Taedals Tower Floor 20 – Revenge and Resurrection Guide

Come along for a thrilling journey as we uncover the mysteries of Floor 20 of Taedals Tower. We will successfully negotiate the difficulties of scaling new heights in this imposing edifice with the help of this comprehensive guidance. Taedals Tower is well-known for its solo gameplay, which spans several levels and offers unique obstacles, prizes, and milestones on each. Join us as we explore the mysteries of Taedals Tower Floor 20, learning the necessary techniques and methods to improve your game experience while facing its intimidating boss.

Locating the Taedals Tower Floor 20

Taedals Tower provides a multi-story, solitary adventure with challenges for distinct victories and prizes on each level. Discover Ashien’s Strange Portrait in Laslan in the Starlight Observatory Ruins to go to Taedals Tower Floor 20. Engage with the uncovered frame to view the Taedals Tower Floor 20 menu. Although you are free to choose any floor at this point, you must understand that accessing these levels requires a high character level.

Taedals Tower Floor 20 Location

Taedals Tower Floor 20 – Boss

Meet the formidable boss of Taedals Tower Floor 20, the Revenger Skeleton Commander—a vigorous warrior seeking revenge for his allies. This boss unleashes its full power as soon as you engage in battle. Wielding a massive sword, this intimidating boss excels in advancing toward its enemies, dealing significant damage with powerful strikes.

Taedals Tower Floor 20 Boss - Revenger Skeleton Commander

Fighting The Revenger Skeleton Commander

Some players find it extremely difficult to battle the powerful monster, the Revenger Skeleton Commander. It is important to remember that you must be at least 45 to enter this floor since the boss deals a lot of damage and you will need to use powerful armor, weapons, and abilities to take him down. At the center of the arena, quietly anticipating your arrival and prepared for a confrontation of power and cunning, stands the Revenger Skeleton Commander as you approach Taedals Tower Floor 20.

First Ability

The first ability of the Revenger Skeleton Commander is a passive talent. He deftly calls upon his comrade, the Tower Skeleton Soldier, in response to an attack, to provide him further assistance in the continuing conflict with his adversary. Even though these warriors are extremely difficult to beat, with the right technique, they may be overcome really easily.

Revenger Skeleton Commander's First Ability

Second Ability

In its second ability, the Revenger Skeleton Commander sprints toward his enemy and swings his massive sword, dealing a significant amount of damage upon impact. This ability serves as his basic attack. Dodging this attack can be relatively easy since it takes time for him to execute due to the weight of his sword. While you can outrun this ability, be cautious as he relentlessly pursues you to deliver his powerful blow.

Revenger Skeleton Commander's Second Ability

Third Ability

The third ability of the Revenger Skeleton Commander is where things get serious. He initiates the ability by charging himself up; following the completion of the charge, he unleashes a massive fire wave that deals a significant amount of area-of-effect (AOE) damage to those in the vicinity. This ability also induces crowd control (CC), knocking back his enemies, especially during close-quarters combat. While you cannot outrun this ability, you can employ shield skills to avoid taking damage and prevent being knocked back.

Revenger Skeleton Commander's Third Ability

Fourth Ability

The Revenger Skeleton Commander’s fourth ability involves him utilizing his sword. He starts by wielding his sword overhead, then unleashes a spell that causes a small area of the ground to ignite in flames. This ability inflicts substantial damage over time (DPS), particularly if you step into the fiery area. Dodging this ability is straightforward; simply maintain a safe distance from him and maneuver around the affected ground area.

Revenger Skeleton Commander's Fourth Ability

Fifth Ability

In the Revenger Skeleton Commander’s fifth ability, he takes a moment to charge himself up once more. After this quick charge, he propels himself forward, aiming directly at his enemy. Upon landing, a colossal wave of fire erupts, causing substantial area-of-effect (AOE) damage to anyone nearby, much like his third ability. Although you can’t outrun this move, you have the option to employ shield skills, effectively sidestepping damage and avoiding being knocked back.

Revenger Skeleton Commander's Fifth Ability

Sixth Ability

The Revenger Skeleton Commander’s abilities don’t stop at five; he possesses a special skill, which could be considered his sixth ability. When his health reaches zero, the Revenger Skeleton Commander floats above the ground, regaining his full health. He then charges at you once again with his formidable abilities. However, don’t worry; he can only use this ability once, so you won’t need to face him three times.

Revenger Skeleton Commander's Sixth Ability

Tips on Defeating The Revenger Skeleton Commander

It’s best to use ranged strikes to inflict damage from a safer distance to destroy the Revenger Skeleton Commander. Make improving your character’s mobility a top priority because you may avoid several of the boss’s high-damage abilities by moving quickly and keeping your distance from him. Since most of his strikes cannot be avoided or parried, make sure to have a talent that lets you avoid damage. Last, but not least, make sure you have enough healing potions on hand because many of the Revenger Skeleton Commander’s powers are difficult to avoid because they span a large area. Possessing an adequate amount of health potions guarantees long-term survival and raises your chances of taking down the boss.


Prepare for every confrontation as the battleground serves as your training ground for your best moves. The key to success is combining your unique playstyle with tried-and-true tactics, whether you’re an enthusiastic player looking to defeat the Revenger Skeleton Commander or you’re looking for inspiration from our suggested talents that have proven beneficial against this formidable enemy.

Recommended Skills

Weapons and Armor

Facing the challenge presented by Revenger Skeleton Commander proves to be a formidable task for many players. Enhancing your armor and weapons to their maximum potential can significantly ease your confrontation with this boss. Take advantage of the weapon and armor suggestions below for an additional advantage in your battle.

Recommended Weapons and Armor


Upon vanquishing the Nightmare Conductor and completing the Taedals Tower Floor 20, players are rewarded with an impressive sum of 27,071 gold. Accompanying these riches are valuable growth stones, a Fierce Tyger, and a Quality Recovery Crystal, all of which prove advantageous in upcoming battles.

Taedals Tower Floor 20 Rewards

Taedals Tower Floor 20 – Revenge and Resurrection Guide

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With any luck, our guide to Taedals Tower Floor 20 has been enjoyable. Players are better able to handle this terrible task since the guide provides strategic ideas for defeating the terrifying Revenger Skeleton Commander. The victorious acquisition of significant awards serves as evidence of their ability and tenacity in overcoming Taedals Tower Floor 20 challenges. Please let us know in our community’s discord if this article was useful to you. Visit our site to view other guides for Throne and Liberty!


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