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Hello, courageous explorer! Get ready for an exhilarating solo expedition within Throne and Liberty’s Taedal’s Tower Floor 3. Here, you’ll aid a Lost Adventurer in battling diverse Zombies. To ensure a successful venture through this floor, delve into our Screams and a Healing Song Guide. It provides comprehensive insights into the tower, the enemy’s strategies, attacks, and invaluable tips we’re eager to impart to enhance your journey!

Additionally, you can watch this video showcasing a gameplay of the Screams and a Healing Song in Taedal’s Tower Floor 3.

Taedal’s Tower

Taedal’s Tower consists of multiple floors, each floor presenting unique challenges or foes, rewarding special achievements upon completion. Access to each succeeding floor is granted only after finishing the preceding one.

How to Enter Taedal’s Tower

Locate Ashien’s Strange Portrait in Laslan – Starlight Observatory Ruins. Press ‘F’ to access the Main Menu – Secret Dungeon. Choose your desired floor (in this guide, Floor 3), then click ‘Enter’ on the lower right corner of the screen to teleport directly to the selected floor within Taedal’s Tower.

Floor 3 – Screams and a Healing Song



  • Quality Weapon Growthstone
  • Quality Armor Growthstone
  • Quality Accessory Growthstone
  • Recovery Crystals
  • 4,061 Coins
Screams and a Healing Song


On Floor 3, there are two types of Zombies. First, four Starving Zombies will appear separately, one after another. Once you defeat all four, a larger Starving Giant Zombie will emerge. After defeating the giant zombie, one final Starving Zombie will spawn.

Starving Zombie

The Starving Zombie is straightforward and only moves towards you attacking upon physical contact.

Starving Zombie

Starving Giant Zombie

The Starving Giant Zombie has stronger and more varied and ranged abilities compared to the regular Starving Zombie.

  • The Starving Giant Zombie launches spit-like projectiles from its mouth from a distance.
  • The Starving Giant Zombie also shoots blood-like projectiles that track the player for a certain duration.
  • The Starving Giant Zombie smashes both hands into the ground, causing lethal damage to enemies directly in front of it. The attack’s area is indicated by long rectangular floor cracks.

Defeating the Zombies

Please focus on the Mechanics/Attacks of the various Zombies described in the Screams and a Healing Song Challenge mentioned earlier.

The Regular Starving Zombies do not attack unless they have reached the player. Therefore, you can eliminate the Zombie with a long-range attack before it reaches and lands a blow on you.

The Starving Giant Zombie doesn’t move from the point where it spawned. It solely employs long-range attacks to strike you from a distance. Consequently, you can effectively counter this Zombie by launching long-range attacks yourself and moving swiftly and strategically to evade its assaults. During its last few attacks, the Ground Pound, the attack’s area is indicated by long rectangular floor cracks as mentioned earlier. This serves as a signal for players to move away from it to avoid sustaining heavy damage.

Considering these aspects, you can equip long-ranged equipment (i.e., Longbow or Wand) or spells and move swiftly to dodge all the enemies attacks.

Screams and a Healing Song


Before stepping into the fray and aiding the lost adventurer in the harrowing battle against various Zombies in the Screams and a Healing Song Floor 3 Challenge, you have the opportunity to fine-tune and optimize your skills. The Zombies manifest only upon entering the circle where the Lost Adventurer stands. 

Here are some suggested builds and skills that were used in the fight against the Starving Zombies: Touch of Despair, Curse Explosion, Corrupted Magic Circle, Ensnaring Arrow, Zephyr’s Nock, Cursed Nightmare, Clay’s Salvation, Swift Healing, Karmic Haze, Deadly Marker, Strafing, Decisive Sniping, and Chaotic Shield. You can also refer to the image below for the specific Equipment Skills we utilized in our gameplay.

Skills in Throne and Liberty

What Happens When You Die?

When you die during the challenge inside the Taedal’s Tower you have two options:

  • Resurrect inside the dungeon
  • Resurrect outside the dungeon

Each time you die and resurrect the content will reset and your HP/MP will be fully restored.

All the essential information about Taedal’s Floor 3 and the Screams and a Healing Song has been provided equipping you with everything necessary to overcome this level. Also, remember to check out our guide for Taedal’s Floor 2 in case you haven’t finished it yet.

For more information about this game, please visit our Throne and Liberty Homepage. Join our Community Discord as well for extra guides, updates, and announcements.


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