How to Open Ornate Book & Wrought Iron Chest in Throne and Liberty?

Embark on an exciting journey in Throne and Liberty as we guide you through the intricate process of opening the ornate book and wrought iron chest. From battling Arkeum Legion to manipulating the ornate book, every step is crucial. Let’s delve into the details and unveil the treasures hidden within the game.

Elevate Yourself to the Lighthouse Entrance

Prepare for the adventure by using a piton to elevate yourself to the front door of the lighthouse.

ornate box

Confronting the Arkeum Legion

Upon entering the lighthouse, face the formidable Arkeum Legion comprising two cavalry soldiers and their search squad leader, Captain Neira. Defeat them, each with an HP bar of 564.

confronting enemies

Investigate the First Floor

After the battle, examine the “Worn Research Paper” and “Faded Journal” on the first floor of the tower for crucial information.

Wrought Iron Chest on the Second floor

Proceed to the second floor and inspect the wrought iron chest. Discover that it’s locked, prompting further investigation.

The Ornate Book

Turn your attention to the ornate book next to the wrought iron chest, open it and you will be needing to examine it to get the key.

Ornate book

Click and hold either the left or right button to adjust the book to the angle you prefer.

ornate book examine

After rotating the book, when your cursor transforms into a gear icon, it indicates that you can now examine the book. To do so, hold down the left mouse button, and you’ll notice a purple circle appearing around your cursor.

Tip: the cursor changes into gear shape when you are in front of the book.

examine book

Upon opening the book, you’ll find the key inside. Guide your cursor to the key, then press and hold the left mouse button to claim it. Once you’ve secured the key, you can proceed to close the book and unlock the wrought iron chest.



Q: Can I skip battling the Arkeum Legion and still progress?

Certainly Not, You need to defeat the Arkeum Legion to progress in the game.

Q: Is there a specific order to examine the “Worn Research Paper” and “Faded Journal”?

Yes there is, the first one is to read “Worn Research Paper” before the “Faded Journal”.

Q: What if I miss the trick with the ornate book?

You can retry the manipulation at any time. Patience and precision are key.

Q: Can I share the information found in the chest with other players?

Absolutely! Sharing knowledge fosters a stronger gaming community.


Mastering the art of opening the ornate book and wrought iron chest in Throne and Liberty is a rewarding experience. Navigate the challenges, uncover hidden gems, and enhance your character’s journey. Embrace the thrill of exploration, and may Adriana’s letter guide you to greater heights.

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