Taedals Tower Floor 15 – Stealers and Retrievers Guide

With our in-depth guide, set out on a treacherous journey to Throne and Liberty’s Taedals Tower Floor 15, where mysterious Stealers and Retrievers provide hard obstacles. Every floor of the tower provides a challenge to fighting and strategic thinking as players move up the levels. This guide breaks down the secrets of Floor 15, providing information on the skills, tactics, and mechanics for defeating the crafty opponents who inhabit this dangerous level. Come along as we reveal the mysteries of Taedals Tower Floor 15, giving gamers the tools they need to conquer obstacles and claim worthwhile prizes.

Locating the Taedals Tower Floor 15

Find Ashien’s Strange Portrait in Laslan near the Starlight Observatory Ruins before opening Taedals Tower Floor 15. Engage with a frame you discover to view the Taedals Tower Floor 15 menu. Although you can choose any floor at this point, it’s important to understand that access to these floors requires a significant amount of character.

Taedals Tower Floor 15 Location

Taedals Tower Floor 15 – Boss

The formidable boss on Taedals Tower Floor 15, known as Stealer of Light Dren, adopts a terrifying persona reminiscent of a soul-stealer. Possessing a human-like form with above-average height, this menacing boss excels in leaping toward adversaries and engaging in intense close-range combat.

The Stealer of Light Dren

Fighting the Stealer of Light Dren

Players have a difficult time fighting the powerful enemy, the Stealer of Light Dren. The Taedals Tower Floor 15 boss does heavy damage, so you’ll need to be at least level 40 to take on him. You’ll also need to have advanced weapons, armor, and skills to survive the fight. When you get onto the floor, you see that the arena is completely dark but for one bright spot in the middle. Players must go toward the light, hit ‘F,’ and watch as Dren materializes in front of them to begin the boss encounter.

Stealer of Light Dren Light Particle

First Ability

Knife skills are the main source of power for the Stealer of Light Dren. This is his primary attack, a series of fast slashes that, when they make contact, do a great number of damage. Simply backing away from the close-quarters attack is one tactic to prevent it. However, remember that Dren will aggressively seek you out even if you try to get past him.

Stealer of Light Dren First Ability

Second Ability

The second ability of the Stealer of Light Dren is a quick charge and spin around that unleashes a blood-like assault that taunts players it hits, doing damage and enforcing crowd control (CC). Players can easily block and parry this strike since Dren gives a visual indication before to using the ability, allowing them to anticipate and counter it.

Stealer of Light Dren Second Ability

Third Ability

The Stealer of Light Dren’s third ability is quite difficult to use since it unleashes a hail of blood-like assaults that deal a lot of damage over time (DPS) when they are trodden upon. Because this ability executes quickly and gives players little time to react, it might be difficult to avoid. We advise moving constantly when using Dren in battle to lessen the chance of being struck by this powerful ability.

Stealer of Light Dren Third Ability

Fourth Ability

In its fourth ability, the Stealer of Light Dren ceases its attack, teleporting itself to the center and its opponent to the edge. Subsequently, Dren absorbs the light, casting the arena into darkness. Exercise caution, as Dren’s shadow roams the entire battlefield in the absence of light, and players must avoid it. To navigate this phase successfully, it is advisable to stay close to the edge of the arena while searching for the light. Upon reaching the light particle and pressing ‘F,’ Dren is revealed, triggering a crowd control (CC) effect that stuns him for approximately 10 seconds.

Stealer of Light Dren Fourth Ability

Fifth Ability

In his fifth ability, the Stealer of Light Dren swiftly teleports towards opponents, releasing a torrent of blood-like attacks causing substantial damage over time—similar to his third skill. Yet, unlike before, he deploys two rectangular areas, complicating evasion for other players and expanding the damage zone.

Stealer of Light Dren Fifth Ability

Tips on Defeating The Stealer of Light Dren

Since most of the Stealer of Light Dren’s skills are melee-focused, you may do damage from a safer distance if you use ranged assaults to beat him. Make improving your character’s mobility a top priority because you may avoid several of the boss’s high-damage moves by moving quickly and keeping your distance from him. Finally, to make the most of the crowd control effect and build upon your advantage, make sure to keep using your abilities and attacks when Dren uses his fourth ability.


The battlefield becomes your canvas on which to personalize and hone your chosen talents as you prepare for each confrontation. As with any committed player hoping to defeat the Stealer of Light Dren, feel free to rely on your specialties or take ideas from our suggested moves that have worked well against this dangerous foe. Combining tried-and-true tactics with your playing style will be the secret to success.

Recommended Skills

Weapons and Armor

Confronting the Stealer of Light Dren poses a challenge for many players. Upgrading your armor and weapons as much as possible will give you a smoother fight against this boss. Feel free to consider the specific weapons and armor recommendations we provided below for an extra edge in your battle.\

Recommended Weapons and Armor


Players receive a substantial reward of 20,304 gold upon successfully defeating this boss, along with some growth stones, a mischievous joker, and a Quality Recovery Crystal that can be beneficial in future battles.

Taedals Tower Floor 15 Rewards

Taedals Tower Floor 15 – Stealers and Retrievers Guide

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We hope you have enjoyed our guide on Taedals Tower Floor 15. By offering strategic insights for overcoming the terrifying Stealer of Light Dren, the guide enhances players’ ability to navigate this horrifying challenge. The triumphant acquisition of valuable rewards becomes a testament to their skill and determination in conquering the complexities of Taedals Tower Floor 15. If you found this article helpful, let us know in our community’s discord. Check out more guides for Throne and Liberty on our homepage!


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