Taedals Tower Floor 18 – Swirling Firestorm Guide

Embark on an exciting adventure through the demanding Taedals Tower Floor 18 – Swirling Firestorm in Throne and Liberty with the aid of this in-depth guide. Engage in intense battles against the formidable Exploding Flame Desert Wizard and discover practical strategies to conquer its daunting abilities. Join us in uncovering the mysteries of this floor, empowering players to overcome challenges and earn valuable rewards within Taedals Tower Floor 18.

Locating the Taedals Tower Floor 18

To uncover Taedals Tower Floor 18, first, locate Ashien’s Strange Portrait within Laslan at the Starlight Observatory Ruins. Interact with the frame you find and open the menu for Taedals Tower Floor 18. You can then choose any floor you desire, but be aware that entering these floors requires a significant character level.

Taedals Tower Floor 18 Location

Taedals Tower Floor 18 – Boss

Introducing the boss of Taedals Tower Floor 18, the Exploding Flame Desert Wizard—a captivating being with eyes ablaze, yearning to ensnare you with their fiery allure. Her expertise lies in unleashing fiery attacks on those who dare to oppose her. This formidable adversary demonstrates a diverse array of abilities, including hurling fiery projectiles and unleashing ground-shaking attacks.

Taedals Tower Floor 18 Boss - The Exploding Flame Desert Wizard

Fighting The Exploding Flame Desert Wizard

Players face a great task when they take on the powerful Exploding Flame Desert Wizard. Because of the boss’s potent damage, it’s important to remember that you need to be at least level 43 to access Taedals Tower Floor 18. Advanced weapons, armor, and talents are needed to succeed in this confrontation. Stepping into the floor, you will find the Exploding Flame Desert Wizard standing in the middle of the arena, patiently waiting for you to arrive and prepared for a duel of cunning and might.

First Ability

The Exploding Flame Desert Wizard’s first ability operates like her passive. When you come face-to-face with her in the arena, you’ll witness a continuous dance of flames, forming a tornado. This skill empowers you to leap to greater heights as you approach it. Understanding and harnessing this ability is crucial, as it can significantly aid you in dodging one of her potent attacks later on.

The Exploding Flame Desert Wizard First Ability

Second Ability

The Exploding Flame Desert Wizard showcases its second ability with a simple yet powerful maneuver—launching a fireball from her hands directly at her opponent. It puts players in a challenging position as they attempt to evade the relentless attack. However, don’t worry; you can parry this ability when she unleashes it against you.

The Exploding Flame Desert Wizard Second Ability

Third Ability

The Exploding Flame Desert Wizard’s third ability is similar to its basic attack. She briefly charges up her attack, then launches a fireball from her hands straight at her opponent, dealing significant damage and knocking them back. Dodging this ability is impossible, as the attack tracks its target, but you can either parry it or use a shield skill to block both the damage and the knockback.

The Exploding Flame Desert Wizard Third Ability

Fourth Ability

The Exploding Flame Desert Wizard’s fourth ability involves her dashing backward to prepare for an attack. During this backward dash, she smashes the ground with her hand, releasing a line of fire that extends to the edge of the arena and expands into five lines of flames. Afterward, she recharges and smashes the ground once again, generating a much stronger line of fire with a shorter range, still expanding through five lines of flames. Dodging this skill can be easy, as you will know when she is about to use it. Make sure to keep moving continuously when attacking.

The Exploding Flame Desert Wizard Fourth Ability

Fifth Ability

The Exploding Flame Desert Wizard’s fifth ability involves her teleporting to the center of the arena, where she charges for a short period. During this charging phase, a massive fireball appears above her. She then smashes the fireball into the ground, dealing a substantial amount of AOE damage. The impact creates a lava-like ground that inflicts damage over time (DPS) to those standing on it, diminishing over time. Fortunately, there’s a blind spot behind her that this ability does not cover. To dodge this attack, utilize her first ability—the fire tornado continuously moving in the arena. When you see her teleport to the center, quickly run towards the tornado to jump higher and head straight to her blind spot.

The Exploding Flame Desert Wizard Fifth Ability

Tips on Defeating The Exploding Flame Desert Wizard

Using ranged strikes to do damage from a safer distance is the recommended strategy to fight the Exploding Flame Desert Wizard. Make improving your character’s mobility a top priority because you may avoid several of the boss’s high-damage skills by moving quickly and keeping your distance from her. You may gain a lot of advantages by using the game’s Morph system, which allows for quicker mobility and can help you avoid several of her attacks, particularly her fifth one. Use her initial ability to jump higher, then swiftly change into a bird to fly to her blind area. To lessen the effect of her assaults, make sure you have a talent that enables you to avoid damage as well.


You may select and hone your favored talents on the battlefield as you prepare for each engagement. Enjoy the option to rely on your talents or take inspiration from our suggested abilities that have worked well against this challenging opponent, just like any committed player hoping to defeat the Exploding Flame Desert Wizard. Combining your playstyle with tried-and-true tactics will be the key to success.

Recommended Skills

Weapons and Armor

Confronting the Exploding Flame Desert Wizard poses a challenge for many players. Upgrading your armor and weapons as much as possible will give you a smoother fight against this boss. Feel free to consider the specific weapons and armor recommendations we provided below for an extra edge in your battle.

Recommended Weapons and Armor


After successfully defeating this boss, players are in for a substantial reward—24,364 gold. On top of that, they’ll also acquire some growth stones and a Quality Recovery Crystal, which can prove beneficial in future battles.

Taedals Tower Floor 18 Rewards

Taedals Tower Floor 18 – Swirling Firestorm Guide

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We hope you have enjoyed our guide on Taedals Tower Floor 18. By offering strategic insights for overcoming the terrifying Exploding Flame Desert Wizard, the guide enhances players’ ability to navigate this horrifying challenge. The triumphant acquisition of valuable rewards becomes a testament to their skill and determination in conquering the complexities of Taedals Tower Floor 18. If you found this article helpful, let us know in our community’s discord. Check out more guides for Throne and Liberty on our homepage!


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