Throne and Liberty Confirmed to release on PS5

With the release of the Throne and Liberty edging ever closer, NCSoft confirmed in an interview in late 2022 that the game is set to release on both PC and Console. This is the first confirmation of a specific console for the title. Previously the studio was secretive about what platforms outside of PC it was developing. The team stated that it will be on “next gen consoles”. It is confirmed, TL will come to the PS5.

Throne and Liberty PS5

Throne and Liberty

Players may know the TL title under a variety of names. Such as Lineage Eternal and the more commonly known “Project TL”. The Studio is positioning Throne and Liberty to be the “next-gen MMORPG”. This will certainly be the case with a console released alongside PC. The initial launch will be on PS5 and PC. Unfortunately, with this multi-platform release there will be no chance for crossplay as each platform will be independent of each other. Throne and Liberty PS5. Here is a sneak preview at some of the Weapons we will be getting in T&L.

Throne and Liberty PS5

This is a look at the platforms Throne and Liberty will be available on. Further system requirements for PC are yet to be announced. We will provide specs as soon as the information becomes official. Be sure to check back soon!


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