Sacred Pledge of Blood: How to Defeat the Vampire Leonardas

Prepare for an exciting adventure as we delve into the aftermath of the Sacred Pledge of Blood, as the new quests emerge, leading to confront the vampire Leonardas. This article will delve into finding and confronting the vampire guided by the guardian’s pledge


Navigating the Temple of Sylabeth

Walk into the Temple of Sylaveth, where you can see a ghost pointing somewhere, whispering directions that can help track down Ezekiel.

confronting leonardas

A Heartfelt Encounter

As you enter the Temple, you will see a memory Fragment awaits where Ezekiel is mourning for the loss of his beloved wife Scarla.

Unlocking the Door: Walk into the Memory Sign, touch the Guardian’s Pledge, and unlock the door before you, leading you deeper into the unfolding adventure.

mourning ezekiel

Confronting Scarla’s Soul

Locked in with Scarla’s soul, three options unfold:

  1. Stare back
  2. Let me explain the situation…
  3. Show her Ezekiel’s Guardian’s Pledge

Choosing the third option is the correct response. Opting for the first choice, “stare back,” results in no significant outcome. However, if you select the second option, it leads to the third choice, wherein the Guardian’s Pledge is revealed to Scarla Ghost. After presenting the pledge to Scarla, she will then guide you through the path and obstacles necessary to obtain the artifact’s pledge having 20 sec to look for the obstacles.

Scarla ghost

after looking you will talk again in scarla she will point at the memory sign outside you need to activate the memory sign to get out and activate again the another memory sign outside.

memory sign

Piton Climbing and the Pledge Artifact

To access the pledge artifact, players venture outside activating the memory sign to reset the time , using a piton and skills to ascend the temple’s heights.

obstacles piton

Unlocking the Hall of Oaths: Energy-Infused Revelation

Discover the Energy-Infused Necklace, a key to the Hall of Oaths. Activate a Memory Sign to witness a fragment of Ezekiel’s life. Return to the Memory Sign, claim the Energy-Infused Sword, and the door in the corner beside you open.

hall of oath

Upon entering the door, you’ll encounter Scarla Ghost positioned in front of the memory sign. You’ll face three choices:

  1. Stare Back
  2. What happened to Ezekiel
  3. Leonardas will meet his end at my hand.

While the consequences of the third option remain uncertain, choosing the second option will prompt Scarla to reveal that Leonardas was the one responsible for Ezekiel’s demise. Activate the memory sign , leading to another room.

leonardas killing ezekiel

Confronting Leonardas

walking into the sword, and Leonardas appears, shattering it. However, a fragment of soul remains sealed within the Warden’s Pledge. You become the vessel of Ezekiel, possessing immense power.

ezekiel back to life

Unlocking the true powers of Ezekiel are by obtaining pledge artifact in the confrontation with Leonardas. Once you collect a pledge artifact it will enhance your power and stun Leonardas for a few seconds providing the opportunity to defeat him

leonardas defeated

Following the defeat of Leonardas, Ezekiel’s helmet becomes visible. Thanks to his power, we successfully overcame the vampire Leonardas. Now, for the grand finale, you will witness past events using the nearby Infinity Wheels.

end of the quest

Embark upon the Sacred Pledge of Blood, a journey beyond the realms of mere gameplay. It transforms into an odyssey of profound choices, profound sacrifices, and the stirring awakening of unfathomable power. Traverse the corridors of memory, confront spectral echoes, and seize the potent essence within as you unravel the enigmatic secrets woven into this enthralling quest.


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