Death’s Abyss 6-man Dungeon Walkthrough

Enter the fascinating world of Throne & Liberty, where courageous people go on amazing journeys and investigate enigmatic areas. Experience a range of perilous environments and confront several obstacles that will put your bravery to the test. Death’s Abyss is a fierce high-level task that greets you as you go out on this exciting adventure and introduces you to Paola’s Dimension Circle’s complexities. Take part in a sinister story that takes place in Death’s Abyss and culminates in a high-stakes confrontation with the terrifying Karnix Boss.

Deaths Abyss 6-man Dungeon Walkthrough

What is Death’s Abyss?

Death’s Abyss is among the secret dungeons accessible in Throne & Liberty. Similar to the preceding Specter’s Abyss, this dungeon has transformed into a sanctuary for harnessing the power of darkness. Within this ancient underground tomb, numerous mysteries patiently await unraveling. To embark on this enthralling journey, however, you’ll need to diligently grind your way to Lv. 50, ensuring that you are sufficiently prepared for the battles that await within. Serving as a vital stepping stone in your quest, Death’s Abyss offers challenges, honing your skills for the adventures that lie beyond its shadowy depths.

Secret Dungeons - Deaths Abyss

Who is Karnix?

The Arkeum Legion endeavored to harness the dark power emanating from Syleus’s Abyss, deploying numerous parties, but their attempts were consistently stopped. The labyrinthian nature of the abyss, filled with countless monsters, posed insurmountable challenges. Upon discovering Heliber, they aimed to subjugate him to gain control over the abyss, eventually managing to confine him within a stone casket. However, when he eventually broke free after many years, he emerged even more formidable. The only surviving Arkeum Shadowmancer is dubbed the specter Karnix.

Doomsday Judicator - Specter Karnix

Navigating the Death’s Abyss

As with the previous Specters Abyss, Death’s Abyss may be entered without having to approach any portal. All you have to do is search the content section for the hidden dungeon on the game menu. After selecting Death’s Abyss from the options under Paola’s Dimension Circle, click it to reveal the list of Secret Dungeons. This move will take you into Death’s Abyss, a fascinating place that sets the stage for the trials that await you.

Locating Secret Dungeon in Game Menu

Now that you find yourself within the depths of Death’s Abyss—brace yourself for the imminent challenges. I recommend bringing along your friends to assist in overcoming lots of enemies and conquering the formidable Specter Karnix. Once you feel adequately prepared, you’ll encounter a ton of tough Enchanted Arkeum Soldiers, accompanied by the Enchanted Arkeum Archer. Taking down these adversaries marks your first significant challenge, and it’s worth noting that they pose a serious threat and may require some time to defeat. Be vigilant against their powerful attacks—they pack a punch! So, approach the situation strategically and give it your best shot!

Deaths Abyss First Room

The Enchanted Arkeum Arbiter

The Enchanted Arkeum Arbiter will soon enter the first boss phase, so don’t get too comfy. The challenge posed by this dangerous opponent is greater since it is bigger and stronger than an ordinary soldier. It launches an enhanced area-of-effect (AOE) strike that causes ground-level fire. The Arbiter may also perform a frontal fire strike. The Arbiter’s charging attack may be stopped by easily dodging or interrupting these abilities.

The Enchanted Arkeum Arbiter

The Enchanted Arkeum Healer

As you advance through Death’s Abyss, make your way to the left, where another Arkeum Arbiter awaits your crew. Once you’ve handled that encounter, a new challenge arises—the Enchanted Arkeum Healer, accompanied by an Arkeum Soldier. Dealing with this particular foe can be quite troublesome, as it significantly heals its ally. Prioritize targeting the healer first to prevent the healing of its allies.

The Enchanted Arkeum Healer

As you make your way through Death’s Abyss, you’ll come across another Enchanted Arkeum Arbiter that packs a punch when it lands a hit. This Arbiter performs a charged-up area-of-effect (AOE) spin attack that deals significant damage. This attack can be dodged or interrupted by stunning the Arbiter, stopping the charging assault.

Enchanted Arkeum Arbiter at the Hall

You’ll meet another Arkeum Healer, this time with an Enchanted Arkeum Wizard, after you defeat the Arbiter and go directly into the next chamber. Like its predecessor, the Arkeum Healer deals substantial damage to foes while also healing close friends. Conversely, the Arkeum Wizard uses ground-based mage spells to inflict area-of-effect (AOE) damage. To stop the wizard from doing damage, we advise chaining crowd control (CC) on it first. Then, concentrate on hitting the Healer to stop it from restoring its ally. It’s also important to note that you may mine a massive moonstone in the room where you faced off against the Healer and Wizard.

Encounter with the Arkeum Healer and Wizard

After defeating the enemy, proceed to the next room by going to the right side, where a door will open. The next room is somewhat similar to the first room of the Death’s Abyss. Here, you will face another Arkeum Soldier and the Arkeum Arbiter. You can easily avoid fighting with these enemies if you hug the wall on your left to avoid alerting them. However, you cannot avoid the Enchanted Arkeum Archer since it is standing right next to the door where you will go next.

Secret Dungeon Tips - Hugging The Wall

As you step into the next room in Death’s Abyss, an Arkeum Arbiter will greet you with a sword attack. Don’t get too comfortable, as a new group of Arkeum Healers and Arkeum Wizards that you must defeat awaits you and your crew. Similar to the previous room, the strategy for defeating them is to crowd control (CC) the wizard and focus on the Healer itself. There are three pairs of Healer and Wizard scattered in the room, so be careful not to alert all of them at once, as it may lead to serious trouble.

The Elite Arkeum Shadowmancer

The Elite Arkeum Shadowmancer, a challenger, is waiting for you in the middle of the chamber once you defeat these opponents. This dangerous opponent’s blows are difficult to avoid due to its significant area-of-effect (AOE) damage. They’re a difficult nut to crack; taking them down will require patience, skill, and mana. It may be rather effective to stun and parry their AOE damage, so make sure you have lots of these. When you and your group kill this boss, treasure drops for you to take possession of. A pop-up that indicates the Hall barrier has been opened will show up once you have vanquished this opponent.

The Elite Arkeum Shadowmancer

Head back to the previous room, where that gigantic moonstone caught your eye, to keep pushing through Death’s Abyss. Now, you’ve got a choice – take either the left or right path beside that massive door. But be careful – both routes are still swarming with soldiers and wizards. Get ready for a challenging showdown as you face this beefed-up opponent in the heart of Deaths Abyss. The silver lining? You don’t have to take on all those guards. Your goal is to visit each room and release the Barrier of Fire back in the main room.

Barrier of Venom

The Elite Arkeum Riot Squad Captain

After lifting the Barrier of Venom, head into the room on the right. Be ready for a fight – there are plenty of enemies waiting keep your guard up! You’ll come across the Enchanted Arkeum Archer and the Enchanted Arkeum Wizard in this room. Once you’ve taken care of them, get ready for the next challenge: facing off against the Elite Arkeum Riot Squad Captain.

The Elite Arkeum Riot Squad Captain

The Riot Squad Captain has a substantial amount of health, making it likely to take some time to defeat. He frequently employs a cone attack that you’ll need to dodge while bursting him down. One of his potent abilities involves briefly charging up his sword and immediately smashing it to the ground, dealing area-of-effect (AOE) damage that can deplete your entire health. Employing good DPS and stun tactics will aid you in easily overcoming this boss. Upon defeating the Captain, a treasure trove of loot awaits your crew to pick up and enjoy.

The Elite Arkeum Riot Squad Captain Ability

Locating Karnix

After successfully defeating the Elite Arkeum Riot Squad Captain, proceed to the next room, where you will encounter the Doomsday Judicator Karnix, ready for you to engage in battle.

Karnix Boss

Karnix Abilities

Working together and having a well-thought-out plan is essential to defeating Karnix because it has five powers that are used during the battle. Here are his powers to help you during the battle and help you defeat this tough enemy.

First Ability

With its first ability, Karnix delivers a powerful punch that does a lot of damage. He begins by twirling his scythe before bringing it down fast to do massive damage and perform crowd control (CC), which knocks players unconscious. A fast turn or brisk run will get you out of the way of this onslaught.

Karnix First Ability

Second Ability

Karnix’s second ability is to launch basic attacks while teleporting about. The teleportation uses its initial ability and travels a short distance, surprising opponents. Karnix launches three teleports, then launches an immediate, powerful assault. Although avoiding this move might be challenging, cooperation is crucial. To remain in control of the situation, work with your team to coordinate, turn around, and avoid his first approach.

Karnix Second Ability

Third Ability

For Karnix’s third ability, he goes through a brief charging phase, spinning before swiftly releasing an electric wave that deals area-of-effect (AOE) damage to its enemies. To stay unscathed, activate a shield skill as soon as he unleashes the attack. This will help you avoid taking any damage and keep you in the game.

Karnix Third Ability

Fourth Ability

For Karnix’s fourth ability, it unleashes an electric strike that marks its opponents. Once marked, it releases spinning scythes that follow the marked opponent, dealing significant damage when hit. You can simply run away from the pursuing scythes to avoid taking damage. During the process, Karnix teleports to its opponents and casts a blue spell that stuns players. So a tip is to try and aim it towards your players.

Karnix Fourth Ability

Fifth Ability

Finally, Karnix’s last ability involves marking an enemy with a blue bubble. After marking its opponent, it charges up its scythe and swiftly teleports to the marked target, swinging its scythe and dealing considerable damage upon impact. To avoid this ability, your team needs to step inside the blue bubble to prevent taking any damage.

Karnix Fifth Ability

Deaths Abyss – Doomsday Judicator Karnix Rewards

Upon beating the Death’s Abyss Doomsday Judicator, Karnix, you will receive the rewards outlined at the beginning of your journey into Death’s Abyss, along with an additional bonus—Exploration Codex Rewards—for successfully defeating Karnix. Prepare to reap the fruits of your triumph as you collect both the anticipated rewards and the extra spoils earned from conquering this challenging encounter.

Defeating Karnix Rewards

Death’s Abyss 6-man Dungeon Walkthrough


Throne & Liberty’s Death’s Abyss, which stars the powerful Doomsday Judicator Karnix, offers a difficult and exciting journey. The game’s richness and captivating gameplay are demonstrated by the players’ need to maneuver through a variety of adversaries and tactically kill bosses to earn valuable treasure and extra Rewards. Please let us know in the discord channel of our community if you found this post useful. Visit our site to view other Throne and Liberty tutorials!


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