Tower Floor 17 Unbreakable Shield of Cooperation, supported by your trusted ally, the Adventurer Going to the Summit. This comprehensive guide is your gateway to victory, providing essential insights into the tower’s trials, enemy strategies, formidable attacks, and invaluable tips.

Watch this video showcasing gameplay in Taedal’s Tower Floor 17 – Unbreakable Shield of Cooperation.

Taedal’s Tower

Taedal’s Tower consists of multiple secret towers, each floor presenting unique challenges or foes, rewarding special achievements upon completion. Access to each succeeding floor is granted only after finishing the preceding one.

How to Enter the Taedal’s Tower

Locate Ashien’s Strange Portrait in Laslan – Starlight Observatory Ruins. Press ‘F’ to access the Main Menu – Secret Dungeon. Choose your desired floor (in this guide, Floor 17), then click ‘Enter’ on the lower right corner of the screen to teleport directly to the selected floor within Taedal’s Tower.

Ashien's Strange Portrait

Floor 17 – Unbreakable Shield of Cooperation



  • Rare Weapon Growthstone
  • Rare Armor Growthstone
  • Rare Accessory Growthstone
  • Quality Recovery Crystal
  • 23,011 Coins
  • 33,768 EXP
Floor 17 - Unbreakable Shield of Cooperation

Skills/Attacks of the Chaos Archwizard

  • The Chaos Archwizard’s basic attacks involve casting magic spells from its hands.
  • The Chaos Archwizard summons a circular attack on the ground that detonates shortly after, causing Magic Damage to any player caught within its range.
  • The Chaos Archwizard casts a long-range blue fire attack in a straight line while rotating, causing Magic Damage to any player caught in its path. 
  • The Chaos Archwizard summons a magic sphere and smashes it into the ground causing Magic Damage across a wide area.
  • The Chaos Archwizard covers the floor with a purple smoke that deals Magic Damage upon contact. The outer circular edge remains clear but rotating strips of purple smoke must be avoided.

Defeating the Chaos Archwizard

The battle on Floor 17 – Unbreakable Shield of Cooperation will only commence once you enter the area within your ally, the Adventurer Going to the Summit. This ally offers an unbreakable cooperative shield and fights alongside you against the Chaos Archwizard.

Skills/Attacks of the Adventurer Going to the Summit

  • The Adventurer’s wields a sword for melee strikes.
  • The Adventurer teleports between locations and sprints toward the enemy.
  • The Adventurer executes a long-range attack depicted by a single-line black smoke after raising and slamming his sword into the ground.

The Chaos Archwizard remains stationary at the center, employing both long-range and wide-range attacks to harm the player. Using ranged weapons is advisable as the enemy doesn’t move. However, employing melee attacks is also recommended if you feel more confident, similar to the Adventurer’s approach. Consistent movement is crucial for dodging these attacks while deploying defensive skills is essential to avoid the more challenging-to-evade strikes.

When the Chaos Archwizard releases its wide-range attack, covering the floor with purple smoke, head to the outer edges of the area without the purple haze. Navigate around the perimeter (you can transform into a wolf for increased speed) and leap to avoid the rotating strips of purple smoke. Alternatively, rush toward the shield of the Adventurer Going to the Summit to become invulnerable to the purple smoke.


Here are some suggested builds and skills that were used in our battle on Floor 17: Touch of Despair, Curse Explosion, Corrupted Magic Circle, Ensnaring Arrow, Zephyr’s Nock, Cursed Nightmare, Clay’s Salvation, Swift Healing, Nature’s Blessing, Deadly Marker, Strafing, Decisive Sniping, and Chaotic Shield.

Equippable Items

Additionally, here are some suggested weapons, armor, and accessories: Elite Resistance Longbow, Foresight Wand, Transcendental Clairvoyance, Shaman’s Cloak, Elite Resistance Cloth Gloves, Special Resistance Magic Garb, Elite Resistance Chain Gaiters, Elite Resistance Magic Shoes, Crude Revival Bracelet, Holy Warrior’s Choker, Lethal Fortune Ring, Crude Wind Band, and Crude Vitality Belt.

What Happens When You Die?

When you die during the challenge inside the Taedal’s Tower you have two options:

  • Resurrect inside the dungeon
  • Resurrect outside the dungeon

Each time you die and resurrect the content will reset and your HP/MP will be fully restored.

You now know how to beat Taedal’s Floor 17 – Unbreakable Shield of Cooperation, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. If you’re yet to complete Taedal’s Floor 16, explore our comprehensive guide for that level. 

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