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Taedals Tower floor 11 features its main boss, the Roaring Avolos Umbramancer. Let’s go over everything to know about the boss, how to defeat it, and all the rewards to reap!

taedals tower floor 11 boss screen

Taedals Tower Floor 11 – The Enemy

The Roaring Avolos Umbramancer is a beast of a boss that stands tall and tanky and wields a magical staff making it able to use ranged attacks against the players. Now, let’s go over his attacks.

the boss

Taedals Tower Floor 11 – Attacks

The Roaring Avolos Umbramancer uses ranged magic abilities to target players as one of their basic attacks. This attack cannot be dodged as it locks onto players but it doesn’t do much damage.

ranged attack

In another skill, the boss casts a spell where players are targeted by multiple lightning strikes in a row. Players can dodge this skill as there is an area of effect mark that appears on the ground before the attack strikes. Players can keep moving and stay clear of the markings on the ground to avoid taking damage. This attack can be cast both vertically and horizontally as shown in the images below.

thunder 2

Next on the Umbramancer’s attacks list is its ability to unleash a beam of dark magic at the player. This attack can be anticipated and dodged as well as canceled by a defense spell.

strike attack

Now, this boss’s main attack is the Maze of Death. At first, the boss calls upon dark energy strong enough to pull players in and places them in the middle of the arena like a whirlpool. This first phase of the attack cannot be dodged and once the Umbramancer slams his staff down, walls rise from the arena and form into the shape of a maze. This maze is very simple to get through, players can also use their dashing abilities to escape much faster than on foot. The walls cannot be climbed on.

maze 1
maze 2

Players must rush through the maze as there is dark magic slowly making its way through to damage and pressure the players. This effect in the maze is slow and easy to avoid but players just have to quickly find the exit. Make sure to keep an eye on your stamina as you run.

maze 3

After players successfully exit the maze, the structure will then fall and the Umbramancer will emerge in the middle of the arena. Once the Umbramancer spawns, he will summon several dark lightning attacks that surround most of the arena. This attack has an area of effect mark that appears before it strikes so they can be dodged and avoided but while doing so, keep an eye on the Umbramancer! The maze attack can be cast again so it is suggested for players to be ready to run.

lightning 3

Taedals Tower Floor 11 – Skills

Any skill set would do, but we have provided a build players can use for a faster run on this floor.


Taedals Tower Floor 11 – Best Way To Defeat The Roaring Avolos Umbramancer

For this boss, it is highly recommended to keep at a distance to avoid his AOE attacks as well as his close combat attacks. The Umbramancer’s attack patterns are fairly easy to predict after a few times as it is mostly ranged and AOE.


Taedals Tower Floor 11 – Rewards

This boss, upon defeat, gives players 14,889 gold as well as the listed rewards in the table below.

Rare Weapon GrowthstoneA weapon growth material. It is used for Rare weapon enchantment.
Rare Armor GrowthstoneAn armor growth material. It is used for Rare armor enchantment.
Rare Accessory GrowthstoneAn accessory growth material. It is used for Rare accessory enchantment.
Quality Recovery CrystalA golden crystal that contains the energy of life. Instantly restores health when used.

We hope you found this article helpful in your battle with the Roaring Avolos Umbramancer. For more guides on the Taedals Tower and all its floors and bosses, be sure to stick around on our official Throne and Liberty Homepage! Join our official Discord Channel and be the first to hear about any new releases, articles, and guides.


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