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Taedals Tower Floor 1 is a battle level in Throne and Liberty featuring the devastating Charging Gatekeeper. If you’d like to swiftly get passed this level, stay tuned for more on the enemy, suggested skills, and more.

taedals tower floor 1

Taedals Tower Floor 1 – The Enemy

Before we get into anything specific, we must discuss the enemy to face in Taedals Tower Floor 1. The Charging Gatekeeper or the Chief Orc Gatekeeper.

orc gatekeeper


With its large stature and heavy armor, the Charging Gatekeeper’s attacks are naturally slow and yet devastating. Players can easily dodge the Gatekeeper’s attacks and see them coming from a mile away. However, the Gatekeeper’s attacks aren’t as weak as it seems. As players battle the beast, the Gatekeeper unleashes more and more attacks such as a Charging Attack where, when hit, players are damaged and stunned for 10 seconds.

Although this boss is slow, its attacks and damage are not to be trifled with! Keep in mind, it is a BOSS you’re up against! Keep your wits, strategies, and weapons sharp at all times.

Best Way To Defeat The Gatekeeper

Since Taedals Tower Floor 1 boss is slow, large, and prefers to use close-range weapons, keeping your distance is the best way to go about it in battle. Using a Bow, Crossbow, or any ranged weapons or spells is the best way to get past Floor 1. It is also best to make sure that the Gatekeeper doesn’t hit you during its charging attacks and stuns as it will leave you wide open for 10 seconds or more. Keeping your distance and running around the Orc Gatekeeper gives players a bigger advantage in terms of practicality and battle. Just move away, dodge, and shoot, and not long after, the Gatekeeper will be defeated.

orc chief


Featured in the image below is the exact build we used in our own gameplay footage against the Charging Gatekeeper. This build ensured a swift match against the giant foe but any preferred build is also usable for the match-up.


If you’d like a better look into the battle against the Charging Gatekeeper, check out our video in Taedals Tower Floor 1 Boss – The Charging Gatekeeper.

We hope you found this article helpful for your battle with the Charging Gatekeeper. For more guides on the Taedals Tower and all its floors and bosses, be sure to stick around on our official Throne and Liberty Homepage! Join our official Discord Channel and be the first to hear about any new releases, articles, and guides.


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