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Taedals Tower Floor 5 is where players now face the 5th foe of the towers—the Rusted Armor Warrior. Here we will go over what it takes to defeat the rusted armor warrior and collect its spoils!

taedals tower floor 5 - warrior

Taedals Tower Floor 5 – The Enemy

Before we begin, it is important to study the Rusted Armor Warrior first and what it’s highly capable of. The Rusted Armor Warrior is tall and lean, unlike the previous enemies in Taedal’s Tower. This means that this enemy isn’t something to easily dodge or run away from. It is highly suggested that from the start, keep a long distance from you and the boss to avoid complications in close combat. This boss mainly focuses on close-range combat and AOE damage.


The Rusted Armor Warrior stands tall with a speed that is neither slow nor fast and he wields a long sword for his attacks. With this, players can expect that this boss’s reach is longer than most. This boss uses sweeping-type attacks as well as areal damage and is weak against ranged and magic combat.

ranged attacks

If you are more of a close combat player, close combat is also an option to use against the Rusted Armor warrior in the Taedals Tower Floor 5, however, just be sure to be agile enough to dodge its attacks and use openings to attack back. Fight the boss head on but be light and quick on your feet, warrior!

close ranged attacks - jumps to the player

This boss also has long-range attacks, although they can be easily anticipated and dodged by looking at its animations. If you’d rather not watch the movements of your enemy, just be sure to be far from the Rusted Armor Warrior to avoid its long-ranged and devastating attacks.

long ranged attacks

Amor And Weapons

Using high-defense armor is great against the Rusted Armor Warrior as it deals enough chip damage away at the player. With high defense, the damage players take is significantly lowered. As for weapons, it is best to use Magic-type weapons or Ranged weapons such as Bows or Crossbows. The Rusted Armor Warrior is tall and lanky but this enemy uses a long sword giving him more reach with his wide sweep attacks. Keeping your distance against an enemy like this is the best way to fight.


In the photo above is the set of armor, items, as well as weapons we used in our battle against the Rusted Armor Warrior. However, players can use whatever they would prefer against the foe.

Best Way To Defeat The Rusted Armor Warrior

As mentioned in the Armor and Weapons portion, it is best to keep your distance and use more ranged weapons or magic. The Rusted Armor warrior does indeed jump to the player but the damage isn’t as bad as its normal and basic attacks. Keeping your distance from a warrior with such a long reach is the best way to fight and get through Taedal’s Tower Floor 5. Make sure that there is a large gap between you and Taedal’s Tower Floor 5 boss to avoid lethal damage over time.

ranged magic


Players can use their preferred builds and skills depending on their likeness and play style or they can follow the build and skill set shown below in the given image.



Upon defeat, the 5th Floor of Taedal’s Tower will give players a total of 6,768 gold but aside from currency, the following are the additional rewards to be received.

Crafty Joker An Amitoi summon stone. Can obtain the designated Amitoi.
Quality Weapon Growthstone A weapon growth material. It is used for Uncommon weapon enchantment.
Quality Armor Growthstone An armor growth material. It is used for Uncommon armor enchantment.
Quality Accessory Growthstone An accessory growth material. It is used for Uncommon accessory enchantment.
Recovery CrystalA crystal that contains the energy of life. Instantly restores health when used.

We hope you found this article helpful for your battle with the Rusted Armor Warrior. For more guides on the Taedals Tower and all its floors and bosses, be sure to stick around on our official Throne and Liberty Homepage! Join our official Discord Channel and be the first to hear about any new releases, articles, and guides.


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