Specters Abyss 6 Man Dungeon with the Heliber Boss Walkthrough

Step into the immersive world of Throne & Liberty, where epic adventures and mysterious realms await those bold enough to traverse the perilous landscapes. Among the myriad of challenges that test the mettle of intrepid players, Specters Abyss stands as a formidable entry-level proving ground. This initial dungeon on Paola’s Dimension Circle is brimming with a dark tale waiting to unfold, culminating in a high-stakes encounter with the menacing Heliber Boss.

Specters Abyss 6 Man Dungeon with the Heliber Boss Walkthrough

Your key to deciphering Specters Abyss’s mysteries and defeating the dangerous Heliber is our guide. Your comprehension of Throne & Liberty’s workings will be put to the test as you make your way through the maze-like passageways and battle the ghostly adversaries inside. Come along as we go through a thorough walkthrough, full of tactical expertise, vital advice, and strategic insights to make sure your party not only survives but flourishes in the face of the Heliber Boss and the difficulties ahead.

What is Specters Abyss?

Throne & Liberty has a secret dungeon called Specters Abyss. This old underground tomb was turned by Syleus into his laboratory, “Syleus’s Abyss,” and it contains riddles that still need to be solved. You will, however, have to grind your way to approximately Lv to begin this fascinating quest. 30, making sure you are suitably equipped for the fights ahead. To prepare you for the adventures that lie beyond its dark depths, this first dungeon is an essential first stop on your journey. It offers invaluable experience and challenging tasks.

Secret Dungeons - Specters Abyss

Who is Heliber?

In the maze-like passageways, teeming with monsters and immortals, Syleus made Heliber, his loyal disciple, and turned him into the lab’s protector. Heliber is a devoted follower who follows his master about the lab’s nooks and crannies, skillfully guiding intruders to their doom. The obstacles within are made more complex by the twisted allegiance between Syleus and Heliber, as players must traverse not only the physical threats but also the cunning plots hatched by this unholy partnership.

Guide of Abyss - Heliber

Navigating the Specters Abyss

Proceed to Vienta Village and enter the Vienta Sanctum to reach Specters Abyss. There, a crumbling stone gateway is waiting for you. Enter the portal straight to see the list of hidden dungeons; select Specters Abyss from the list of possibilities under Paola’s Dimension Circle. It will take you to the enigmatic depths of Specters Abyss, preparing you for the difficulties that await.

Vienta Sanctum

The Enchanted Arkeum Arbiter

Now that you’ve stepped inside, get ready for the real deal! I’d highly recommend bringing your buddies along for this adventure, especially if you’re still finding your footing. Once you’ve gone through that portal, you’ll face a bunch of tough Enchanted Arkeum Soldiers. Taking these guys down is your first big challenge, but be warned—they’re seriously tough cookies and might take a bit of time to defeat. Watch out for the attacks; they hit like a truck! So, play it smart and give it your best shot!

When the Enchanted Arkeum Arbiter appears, the first boss phase will soon start, so don’t settle in too much. This intimidating opponent resembles a soldier but is bigger, tougher, and more difficult to defeat. It releases an AOE spin strike that is charged and easily avoided, or it may be stopped by stunning the Arbiter.

The Elite Arkeum Shadowmancer

Once you’re through, head to the left, where another group of Enchanted Arkeum soldiers is waiting for your crew. After dealing with these soldiers, a new challenge emerges – the Enchanted Arkeum Wizards! Unlike the soldiers, these wizards are relatively easier to defeat. However, don’t get too comfortable, as the Elite Arkeum Shadowmancer is ready to avenge her allies.

The Shadowmancer packs a punch with strong area-of-effect (AOE) damage, making their attacks tricky to dodge. They’re a tough nut to crack, requiring time, skill, and mana to take down. Be sure to have a lot of stun to lock her up and parry its AOE damage as it deals a lot. The effort of defeating this boss pays off with a plethora of loot dropping for you and your crew to scoop up.

Elite Arkeum Shadowmancer

After defeating the Shadowmancer, you can choose either the left or right path beside the massive door. Be cautious, as both areas are still filled with soldiers and wizards. Brace yourself for a tough battle as you confront this beefed-up opponent in the depths of Specters Abyss. The good news is you don’t need to engage these guards. Your task is to visit each room and release the Barrier of Fire to the main room.

Enchanted Arkeum Arbiter

The Elite Arkeum Riot Squad Captain

After releasing the Barrier of Fire, enter the room on the right side. Once inside, be prepared to face numerous enemies, so stay vigilant! This is where you’ll encounter the Enchanted Arkeum Archer and the Elite Arkeum Riot Squad Captain. The Riot Squad Captain contains a ton of health, so it will probably take some time to be defeated. He has this one cone attack that he uses a lot, you’ll need to dodge it and burst him up. A good DPS and Stun will help you defeat this boss easily. Upon defeating the Captain, a treasure trove of loot awaits your crew to pick up and enjoy.

Elite Arkeum Riot Squad Captain

Locating Heliber

Once you’ve completed the previous steps, proceed to the next room, where a locked cage secured with chains awaits. Run through the cage and interact with it to release the Guide of Abyss, Heliber.

Locating Heliber Boss

Heliber’s Abilities

Heliber has three skills that are used during the fight, thus defeating him will need cooperation and a well-thought-out plan. Here are his powers to help you during the battle and help you defeat this tough enemy.

Heliber Boss

First Ability

Heliber’s first ability inflicts a substantial amount of damage upon contact. He initiates the attack by spinning his staff for a few seconds, then swiftly smashes it into the ground, creating a frontal electric-like wave assault with a considerable punch. Fortunately, you can easily evade the damage by moving out of its path.

Heliber First Ability

Second Ability

Heliber’s second ability is an AOE-targeted spell that can be blocked by pressing Q; stay vigilant and be ready to dodge this attack. This powerful ability flows from Heliber, affecting an area around him, making it crucial to time your block or dodge to mitigate the damage. Keep a close eye on his movements and be prepared to react swiftly to this formidable AOE assault.

Heliber Second Ability

Third Ability

Lastly, his third attack involves marking one player whom all others must stack on to absorb the damage dealt by his attack. Failure to stack in the circle results in being slowed down and unable to move until after the attack, leading to increased damage as it is not distributed among the stacked players. Employ coordinated tactics to overcome this formidable opponent and unlock the next chapter in your journey through the depths of Specters Abyss.

Heliber Third Ability

Specters Abyss – Guide of Abyss Heliber Rewards

Upon beating the Guide of Abyss, Heliber, you will receive the rewards outlined at the beginning of your journey into Specters Abyss, along with an additional bonus—Exploration Codex Rewards—for successfully defeating Heliber. Prepare to reap the fruits of your triumph as you collect both the anticipated rewards and the extra spoils earned from conquering this challenging encounter.

Defeating Heliber Rewards

Specters Abyss and Defeating Heliber Walkthrough


With the powerful Heliber Boss at its center, Throne & Liberty’s Specters Abyss offers a difficult and exhilarating journey. The game’s richness and captivating gameplay are demonstrated by the players’ need to maneuver through a variety of foes, break down obstacles, and tactically destroy bosses to earn valuable treasure and extra Rewards. Please let us know in the discord channel of our community if you found this post useful. Visit our site to view other Throne and Liberty tutorials!


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