Butcher’s Canyon 6-man Dungeon Guide

Introducing Butcher’s Canyon, a monumental dungeon from the vast world of Throne & Liberty. As you progress on your journey, you will encounter this thrilling and challenging dungeon filled with enemies you’ve never seen before. At the end of this dungeon awaits the horrifying Test Subject of Destruction, the Magna Duke. Plot your way through deceitful mountains and confront a multitude of challenges that will test your courage and strength. Venture on this exciting journey where the formidable Butcher’s Canyon Dungeon awaits as a high-level challenge for players, introducing you to the intricacies of Paola’s Dimension Circle.

Butcher's Canyon 6-man Dungeon Guide

What is Butcher’s Canyon?

The Butcher’s Canyon stands as one of the covert dungeons accessible within Throne & Liberty. This enigmatic dungeon has evolved into a sanctuary dedicated to harnessing extraordinary strength and instilling fear in those who seek to visit it. Amidst the ancient mountains, countless mysteries patiently await discovery. To undertake this captivating journey through Butcher’s Canyon, however, one must diligently progress to Level 50, ensuring adequate preparation for the impending battles. Functioning as a crucial stepping stone in your journey, the Butcher’s Canyon presents challenges that refine your skills, preparing you for the adventures that lie beyond its shadowy depths.

Butcher's Canyon

Who is Magna Duke?

Crafted through dark magic, the colossal orc king Verte emerged as an uncontrollable weapon. Undeterred, Arkeum persisted in their quest to fashion a controllable counterpart. Tuaren utilizes King Verte’s experiment as a blueprint and eventually triumphs in crafting a more sophisticated weapon. Despite its smaller and more disciplined nature, the Magna Duke harnesses concentrated dark power, elevating its potency and heightening its perilous nature.

Test Subject of Destruction Magna Duke

Navigating the Butcher’s Canyon

You don’t need to look for any portals to enter the Butcher’s Canyon. Find the hidden dungeon in the content region by navigating the game menu. After clicking on it to display the list of Hidden Dungeons, choose Butcher’s Canyon from Paola’s Dimension Circle. This easy move will take you into the mysterious Butcher’s Canyon, where obstacles lie in wait.

Game Menu Secret Dungeon

The Orc Key Administrator

Two Orc Fighters from the Akidu Clan await you as you enter the terrifying Butcher’s Canyon dungeon. The formidable Orc Key Administrator, renowned for his powerful strikes, fights beside them. This adversary deals a great deal of damage, and it can even fly into the air and fall with a small shockwave, which might be dangerous for anyone fighting close quarters. With so much HP, the Orc Key Administrator will take a lot of time and effort to take down with your squad.

The Orc Key Administrator

Having triumphed over these Orcs, you can now advance to the next section of the dungeon. To proceed, activate a pulley lever that will elevate you to the mountains, granting access to the proceeding area in the Butcher’s Canyon.

Pulley Lever

As you progress into this area, a new adversary awaits, accompanied by its Orc Fighter support. The Orc Hunter, with its menacing appearance, inflicts significant damage on its opponents. Another threat is the Orc Spearer, who deals damage by thrusting its spear at enemies. It’s crucial to be aware that a lot of sections of the Butcher’s Canyon are laden with traps; stepping on them triggers a signal, leading to a rapid explosion that knocks back any nearby enemies. 

Orc Hunter and Orc Fighters

The Orc Butcher

The next place you’ll encounter is a massive Orc Butcher that can teleport to foes close. This monster’s ability to do significant damage is one of its most annoying traits. It is especially annoying when it uses its shockwave attack during a leap to deal area-of-effect (AOE) damage as it falls. The Orc Butcher has a great deal of HP, which makes it difficult to destroy. It gets harder when players have to deal with Orc Fighters and Hunters as well.

The Orc Butcher

The Orc Shapeshifter

As you move on to the next area of the Butcher’s Canyon, get ready to face an Orc Shapeshifter blocking your path. Although this Shapeshifter may not be as sturdy as some other foes, it compensates with a frontal fire attack that can push back anyone in its way. Adding to the mix are an Orc Spearer and a Torch-Carrying Orc Fighter, making the challenge even more dynamic. Stay sharp and prepare for the upcoming confrontation.

The Orc Shapeshifter

The Orc Shadow Elder

As you enter the next room in the Butcher’s Canyon, brace yourself, as this area is teeming with numerous enemies, including a new adversary. The Orc Shadow Elder, characterized by its unsettling appearance, awaits. This formidable monster possesses the ability to summon reinforcements, aiding it in battle against its enemies. Additionally, the creature can mark one of its opponents; when the timer expires, it unleashes a potent electric shockwave, depleting the health of you and your crew. Overcoming this foe proves to be one of the most challenging tasks in this area, requiring swift elimination before it can deal fatal damage.

The Orc Shadow Elder

As you ascend a staircase to proceed to the next area of the Butcher’s Canyon, take note of a mysterious note at its edge. The challenges continue as you enter the next room, where you must confront another Orc Key Administrator, arguably a more formidable version than the first. Crossing the bridge, you encounter an Orc Shadowmancer, a formidable foe. A useful tip when engaging this enemy on the bridge is to focus on knocking it over, causing it to fall, providing an advantage in the battle.

2nd Orc Key Administrator

The challenges persist as you cross the bridge; another Orc Shadowmancer awaits you, accompanied by its allies, including Orc Hunters, Fighters, and Spearers. In the same room, three Orc Shadowmancers are performing a ritual at the center. To defeat these monsters, you must continuously unleash attacks and skills to disrupt the ritual they’re conducting. At the center of it all is a statue-like rock. Interact with this rock to activate the Dimension Circle Resurrection Gate.

Orc Shadowmancers

You must pass through this gate to confront the Magna Duke. However, preparing yourself for the trip ahead won’t be easy. Enemies abound along the way, which you have to face and defeat to get to the last boss—the ultimate struggle. As you pass enemies to face the Magna Duke, prepare for a difficult adventure!

Final Set of Enemies

Locating Magna Duke

It’s now possible to approach the Magna Duke after overcoming the opposition and clearing the way to reach its arena. The last boss is waiting for you in the center of the arena, poised and ready to strike. Prepare yourself for the greatest struggle ahead!

Magna Duke

Magna Duke Abilities

Magna Duke has three skills that are used during the battle, thus defeating it will need cooperation and a well-thought-out plan. Here are his powers to help you during the battle and help you defeat this tough enemy.

First Ability

Magna Duke’s first move is to raise his enormous axe and quickly slam it down on opponents to do immense damage and start crowd control. After the smash, he immediately spins the axe around to create a wave that pushes back his opponents. Thankfully, players can parry this move to prevent damage or crowd control.

Magna Duke First Ability

Second Ability

The Magna Duke has an amazing second skill. A bright flare indicating the impending charge for this assault, he leans menacingly towards his foes. Then he lifts his axe, setting three fire spots on the ground. All of a sudden, a meteor strikes, causing significant area-of-effect (AOE) damage as it hits. The interaction is made much more difficult by this stunning but perilous exhibition.

Magna Duke Second Ability

Third Ability

Magna Duke’s third ability involves a brief charging phase, followed by lifting his foot and stomping it to the ground, creating a powerful fiery shockwave across the arena that inflicts substantial area-of-effect (AOE) damage upon impact. You can avoid this ability by timely jumping over it.

Magna Duke Third Ability

Magna Duke Phases

Unlike other dungeons available in Paola’s Dimension Circle, Magna Duke comprises different phases, each featuring distinct abilities he employs to thoroughly defeat his enemies. To assist you in overcoming this formidable boss, here are his phases to guide you throughout your battle.

Phase 1

The boss will shout “die,” pulling all players into the center of the arena. Several rings of fire will appear in different sections of the arena. One player will be cursed, leaving them stunned on top of the boss. Other players must observe the four stone pillars outside the circular arena. Once they identify two RED pillars, they must exit the arena by JUMPING over the fire circles (touching them results in permanent rooting). After activating both pillars, the fire circles drop, allowing the stunned player to move. This player must swiftly run out of the arena to avoid death from a boss jump. Exercise caution when activating the red pillars, as a meteor will attempt to land on you.

Magna Duke Phase 1

The boss will be “exhausted” after the jump, providing an opportunity to deal as much damage as possible. Once he wakes back up, he will repeat all three of his abilities, so be prepared for the ensuing attacks.

Phase 2

The boss will again call out “die,” and the fire circles will reappear, stunning one player. This time, two Shapeshifters will spawn on the red pillars. The boss will transform the stunned player in the center into a sheep bomb. The party should choose ONE shapeshifter to move towards. Position yourselves between each line of the fire circle to pass the sheep to each other. To pass the sheep, stand within the circle to take it from the current sheep holder. Once the sheep is passed over, the player who is no longer a sheep can jump over the fire and escape.

Magna Duke Phase 2

All players should aim to grab the sheep to assist in the escape and promptly eliminate the Shapeshifter. Killing the Shapeshifter drops a blue circle that cleanses the sheep bomb. Wait for the boss to perform his jump and move back into the “exhausted” state. Seize the opportunity to deal as much damage as possible. Once the boss wakes back up, he will resume attacking, repeating all three of his abilities. Be prepared for the ensuing onslaught.

Phase 3

The boss once again pulls you in and stuns one player. Unlike the previous phase, there is no Shapeshifter, and you only need to activate the two red pillars, similar to Phase 1. However, this time, some of the circle arena is filled with fire. Navigate around the fire, reach your pillars in time, and activate them. After the boss jumps, re-enter the arena to deal damage. Once he wakes back up, be prepared for him to resume attacking, repeating all three of his abilities.

Magna Duke Phase 3

Final Phase

This phase combines elements from Phase 3 and Phase 2. Shapeshifters will spawn, and some sections of the arena will be entirely on fire. Evade the fire, collaborate with your party to pass the sheep along the fire circles, eliminate the Shapeshifter, and cleanse the sheep on the blue circle. Wait for the boss to jump, re-enter the arena, and defeat the boss. Once he wakes back up, be prepared for him to resume attacking, repeating all three of his abilities.

Magna Duke Final Phase

Butcher’s Canyon – Test Subject of Destruction Magna Duke Rewards

Having successfully defeated the Test Subject of Destruction, Magna Duke, within Butcher’s Canyon, you will not only receive the rewards outlined at the beginning of your journey but also an additional bonus—Exploration Codex Rewards. Prepare to enjoy the fruits of your triumph as you collect both the expected rewards and the extra spoils earned from conquering this challenging encounter.

Butcher’s Canyon - Test Subject of Destruction Magna Duke Rewards

Butcher’s Canyon 6-man Dungeon Guide


Throne & Liberty’s Butcher’s Canyon, home of the powerful Magna Duke, Test Subject of Destruction, offers a difficult and exciting journey. The game’s richness and captivating gameplay are demonstrated by the players’ need to maneuver through a variety of adversaries and tactically kill bosses to earn valuable treasure and extra Rewards. Please let us know in the discord channel of our community if you found this post useful. Visit our site to view other Throne and Liberty tutorials!


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