Throne and Liberty Closed Beta Footage Reveal

NCSoft recently released a new video for Throne and Liberty Closed Beta Gameplay that looks promising. Which was conducted internally. The video showed world exploration, a character creator, and large-scale encounters with world bosses and castle sieges that involved player-versus-player combat. In addition to the video, NCSoft also released a new story map that provides more details about the game’s setting, characters, and story.

Throne and Liberty Closed Beta Gameplay footage

Character Creator in the Throne and Liberty Closed Beta Gameplay Footage

Throne and Liberty‘s shaping up to have a fairly robust character creator for launch. With various options players might expect from Korean MMORPGs. Ranging from hair changes to fully nuanced and subtle changes such as smaller parts of the face or even hair length. No two characters should look the same!

Throne and Liberty Closed Beta character creator image

Large-scale Open World Bosses

Once you take a look at some of the gameplay of Throne and Liberty, it becomes clear that the focus is around large-scaled action. Within the Throne and Liberty closed beta footage, we get a glimpse of some intense but thrilling open world boss content. However it appears almost anybody can turn up to fight these bosses scattered throughout the world!

Throne and Liberty Closed Beta Gameplay footage

Large-Scale PVP Castle Sieges

Perhaps our favourite part of the closed beta gameplay – we have various moments in which we get to see a glimpse of large-scale battles, in the form of PVP castle sieges! These battles typically take place with one team defending and another team assaulting, making their way through many areas until they reach the throne room and claim victory. However these battles take places with hundreds of players, prepare for chaos!

Also something to note that was not really shown off in the beta footage, large-scale PVP is also very apparent in the open world, so be ready!

Throne and Liberty Closed Beta Gameplay

Throne and Liberty Closed Beta Gameplay footage

Mobility Options

As seen previously, players will have access to a few mobility options to get around the world. Firstly we see more usage of what appears to be a grappling hook. However not only is there a grappling hook shown, but a giant flying land whale which players can ride in the sky – like a taxi service, we suppose. This was exciting to see in this Throne and Liberty Closed Beta Gameplay footage.

Secondly, as seen many times before by now we have the shapeshifting style mount system the game has to offer, both for flying and on foot.

Throne and Liberty Closed Beta Gameplay footage

Throne and Liberty Closed Beta Gameplay

Throne and Liberty Closed Beta Gameplay footage

Story Map

In the Throne and Liberty Closed Beta Gameplay footage we take a little trip through the story map clicking on various items, you will have the opportunity to see monsters, boss encounter information, character introductions and small episodic stories showing some of the worlds history, discoveries and more. If lore and the world surrounding it catches your fancy, this is the place to go!

Throne and Liberty is shaping up to be a fantastic MMORPG entry. Currently slated for a Q1 2023 release, we will have more information from the Director’s Preview soon so be sure to check that out!


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