Rushing Queen Spider

Taedal’s Tower Floor 2 Rushing Queen Spider – Throne and Liberty

Greetings, brave adventurer! Prepare yourself for a thrilling solo quest within Throne and Liberty’s Taedal’s Tower Floor 2, where you’ll encounter the formidable Rushing Queen Spider. For a smoother triumph through this floor, dive into this comprehensive guide, offering insights into the tower itself, the enemy’s mechanics or attacks, and invaluable tips we’re excited to share with you!

Additionally, you can watch this video showcasing a gameplay of the battle against the Rushing Queen Spider in Taedal’s Tower Floor 2.

Taedal’s Tower

Taedal’s Tower is a secret multi-tower with each floor of the tower offering different challenges or enemies for special achievements and rewards! You can only enter each subsequent floor after completing the previous one.

How to Enter the Taedal’s Tower

Head to Ashien’s Strange Portrait in Laslan – Starlight Observatory Ruins. Click ‘F’ to access the Main Menu – Secret Dungeon. Choose the floor you’d like to enter (for this guide, Floor 2), then select ‘Enter’ on the lower right side of the screen to get teleported to the floor you selected in Taedal’s Tower.

Taedal's Tower

Floor 2 – Rushing Queen Spider



  • Quality Weapon Growthstone
  • Quality Armor Growthstone
  • Quality Accessory Growthstone
  • Recovery Crystal
  • 2,707 Coins
Main Menu - Secret Dungeon


  • The Rushing Queen Spider rushes forward for a few steps, rears up, utilizing her front legs for a swift attack.
  • The Rushing Queen Spider executes a high leap into the air, slamming down aggressively on the player to deal damage.
  • The Rushing Queen Spider fires a long-range web-like assault, pumping ten times, with each pump inflicting damage upon the player.
  • The Rushing Queen Spider releases a defensive spray from her posterior, shooting it out three times in quick succession.

Defeating the Rushing Queen Spider

Pay attention to the Mechanics/Attacks of the Rushing Queen Spider detailed above. Despite not moving as swiftly as other foes, she compensates with numerous long-range attacks to offset this weakness. However, you can turn this to your advantage by simply running around the area, evading many of her attacks, and dealing damage using your own long-range attacks. Thus, consider to equip long-ranged equipment (i.e. Bow, Wand, Crossbow, Staff).

Rushing Queen Spider


Before initiating a battle with the Rushing Queen Spider you have the option to review and modify your skills. The Rushing Queen Spider will retaliate only after you launch the initial attack. 

Here are suggested builds or skills that we used in the battle with the Rushing Queen Spider: Touch of Despair, Curse Explosion, Corrupted Magic Circle, Ensnaring Arrow, Zephyr’s Nock, Cursed Nightmare, Clay’s Salvation, Swift Healing, Karmic Haze, Strafing, Decisive Sniping, and Chaotic Shield. You can also refer to the image below for the specific Equipment Skills we utilized in our gameplay.

Floor 2 Skills

What Happens When You Die?

When you die during the challenge inside the Taedal’s Tower you have two options:

  • Resurrect inside the dungeon
  • Resurrect outside the dungeon

Each time you die and resurrect the content will reset and your HP/MP will be fully restored.

That covers Taedal’s Floor 2 and the Rushing Queen Spider. You’re now well-equipped to conquer this level triumphantly. Additionally, don’t forget to explore our guide for Taedal’s Floor 1 if you haven’t completed it yet.

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