Tyrants Isle 6-man Dungeon Guide

Introducing the Tyrants Isle, a staggering dungeon located within the vast realm of Throne & Liberty. As you progress in your quest, you will confront the thrills and difficulties of this captivating dungeon, encountering adversaries unlike any you have faced. At the peak of the dungeon awaits the formidable Ruler of the Solitary Island, Toublek. Navigate treacherous mountains and face many trials that will assess your bravery and resilience, and carefully plan your route through this exhilarating expedition. Embark on a journey where the formidable Tyrants Isle Dungeon presents a formidable challenge for players, acquainting you with the complexities of Paola’s Dimension Circle.

Tyrants Isle 6-man Dungeon Guide

What is Tyrants Isle?

The Tyrants Isle is among the concealed dungeons available in Throne & Liberty. This mysterious dungeon has evolved into a haven devoted to cultivating exceptional power and striking fear into those brave enough to explore it. Within the dense rainforest, countless secrets patiently await revelation. Yet, to embark on this intriguing expedition through Tyrants Isle, reaching Level 50 is imperative, ensuring thorough readiness for the upcoming confrontations. Acting as a pivotal milestone in your journey, the Tyrants Isle introduces challenges that hone your abilities, equipping you for the adventures that await beyond its murky depths.

Secret Dungeon - Tyrants Isle

Who is Toublek?

Saurodoma Island is under the dominion of the ruthless chieftain Toublek, who wields the Reptilian gift of limitless regeneration and proficiency in sorcery. It endows him with near-invulnerability, rendering him impervious to even the most potent critical attacks. Initially an elf wizard, Toublek’s transition into a reptilian being transpired during a disastrous experiment. Upon establishing control over Saurodoma Island, he engages in the abduction of individuals for experimental endeavors, motivated by the aspiration to return to his original elf form.

Tyrants Isle - Toublek

Navigating the Tyrants Isle

You don’t need to look for any portals in order to get onto Tyrants Isle. Find the hidden dungeon in the content region by navigating the game menu. After clicking on it to display the list of Hidden Dungeons, choose Tyrants Isle from Paola’s Dimension Circle. This small deed will take you into the mysterious depths of Tyrants Isle, where difficulties lie ahead.

Game Menu - Secret Dungeon

When you first enter this dark dungeon, two adversaries are always patrolling the area and looking out for newcomers. However, proceed with caution and fight the want to attack them immediately, as there is a hidden route that enables you to avoid these tough opponents and avoid any possible battles.

Start of Dungeon

Upon entering the dungeon, shift your gaze towards the right side, where steep rocks provide a climbable surface. Ascend using your morph ability. Once atop, proceed straight ahead without alerting the numerous enemies in this section. Successfully navigating this shortcut will position you at the center of the area, adjacent to a tent.

Shortcut for the First Area

The Reptilian Butcher

To advance to the next area, you must confront the Reptilian Butcher, who is holding the key to the left door. This formidable opponent can teleport behind enemies, catching them off guard to deliver a powerful blow. The adversary inflicts melee AOE (Area of Effect) damage by spinning with its two swords, posing a significant threat. Be prepared for a strategic and challenging encounter as you face the Reptilian Butcher in combat. Ensure not to alert the other foes in the area while engaging in this battle. Upon defeating this enemy, you will discover two Luminescent Corals you can interact with.

The Reptilian Butcher

As you proceed to the left side of the dungeon, you will encounter additional enemies roaming the area. You do not need to engage in combat with this particular enemy; instead, simply hug the wall to avoid alerting it and continue on your path without confrontation.

Tips: Hugging the wall to avoid enemies

Entering the left side door of the dungeon will evoke a terrifying sensation, as this section harbors numerous enemies to contend with. Fortunately, if you prefer to avoid confrontation with these adversaries, you can run past them, as your main objective is to glide down the cliff to proceed to the next area.

Gliding towards the next area

The Berserk Reptilian Executioner

Before advancing into the upcoming zone, be prepared to face the formidable Berserk Reptilian Executioner armed with a fearsome spear. This adversary presents a formidable challenge owing to its substantial HP pool. Its repertoire of attacks includes a direct assault involving leaping over its target, and it can summon an ally to join the fray. Notably, one of its powerful maneuvers consists of thrusting its spear into the ground, unleashing a swiftly moving wave of flames. To successfully evade this lethal attack, exercise precise timing in your movements, as the flame wave has the potential to result in an immediate defeat upon contact.

The Berserk Reptilian Executioner

One of the sailors who was abducted is being held in a cabin as you approach the next location on the right. It won’t be simple to free him, though, as opponents like the Soldier and the Berserk Reptilian Fighter will stand in your way as they try to foil your plans and shield the captured sailor.

Saving the Kidnapped Sailors

The Berserk Reptilian Gladiator

Proceeding ahead, you’ll find the next sailor positioned on the opposite end of this area. Nevertheless, rescuing him won’t be a simple task, as he is protected by the formidable Berserk Reptilian Gladiator. This adversary is equipped with a considerable HP pool, adding to the difficulty of overcoming it. The Gladiator employs skills such as a frontal strike directed at its opponent and an AOE (Area of Effect) attack, where it jumps and releases a shock wave upon landing.

The Berserk Reptilian Gladiator

You’ll need to use the Geyser to traverse the wall to get to the last boss. Approach it precisely so that you may make the crossover. Timing is everything in the Tyrants Isle dungeon, so pay close attention and precisely time your glides to advance.

Dungeon's Geyser

Locating Toublek

Upon skillfully navigating the final section, you will encounter the Toublek Totem. To initiate the arrival of the ultimate boss, one of your team members must break the totem. Once shattered, a portal will appear, leading to the spawning of Toublek, the ultimate adversary in the Tyrants Isle dungeon.

Located Toublek

Toublek’s Abilities

Toublek has five skills that are used during the battle, thus defeating it will need cooperation and a well-thought-out plan. Here are his powers to help you during the battle and help you defeat this tough enemy.

First Ability

Toublek’s initial ability is categorized as its basic attack, employing a massive staff to inflict substantial direct damage upon its foes. It is recommended to enlist a durable tank player capable of withstanding the attacks of Toublek effectively.

Toublek's First Ability

Second Ability

Toublek’s second ability involves a brief charge followed by a rapid spin with its staff, delivering a substantial amount of AOE (Area of Effect) damage upon impact, along with a knockback effect for its opponents. Timing your parry correctly will allow you to avoid taking damage and resist being affected by the knockback.

Toublek's Second Ability

Third Ability

Toublek’s third ability involves charging up its giant staff, emitting a blue glow, and then releasing a fiery attack from above onto certain players. The impact expands, dealing AOE (Area of Effect) damage upon landing. To evade this powerful attack, you can successfully dodge it by simply moving out of its area of effect. Stay alert and maintain good positioning to avoid taking damage.

Toublek's Third Ability

Fourth Ability

Toublek’s fourth ability involves sticking its staff into the ground, causing nearby geysers in the arena to start bubbling. Simultaneously, Toublek releases a powerful shockwave that deals significant AOE (Area of Effect) damage, especially if you’re on the ground. To evade this ability, as soon as Toublek initiates the attack, head towards the geyser that is bubbling. Stand there and wait for it to lift you, effectively avoiding the damage from the boss. After that, you can glide down to eliminate potential fall damage and maintain a strategic position in the battle against Toublek.

Toublek's Fourth Ability

Fifth Ability

Toublek’s fifth ability involves teleporting to the middle of the arena, pulling all players close to him, and transforming them into mice. Subsequently, Toublek unleashes a powerful shockwave, dealing substantial AOE (Area of Effect) damage. To avoid this ability, when Toublek pulls you closer, quickly locate the nearest blue flower in the arena. You’ll have approximately 3 seconds to reach the flower. As soon as you notice the shockwave approaching, dig down the ground to avoid taking damage. Once the shockwave subsides, promptly run towards the flower again to transform back into your original form. Failing to reach the flower in time will result in being consumed by Toublek.

Toublek's Fifth Ability

Tyrants Isle – Ruler of the Solitary Island Toublek Rewards

Having successfully defeated the Ruler of the Solitary Island, Toublek, within Tyrants Isle, you will not only receive the rewards outlined at the beginning of your journey but also an additional bonus—Exploration Codex Rewards. Prepare to enjoy the fruits of your triumph as you collect both the expected rewards and the extra spoils earned from conquering this challenging encounter.

Tyrants Isle Rewards

Tyrants Isle 6-man Dungeon Guide

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