Collecting Sand Cluster: Sands that Make Money

As you venture into the sand of Moonlight Oasis you will meet a traveling merchant asking “How would you like to take a chance on striking it rich with me?”. In this article, we will delve into how to create and guard a sand cluster and the importance of paying attention to the wind in which the cluster will move.


As you do this quest, pay attention to the direction of the wind. Rolling the sand cluster in the sand sounds easy, but remember obstacles lurk in the desert. Clear any impediments that may crumble your progress, ensuring a smooth rolling of the sand. You need to repeat this twice before coming back to the traveling merchant.


Seeking the Moonlight Sand Cluster

With guidance from the traveling merchant, find and roll the moonlight sand cluster in the direction of the wind. Witness its growth as it absorbs the energy of the desert breeze. Exercise caution and skill to ensure the sand cluster reaches its maximum size without encountering any obstacles.

create the cluster

After the cluster starts rolling clear the path to secure that there are no obstacle that pose a threat as it keeps on rolling.

protect the sand cluster

Once it reaches its maximum size, retract it and repeat the process once more.


Delivering the Treasure

Having successfully created the sand cluster go to the traveling merchant, and deliver it at the Moonlight Oasis. Your diligence and perseverance has paid off, as you presented the cluster. The merchant acknowledges your efforts, saying he chose the right person for the job.


As you see in the photo below, this is the rewards you will recieve.

  • 9 Health Potions
  • 2 Rare Chests
  • 8 Green Accessory Growthstones

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