Open World PvP Boss Fight (Morokai) in Throne and Liberty

Greetings, fellow adventurer! Today beckons the thrill of battle, where every choice shapes your destiny. In Throne and Liberty, players have the freedom to decide if they want PvP action or not. Players may opt for the safety of PvP-free zones or seek the adrenaline of combat in PvP events, including the triumphant clash against Open World PvP Bosses. Are you among those drawn to the exhilaration of PvP engagements? Delve deeper into their realm through this guide!

Here is a video that showcases our fellow players engaging in an open-world boss fight, specifically against the caretaker of spiders, Morokai the Turncoat, located in Carmine Forest. Watch to see how an Open World PvP Boss Fight unfolds!

Open World PvP Boss Fight

In an Open World PvP Boss Fight, multiple players from different guilds or groups can simultaneously engage and battle against various bosses. As it involves PvP, players not only face the boss but might also compete against each other while striving to defeat it. To participate in Open World PvP Boss Fights, enter specific fields designated as PvP or combat zones.

Open World PvP Boss Fight

How to Find Morokai?

In Open World PvP, you’ll come across various bosses, but this guide will concentrate on defeating the Morokai Boss.

Coming from the Starlight Observatory Ruins, leave the area by passing through the nesting grounds. Transform into a bird to reach Carmine Forest faster. There, you’ll find the Morokai Domain bustling with players and monsters.

Upon engaging enemies, you’ll enter the PvP Combat State. While confronting the boss, you’ll encounter various opponents, including other players or creatures like blood and weald spiders. Any player or monster you can see with a red health bar is your enemy. Help your team by utilizing your weapons and skills to defeat them.

Open World PvP Boss Fight

Morokai Boss Skills and Phases

  1. Phase 1 – Firstly, its normal attack involves using the staff to target a single player. Secondly, it unleashes an electric, thunder-like attack that affects a limited number of players, usually those positioned far away from it. Lastly, it generates an electric orb and employs it to attack the players.
  2. Phase 2 – When Morokai’s health reaches 50%, he will use his magical staff to activate the tombs surrounding him, subsequently stunning some players. Afterward, Phase 1 attacks will simply repeat.
  3. Phase 3 – At 30% health, Morokai will begin unleashing stronger and larger thunder-like attacks that now affect most of the players around him.

After defeating the boss, the reward, Morokai’s Corrupt Sword, will be available for only one player to claim. Meanwhile, players may continue battling against each other. Remember,  keep close to your target when using swords or daggers, and maintain accuracy with bows or magical staff. Engaging in combat with both players and monsters will result in higher EXP and gold rewards!

What will Happen if your Character Dies?

If your player, unfortunately, dies (a player or monster killed you), you will lose 3,303 or 5% of your EXP and will be resurrected by clicking your selected resurrection location. Restore your lost EXP by visiting the Einar Priestesses in towns, though, it requires a payment of gold coins once you have used your 3 free EXP claims. Utilize the counterattack (Z) as a defensive measure against enemy attacks to evade potential fatal harm!

That wraps up the Open World PvP Boss Guide! You’re all set to dive into Open World PvP and take on other players. Use what you’ve learned to dominate and come out on top! 

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