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Featuring the Giant Ant Commander, finish this challenge quickly with our Complete Guide on how to defeat Taedal’s Tower Floor 8.

Taedals Tower Floor 8 – The Enemy

The Giant Ant Commander is an enemy that is able to move swiftly to attack the player in close-range combat, which is a little bit tricky when it comes to fighting it because it can also launch toxic sludge bombs as projectiles, summon spiderlings and it can create a large toxic cloud that gradually poisons the player. Players would need to always be on their feet and on the move if they ever want to defeat this enemy.

Taedals Tower Floor 8 Poisons, Explosions, And Detox Herbs

Taedals Tower Floor 8 -Attacks

The Giant Ant Commander can summon spiderlings that explode when it comes into contact with your character. So be sure to kill it first before it reaches you or if you prefer running away, that works too.

ant image 1

When it comes to mobility, the Giant Ant Commander is speedy and will use headbutts as its primary source of damage. Be swift and always on your feet in order for you to dodge the incoming attacks!

attack 1

It can also expel toxic gas that will poison your character. Receiving damage from this will deplete your health. Good thing there are Detox plants that will spawn around the arena for you to use and counter the poison effects.

poison 1
detox herb

This enemy can also launch projectiles of sludge bombs toward the player, as previously said, there will be lots of dodging happening in this level of the tower!


Overall, fighting in close or ranged combat is effective when fighting the Giant Ant Commander. Ranged combat is highly recommended if you want to avoid getting hit by the Ant Commander’s Headbutts and Basic attacks along with getting damaged by the spiderling’s explosions.

Taedals Tower Floor 8 – Armor And Weapons

To battle the Giant Ant Commander, players are highly recommended to use higher defense armor as well as high-damage ranged weapons. The enemy is quite swift in charging at your character as well as throwing projectiles as its main damage output. Keeping on your feet would mean that you need to constantly inflict damage on the enemy to make up for the large distance. Attached below is the set of armor and weapons we used in MMO Wiki to defeat the Giant Ant Commander.


Taedals Tower Floor 8 – Best Way To Defeat The Giant Ant Commander

The overall best way to defeat the Giant Ant Commander is to remain distant and fire steady ranged attacks to make up for the large distance between the player and the boss. The Giant Ant Commander focuses on AOE Damage, Ranged, and Close Combat. So what better way to defeat it? Be light on your feet, be agile, and be aggressive. Close and ranged combat against the Giant Ant Commander can be difficult as the players have to keep on dodging while also inflicting continuous damage on the enemy.

Taedals Tower Floor 8 – Skills

Players can use their preferred builds and skills depending on their likeness and play style or follow the build and skill set shown below in the given image.


Taedals Tower Floor 8 – Rewards

Defeating the Giant Ant Commander yields 10,829 gold as well as the following items listed below.

Quality Weapon GrowthstoneA weapon growth material. It is used for Uncommon weapon enchantment.
Quality Armor GrowthstoneAn armor growth material. It is used for Uncommon armor enchantment.
Quality Accessory GrowthstoneAn accessory growth material. It is used for Uncommon accessory enchantment.
Recovery CrystalA crystal that contains the energy of life. Instantly restores health when used.

We hope you found this article helpful in your battle with the Giant Ant Commander. For more guides on the Taedals Tower and all its floors and bosses, be sure to stick around on our official Throne and Liberty Homepage! Join our official Discord Channel and be the first to hear about any new releases, articles, and guides.


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