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Taedals Tower Floor 9 features its main boss, the Dancing Giant Butcher. Below we will go over what you will need to do to defeat this boss.

taedals tower floor 9 screen

Taedals Tower Floor 9 – The Enemy

The Dancing Giant Butcher is an incredibly agile and quick boss to battle. This would mean that he doesn’t stay in one area for a long period of time, requiring you to constantly be on the move. This boss wields ranged throwing daggers as his main attack.

Taedal Tower Floor 9 – Attacks

The Dancing Giant Butcher is a tall and agile foe that mainly focuses on ranged combat. Weidling twin daggers, this boss attacks by throwing his daggers directly at the player dealing decent damage.

enemy attacks via daggers

Aside from his basic attack, this boss is also able to use a dash teleportation ability to close the gap between him and the players that may overwhelm them and catch them off guard. Sometimes, when the Dancing Giant Butcher teleports, he appears behind the players and proceeds to attack.

teleportation ability

The Dancing Giant Butcher is so agile that he is also able to unleash a flurry of knives to the player which hinders movements and deals significant damage. If you’d like to avoid this, it is best to keep moving to avoid being caught by the attack.

flurry attack

Taedals Tower Floor 9 – Best Way To Defeat The Dancing Giant Butcher

For this boss, it is recommended that players keep their guards up and keep moving. This boss is agile and quick with his attacks so to avoid being caught by his attacks, keep your defense up and keep moving while continuing to attack him. Patience and precision are needed when fighting the Dancing Giant Butcher.

Taedals Tower Floor 9 – Armor And Weapons

Facing this boss head-on is a challenge for everyone. For this floor, players can use any build they prefer. Make sure to upgrade your armor and weapons in preparation for this floor. We have provided a build players can use or take reference from below.


Taedals Tower Floor 9 – Skills

Below is a build players can use or take reference from. It is always suggested to use a build you are comfortable with.

skill set

Taedals Tower Floor 9 – Rewards

Players can receive an amount of 12,182 gold as well as other rewards listed below.

Rare Weapon GrowthstoneA weapon growth material. It is used for Rare weapon enchantment.
Rare Armor GrowthstoneAn armor growth material. It is used for Rare armor enchantment.
Rare Accessory GrowthstoneAn accessory growth material. It is used for Rare accessory enchantment.
Recovery CrystalA crystal that contains the energy of life. Instantly restores health when used.

We hope you found this article helpful in your battle with the Dancing Giant Butcher. For more guides on the Taedals Tower and all its floors and bosses, be sure to stick around on our official Throne and Liberty Homepage! Join our official Discord Channel and be the first to hear about any new releases, articles, and guides.


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