orc language

Orc Language

In the vast expanse of Fonos Basin lies a perplexing riddle: the unintelligible speech of an orc captive has left the guards at Fonos Basin bewildered. This article we’ll delve to uncover the secrets of orc language, helping the researcher to recover the pages and decipher the mysterious word that the orc been saying.

orc language

Upon arriving at the Fonos Basin you’ll talk to the guard, as the conversation goes they have captured a suspicious orc near the post, but they cant understand its language. The orc is locked up in the prison south of the Watcher’s post. A scholar who studies orc is in charge of his interrogation. As you hear the detail you go to the prison to check out the Orc language.

talk to sentinel

Meeting the Fonos Orc Researcher

Going to the Watcher’s Post Prison, you encounter the Fonos Orc Researcher, who is trying to decypher something. The researcher shares that the orc utter a word, “krurukakak,” leaving him baffled by the orc language. “If only I could get my lost orcish research notes back.” he uttered. He lose them in he Fonos Basin, asking if you could go look for them.

lost pages

Recovering Lost Research Notes

Your quest is to recover the orc text scatter across the Fonos Basin. You will navigate various locations, from orc shed to huts, collecting up to five pages of orc text.

lost pages

Location of the Orc Text

We will be collecting orc text scatter in the Fonos Basin. Our goal is to collect all 5 Orc text, don’t worry as these text respawn in to location you picked this up, so if you return to some location you can still able to pick it up again. Here are some locations you’ll be visiting to collect orc text and this list is not in order you can start in each place or location you want.


First Location

You can see the first location near the Orc Hut.

first location

Second Location

The second location of the notes is not far from the first note, walk south east and you will see the orc text besides the mineral ore.

second location

Third Location

You can see the orc text near the orc shed.

third location

Fourth and Fifth Location.

The location of the fourth and fifth is near cliff.

fourth location

Note: In this part of the quest, you might need some companions to take the attention of the mobs while you collect the notes.

Retrieving the Lost Orcish Research Notes

Return to the Fonos Orc Researcher and give the missing pages. Witness how the Researcher will unfold the meaning of the phrases “Krurukakak”.

being back

Deciphering the Orc Language

After giving the orc text to the researcher, he immediately search the meaning of the word. It is an idiom meaning “Why would I tell you that. If you give me lamb, I’ll tell you the truth? ” now the research will be needing to feed the orc with some lamb to make him talk. the researcher now will talk to his superior to report this. The researcher leaves as he thanks you for your hard work.


The Orc language was a quest where are perseverance and strategy are being used from retrieving the notes on the fonos basin, and deciphering the words of an orc to get information. Our journey into the realm of orc language has unveiled secrets hidden within the dialect, showcasing the power of collaboration and curiosity in unraveling the unknown.


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orc language

Orc Language

In this article we’ll delve to uncover the secrets of orc language, helping the researcher to recover the pages and decipher the mysterious word that the orc been saying.

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