Cursed Wasteland 6-Man Dungeon Walkthrough

The Cursed Wasteland. Here, we’ll go over everything and what it takes to get through the Cursed Wasteland dungeon featuring its main antagonist, Shaikal. Find out what you need and more!

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What Is The Cursed Wasteland?

The Cursed Wasteland is a dungeon realm in Throne and Liberty where players face a handful of enemies before they get to the main antagonists of the realm. The Watchers of the Walls and Shaikal, the main enemy of the dungeon. This dungeon occurs in a vast and dry desert where violent creatures and enemies infest the sands and stones. To enter this dungeon, you must reach lvl 50 in the game. Any lower and you will not be allowed to it on.

Who Is Shaikal?

Shaikal is a lvl 50 boss and the main enemy of the Cursed Wasteland dungeon. Known as the Frenzied Dark Elemental, Shaikal is a foe not many can survive. However, this does not mean that he cannot be defeated! Standing tall and bearing a horrifying face, this boss has the ability to harness the dark arts and its realm with devastating spells and attacks.


Important Notes

If you’ll notice on the way up to the boss fight, there are breaches and cracks on the ground emitting light. These breaches, once stepped on, deal damage and stun players which may leave them open for enemies to attack or pull. It is best to avoid these breaches to avoid danger.

ground breaches

Navigating The Cursed Wasteland

Once you enter the Cursed Wasteland dungeon, you are immediately transported to a desert area where you fight a handful of enemies before you get to the dungeon’s main boss, Shaikal. Among those enemies are the Watchers of the Walls.

desert area

From your spawn point, look at your map and you will notice the marked area of the whole dungeon. Here, you are to journey up the mountain and marked area of the dungeon. This is shown in the image below. Be prepared! You will face enemies and mobs but being in a 6-man group, it is no issue you can’t handle!

Once you’ve reached the top of the dungeon, you should have arrived at the first battle circle where you will face the Watcher of the First Wall before you proceed further. Ready your weapons!

battle arena

Watcher Of The First Wall – Blath

As you head up the mountain and towards the battle arena, you must first face and defeat the Watcher of the First Wall. A minotaur-like beast wielding a magic staff. This mini-boss mainly focuses on close combat attacks, however, it is important to note that this mini-boss is also capable of casting long-ranged and AOE spells that deal damage. Its abilities are easy to anticipate and dodge with the right timing.

watcher of the wall

Watcher of the First Wall list of abilities.

Minion Summoning
The Watcher of the First Wall is able to summon smaller minions that deal physical damage and distract the players. These minions are fairly easy to target and take down. It is suggested to split your teams where some players focus on the minions and some focus on the Watcher. The Watcher only summons up to one minion at a time.
Lightning Strike
The Watcher of the First Wall has the ability to call upon lightning using his spells. This ability is easy to avoid as blue spell circles appear on the ground indicating a lightning strike. Once you see these circles forming, run away immediately to avoid getting hit.
Pulling Ability
The Watcher summons a large dark magic circle that pulls players towards him to prepare for the next attack. This ability does not deal damage nor can it be dodged.
Stun Maze
After the Watcher pulls players towards him, the arena then is scattered with ground breaches that stun and damage players when stepped on forming a sort of maze. Quickly make your way outside of the arena to avoid the next attack.
Dark Mist
After the Watcher pulls and traps players in a Stun Maze, he then casts another circular AOE attack that slowly grows its way through the whole arena. If you are caught by this attack, you will take some damage. This attack can be fully avoided by making your way out of the Stun Maze and out of the battle arena before hand but you must be fast enough!
Large Lightning Strike
Like the other Lightning Strike attacks this mini-boss produces, the first Watcher unleashes a spell that forms multiple Lightning Strikes throughout the arena. This attack is easy to dodge as blue target points form on the ground indicating a strike. Jump or run away to avoid getting hit.

Watcher Of The Second Wall – Belrog

After defeating the Watcher of the First Wall in the Cursed Wasteland dungeon, you can now proceed to the next challenge. The Watcher of the Second Wall. After the first battle, proceed to the next area which should be marked on your map. It is shown in the image below.


Once you’ve reached the second watcher arena, you may now proceed with the battle. The Watcher of the Second Wall bears a resemblance to the First Watcher. Only this time, the beast is slightly larger and has purple fins on its back. This mini-boss mainly focuses on long-range magic attacks but is also fully capable of close combat.

watcher of the second wall

Watcher of the First Wall list of abilities.

Purple Orb
The Second Watcher targets a specific player and then blasts a purple orb towards them. This attack cannot be dodged as it locks onto the targetted player.
Purple Blast
This attack is completely dodgeable. The Second Watcher stands on his hind legs indicating a blast.
Pulling Ability
The Cursed Wasteland’s Second Watcher of the Wall calls upon a black mist that pulls players towards him to prepare for the upcoming attack. This ability does not deal damage.
Death Box
After pulling his enemies towards him, the Second Watcher of the Wall then traps them in a devastating attack using Stun Breaches on the ground shaped into a box keeping players from jumping or running out of the AOE attack. To avoid this attack, players must interact with the Stun Breaches blocking their way by pressing “F“. This will disable the Stun Breaches and allow players to pass. However, keep in mind, that if you fail to escape the Stun Breaches and you are caught, you will get damaged and die.

After you’ve defeated the two Watchers, it’s time for the main event of the dungeon. Shaikal the Frenzied Dark Elemental.

Shaikal Abilities

First Ability

One of the more areal attacks Shaikal can do is a large circle of dark mist that damages players once it hits. This attack is completely avoidable through blocking. Once you see the purple circle forming, prepare to block and the attack’s damage should be negated.

circle attack
circle attack 2

Second Ability

This attack is similar to the game “Hot Potato“. It works the same as the fun game. This attack targets the farthest player from the boss. If you are tagged with the red orb floating above your head, it means an attack is coming. Run away from your group and wait until the red orb disappears. This means that this attack is about to form a damaging red vortex ability. Once the red orb above your head disappears, run away quickly to avoid getting damaged. Take it as ‘dumping’ the red vortex away from your mates.

red orb attack
red orb attack 2

Third Ability

This third and final ability is a bit more tricky. Similar to the red vortex ability, a purple orb will appear above a random player’s head. Once the purple orb disappears, this means that the next AOE attack is about to form which is a purple haze where Shaikal releases a long string of dark mist in the direction of the marked player. This attack can be fully avoided by immediately running clockwise or counterclockwise in Morph form, however, this means that players should carefully watch Shaikal to anticipate where to run.

purple haze 1
purple haze 2

Cursed Wasteland – Shaikal Rewards

After defeating Shaikal, players then receive the following items.

shaikal rewards

Cursed Wasteland Walkthrough


Defeating such a foe as Shaikal, the Frenzied Dark elemental, is a massive feat to achieve! With our complete walkthrough and guide to this powerful beast, you are surely set to write your name with the legends! However, keep in mind, don’t get too confident. Danger lurks among the corners!

We hope this guide to the Cursed Wasteland helped you through your dungeon journey! For more awesome stuff like this, join our official discord channel or stick around our official Throne and Liberty homepage where you’ll find complete guides, walkthroughs, and more. Until next time, warriors!


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