Throne and Liberty Characters

It looks like we are getting a next-gen character creation tool within Throne and Liberty. You will be able to create eye-catching characters.

It seems that we will be only creating human characters. However with the huge range of customisation you will have with your character, this isn’t nessicerily a bad thing.

Throne and Liberty Characters

Various Characters

Throne and Liberty NPC
NPCs in the Port Town

NPCs will have precise and detailed facial expressions will help bring the towns and story to life. This is something that is often overlooked by many games, but allowing us to relate to characters in the game more will be great.

Characters Creation Tool

One of the most unique features with the Throne and Liberty Character Creation tool is the use of AI. You are able to upload a photo of yourself, or someone you like and the AI will create your character to look similar.

In this example they take the photo of the male in the top left and process it through the character creation tool. The image below is the result of the AI Character Creation tool. It’s very impressive!

Characters Creation Tool

Once you are happy with your base character it looks like we have a vast set of options to customise even further. Some of the options we noticed we will be getting are skin tones, eye shapes and colors, nose size and shaping, mouth customisation and then more.

Once you have the shape and style of your face you can add some pretty neat tattoos. From full face to just small patterns.

Characters Creation Tool

Yup, you guessed it! Once you are happy with your character facial features and design you then pick your hair. A small, but nice range of beards. Then a pretty large selection of hairs and hair colors – this will keep you busy!

Throne and Liberty has been confirmed to be releasing on PS5.


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