Taedals Tower Floor 19 – Reaching for Higher Guide

Come along for a thrilling journey as we investigate the nuances of Floor 19 of Taedals Tower. We will successfully negotiate the difficulties of scaling new heights in this imposing edifice with the help of this comprehensive guidance. Taedals Tower is well-known for its solo gameplay, which spans several levels and offers unique obstacles, prizes, and milestones on each. Join us as we explore the mysteries of Taedals Tower Floor 19, learning the necessary techniques and methods to improve your game experience while facing its intimidating monster.

Locating the Taedals Tower Floor 19

Taedals Tower provides a multi-story, solitary adventure with challenges for distinct victories and prizes on each level. Discover Ashien’s Strange Portrait in Laslan in the Starlight Observatory Ruins to get to Taedals Tower Floor 19. Engage with the found frame to view the Taedals Tower Floor 19 menu. Although you are free to choose any floor at this point, you must understand that accessing these levels requires a high character level.

Taedals Tower Floor 19 Location

Taedals Tower Floor 19 – Boss

Meet the boss of Taedals Tower Floor 19, the Nightmare Conductor—a terrifying mage, wielding a giant staff to vanquish its enemies. With a grim reaper-like form, this menacing boss excels in casting powerful spells, dealing substantial damage whether you engage it in close or short-range combat.

Taedals Tower Floor 19 Boss - The Nightmare Conductor

Fighting The Nightmare Conductor

Some gamers find it extremely difficult to fight the powerful monster, the Nightmare Conductor. Because of the monster’s heavy damage, you must be at least level 44 to enter this floor. You will also need powerful armor, weapons, and abilities to battle the boss. At the middle of the arena, quietly awaiting your arrival and prepared for a match of cunning and might, stands the Nightmare Conductor.

First Ability

The Nightmare Conductor demonstrates its initial ability through a simple yet powerful move—casting a magic spell from its bare hands directly at its opponent, placing players in a challenging position as they attempt to evade the relentless attack. While you cannot outrun this ability, you can either parry it or utilize shield skills to avoid sustaining any damage.

Nightmare Conductor's First Ability

Second Ability

In its second ability, the Nightmare Conductor initiates a brief charge-up, indicated by a noticeable purple ring around the boss. It empowers its subsequent attack and has the potential to inflict crowd control (CC) by stunning its opponent upon impact. Similar to other abilities, this skill can be evaded by using a shield skill or parrying, effectively avoiding both damage and stun.

Nightmare Conductor's Second Ability

Third Ability

The third skill of the Nightmare Conductor is the release of three magic balls—two red and one blue—above its head. With a splash area of effect (AOE) and damage over time (DPS) upon impact, both of the red balls inflict targeted damage on adversaries. On the other hand, the blue ball deals more harm to the person it hits. Take great care while releasing the ball to avoid being hit by this ability. To avoid taking any damage, the blue magic ball can be parried or a shield skill applied.

Nightmare Conductor's Third Ability

Fourth Ability

The fourth ability of the Nightmare Conductor involves a brief charging period followed by the release of a magical wave to the ground, dealing area-of-effect (AOE) damage across the entire arena. Dodging this skill is impossible, but you can mitigate the damage using shield skills.

Nightmare Conductor's Fourth Ability

Fifth Ability

The Nightmare Conductor’s fifth ability demands a bit of parkour skill from players to avoid its effects. In this move, the Nightmare Conductor teleports its opponent to the edge of the arena, where a platform subsequently rises. Following this, the Nightmare Conductor ascends to the top, charging its ability into a powerful ball and hurling it to the ground, causing substantial area-of-effect (AOE) damage to those still on the ground. To prevent damage, players must climb the platform to reach the top and evade the effects of this ability.

Nightmare Conductor's Fifth Ability

Tips on  Defeating The Nightmare Conductor

Make sure you have all it takes to effectively fight the Nightmare Conductor. Investing in better weapons and armor will further increase your chances of defeating this boss with ease. Making progress toward increasing your character’s mobility a top priority will help you move quickly and at a safe distance from the boss, which will help you avoid some of its strikes. Making use of the game’s Morph system might provide you a big edge by enabling faster mobility and more leaping power. It comes in handy when you have to parkour your way up to the platform in order to escape getting hit during its fifth ability. To make navigating between these sites easier, we advise transforming into wolves.


Get ready for every showdown as the battlefield becomes your playground to tailor and refine your favorite skills. Whether you’re an eager player determined to overcome the Nightmare Conductor or seeking inspiration from our suggested skills that have shown effectiveness against this tough boss, the secret to victory lies in blending your distinctive playstyle with tried-and-true strategies.

Recommended Skills

Weapons and Armor

Taking on Nightmare Conductor’s challenge might be a daunting task for some gamers. Making the most of your armor and weapons might help you battle this monster much more easily. Give yourself an extra advantage in battle by equipping yourself with the suggested armor and weapons mentioned below.

Recommended Weapons and Armor


Players receive a whopping reward of 25,718 gold and 37,741 experience upon defeating the Nightmare Conductor in Taedals Tower Floor 19. Alongside the rewards are some growth stones and a Quality Recovery Crystal that can be beneficial in future battles.

Taedals Tower Floor 19 Rewards

Taedals Tower Floor 19 – Reaching for Higher Guide

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We hope you find our guide to Taedals Tower Floor 19 useful. The guide offers strategic strategies for battling the Stealer of Light Dren, which aids players in overcoming this dreadful chore. Their talent and determination are demonstrated by their successful completion of the Taedals Tower Floor 19 tasks and the ensuing earning of noteworthy accolades. If you found this post beneficial, please let us know in our Discord community. Check out our Floor 18 reference. Check out our site for other Throne and Liberty lessons.


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