Taedals Tower Floor 13 – Drop! Lightning! Destroy! Guide

With our guide, “Drop! Lightning! Destroy!” discover the challenges of Taedals Tower Floor 13 in Throne and Liberty Game. It provides ways to defeat the Lightning Jump Attacker and insights into the thrilling clashes against it. Come along as we reveal the mysteries of Taedals Tower Floor 13, enabling gamers to overcome obstacles and win priceless prizes.

Locating the Taedals Tower Floor 13

Find Ashien’s Strange Portrait in Laslan at the Starlight Observatory Ruins to find Taedals Tower Floor 13. Locate an interactive frame and click it to see the Taedals Tower Floor 13 menu. You can select whatever floor you like from here, but keep in mind that getting into these levels calls for a considerable amount of character.

Taedal Tower Location

Taedals Tower Floor 13 – Boss

Meet the Taedal’s Tower Floor 13 boss, a creature known as The Lightning Jump Attacker – a formidable, rock-like monster. This beast excels in leaping towards foes, immersing itself in close-range combat, and unleashing destructive lightning powers that deal substantial damage.

Taedals Tower Floor 13 Boss - The Lightning Jump Attacker

Fighting The Lightning Jump Attacker

Some gamers find it difficult to engage the powerful monster, the Lightning Jump Attacker, in battle. It’s important to keep in mind that you need to be at least 38 to enter this floor since the boss does a lot of damage and requires powerful armor, weapons, and abilities to fight. Stepping through each of the three rock sections will start the combat. The Lightning Jump Attacker will appear from above and unleash a lightning attack that deals no damage when all three have been engaged.

Lightning Jump Attacker Rock Parts

First Ability

The first ability of the Lightning Jump Attacker involves charging up for a few seconds, followed by a direct forward leap towards the enemy. Upon landing, a small area-of-effect (AOE) damage is inflicted on those battling in close combat. Countering this attack is pretty straightforward, as you can parry it skillfully or quickly move out of the AOE damage range.

Lightning Jump Attacker First Ability

Second Ability

The second ability of the Lightning Jump Attacker is to crush the floor, creating a lightning field that covers the whole arena and leaves players with no way to escape its effects. Because it causes Crowd Control (CC), which prevents players from using their talents for about five seconds, this move can be very problematic.

Lightning Jump Attacker Second Ability

Third Ability

The Lightning Jump Attacker’s third ability includes smashing the floor with its foot, resulting in area-of-effect (AOE) damage across the entire arena. Subsequently, a lightning strike follows, resembling a DPS effect as it travels straight from one end to the other. Countering this attack is straightforward, as the lightning strikes leave unfilled areas where players can run without taking any damage. Be aware that these unfilled areas may vary each time the Lightning Jump Attacker employs this ability. Stay vigilant and be prepared to adapt accordingly.

Lightning Jump Attacker Third Ability

Fourth Ability

The fourth ability of the Lightning Jump Attacker is quite simple to use. He punches the ground in front of him, causing a great level of damage to any unlucky players who are touched by it. Fortunately, this specific attack poses little threat to players that use long-range characters and attacks.

Lightning Jump Attacker Fourth Ability

Fifth Ability

The Lightning Jump Attacker’s fifth ability involves a strategic retreat as it jumps high, prompting the reappearance of the three rock parts from your initial encounter. This also gives you time to recover some of your mana. To bring the boss back, you’ll need to navigate through these rocks. Brace yourself, though, as a relentless lightning strike, reminiscent of its third ability, will persist until all the rock parts are activated.

Lightning Jump Attacker FifthAbility

Tips on Defeating the Lightning Jump Attacker

To beat the Lightning Jump Attacker, give your character’s mobility priority. Keep your distance from the boss and move quickly to avoid several of its high-damage abilities. If at all feasible, think about including a ranged attack in your plan. This will let you do damage continually while evading or parrying its blows. Finally, make sure you have enough healing potions on hand because the Lightning Jump Attacker’s abilities can span a large area and are hard to avoid. Possessing an adequate amount of healing potions guarantees your continued existence and raises your chances of taking down the monster.


You will be able to adjust and improve your favorite abilities as you get ready for every fight. As with any player attempting to take down the Lightning Jump Attacker, you may depend on your preferred maneuvers or draw ideas from our recommended strategies that have worked well against this strong opponent.

Recommended Skills

Weapons and Armor

Confronting this boss poses a challenge for many players. Upgrading your armor and weapons as much as possible will give you a smoother fight against this boss. Feel free to consider the specific weapons and armor recommendations we provided below for an extra edge in your battle.

Recommended Weapons and Armor


Players receive a substantial reward of 17,596 gold upon successfully defeating this boss, along with some growth stones and Quality Recovery Crystal that can be beneficial in future battles.

Taedals Tower Floor 13 Rewards

Taedals Tower Floor 13 – Drop! Lightning! Destroy! Guide

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We hope you have enjoyed our guide on Taedals Tower Floor 13. By offering strategic insights for overcoming the formidable Lightning Jump Attacker, the guide enhances players’ ability to navigate this electrifying challenge. The triumphant acquisition of valuable rewards becomes a testament to their skill and determination in conquering the complexities of Taedals Tower Floor 13. If you found this article helpful, let us know in our community’s discord. Check out more guides for Throne and Liberty on our homepage!


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