Throne and Liberty Weapons

Throne and Liberty Weapons, Characters & More!

Throne and Liberty is shaping up to potentially be the next big MMO we’ve all been waiting for. NCSoft has released beautiful artwork showcasing some of the throne and liberty weapons and characters we may see. They hinted that all of the characters are connected to the plot of the game.

We still don’t have a release date for Throne and Liberty, formerly known as Project TL.

Commanders Greatsword

A Greatsword imbued with the utmost patience of Da Vinci’s colleague and Commander of the Resistance Alliance, Bert Goldriss.

Commanders Greatsword

Savage Battle Shield

A shield made from the bones of a bipod whale that contains the strong power of King Jintai, the berserker of Kalturan.

Savage Battle Shield

Moonlight Extermination Blade

A sword used by Uni Khan a fighter of the ghost wolf Taycan tribe, to annihilate enemies with the speed of lightning. A beautiful Throne and Liberty Weapon.

Throne and Liberty Weapons.

Moonlight Undertaker

The lycan shaman Kimin Seeker was called the Moonlight Undertaker for killing numerous enemies.

Staff of the Moonlight Undertaker - Throne and Liberty Weapons

Deadly Edge Greatsword

A huge sword devised by Naini Aaron, a warrior from the Aaron family

Deadly Edge Greatsword - Throne and Liberty Weapons

Shadow Hunters Bow

An ultimate bow made by Shadow Hunter Roxy, modeled after the Balor’s Bow. A beautiful Throne and Liberty Weapon.

Shadow Hunters Bow - Throne and Liberty Weapons

Kowanzuki’s Bloodthirsty Crossbow

A crossbow that contains the ability of Kowanzuki, the lycan king, to run wild.

Kowanzuki's Bloodthirsty Crossbow - Throne and Liberty Weapons

Cornelus’s Sword of Mutilation

A long sword containing the power obtained from a part of the living armor remnant.

Cornelus's Sword of Mutilation - Throne and Liberty Weapons

Gerad Burnell

Gerard Burnell’ Gerad Burnell’s will to protect the castle of Belphoret to the end.

Gerad Burnell

Arkeum Wyvern

The Wyvern of the Arkeum Draco Squadron gliding over Laslan.

Arkeum Wyvern


In the red library of Benelux, the cursed girl ‘Loen’, there is an old book called ‘The Curse of the Gods’ written by the Church of the Eye of Salvation. Inside, a curse is written: ‘The one who spreads Silaves’ wings will set the world on fire.’ A child born with the wings of the curse in Belforet’s mansion. Rowen Aaron is born.


Calanthia (Kalanthia)

A child who did not get what he deserved.’ The child, who lived in abuse without parental love or protection , gets the cursed left hand of Loen as fate would have it by the wizard Gridal. The child who did not even have his name soon meets someone who will call him by his name.


This has been a look into Throne and Liberty Weapons & Characters. It looks like Throne and Liberty should release in the first half of 2023. There is no official date yet however after its delay in 2022.

There has been an exciting Director’s Preview Teaser Trailer published along a huge announcement on the 27th December 2022. Source.


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